Nonetheless, true-crime stories have an undeniable appeal, and the show eats up a half-hour efficiently. As is usual in these shows, the adulterous wife is played by an attractive actress who doesn’t look like a suburban mom.
The actress playing the eventual victim, who suffered from depression, is given sallow makeup with dark circles under her eyes and is generally treated as comical. The second episode gives an equally contemptuous treatment to the story of Kelley Cannon, a wealthy woman from Nashville.
Divorce attorney Tom Conner talks about what you need to do when getting divorced; and Sergeant David Ferguson talks about the effect Bob Angleton's arrest had on the children. Author Cathy Scott talks about the motivations for Barbara Kogan's actions; Assistant District Attorney Joel Seidemann talks about the expensive and usual way Barbara de-stressed and what lessons can be taken away from George's tragic death. Brian Rogers, a reporter for the Houston Chronicle and Sam Cammack a Defense Attorney talk about the public's reaction to Yvonne Stern's case and when she decided to return to her husband. Michele Dargan, a reporter from the Palm Beach Daily News talks about what life is like in the beachside town as well as what Rose Keller's motivations might have been; Angelica Bovi, Rose's sister talks about why she thinks Fred killed her.

In this exclusive interview with Sharon from Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln, IL she talks about how she finally feels free after being trapped in an abusive marriage as well as advice she has for others. Classic Stepford wives strive to be perfect homemakers in a world of prize-winning pie recipes, PTA meetings, and perfect martinis but, behind closed doors, their marriages are as tarnished as neglected sterling silver. Each 30-minute episode features the true story of a housewife whose desire to keep up with the Joneses is matched only by her desperation to sweep her wrongdoings under the rug.
But the failed attempts at humor make the sadness of the deaths more real, not less, and throw the guilt-pleasure ratio out of balance. The first is about Candy Montgomery, a supposedly picture-perfect homemaker and devoted churchgoer who had an affair in the late 1970s with a fellow congregant that led to the death of his wife. Without spoiling too much, we can say the tone is inappropriate when discussing multiple ax wounds and bereaved young children.
Bart Corbin was able to get away with murder once, but not twice; crime reporter Lateef Mungin talks about Corbin's arrest and how they knew Jennifer's death wasn't a suicide.
In the all-new series SECRET LIVES OF STEPFORD WIVES, Investigation Discovery reveals the dirty laundry of real housewives desperate to cover up their deception, adultery, and greed in order to project a flawless family life.

Her increasingly erratic behavior led to her divorce from her husband, followed by a custody battle.
In the picket-fenced home where they raise their 2.5 children, they giggle demurely at their husbands' jokes and refresh cocktails like clockwork. If these ladies who lunch weren't impeccably dressed in the latest styles from Valentino, you'd think they stepped out of a time machine from 1958. They appear the picture of absolute perfection, but when the sugary fa?ade begins to crack, down come the walls of their country club fairytales.

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