It’s the bow-tied, triple-knotted kind of ending for this cast of characters, as we say our final goodbyes to Secret Garden.
Meanwhile, Ra-im heads to the bus stop, trailed behind oh-so-conspicuously by Mom’s secretary. Ra-im just explains obliquely that it was a miracle, and that she and Joo-won have experienced a miracle that can’t be explained by science and medicine.
At the same time, Joo-won sits down in a cafe with Jong-soo, who’s called him out for his concession speech. Jong-soo tells Joo-won that he’s always wanted to be a father, an oppa, and a man to Ra-im. The next day Joo-won drives Ra-im somewhere, as he confirms that Oska and Seul have arrived. Oska and Seul gag at the hearts, and Oska retaliates by signing the document like an autograph. We get a montage of their happy first days as a married couple, taking walks together and staying in together. She calls him Secretary Kim (cute) and tells him that his ending sucks, as he chases her around the room in circles.
They go to ask Grandpa for his blessings, but he sides with Mom, saying that they’ll have to get her permission first. Director Park is lamenting his lost job when Joo-won calls, re-hiring him and taking him under his wing. Ra-im announces her married status to the action school, and the guys stare agape, some of them even crying (heh).
Joo-won says he already spoke to Jong-soo, but Jung-hwan’s like, I’m the director now! Oska tells him that he doesn’t care about those things anymore—now, every moment, all this, is what matters to him. Joo-won and Ra-im each do well at work, and enjoy the sleepy exhaustion of being newlyweds.
As we watch Ra-im do sit-ups while Joo-won holds her legs (an excuse for him to kiss her, of course) he narrates in voiceover that they spend their days finding out just how immature a man and a woman who are in love can be. They wear MATCHING SPARKLY TRACKSUITS as they play and run around in the snow, and they continue to fight and make up like always. Grandma comes out to greet the kids warmly, but coldly ignores Joo-won and Ra-im, making sure the gate shuts firmly behind her. Ra-im becomes an action school director herself, echoing Jong-soo’s lines from the first episode to her team of stuntmen. Oska proposes to Seul with a chestnut and then the ring he’s kept for all those years, and tells her that fifteen years have gone by since the beginning, and he plans to never grow up, and remain like this with her forever.
Ah-young and Secretary Kim walk along the river, and happen to find the message in a bottle that he had thrown into the ocean on Jeju Island after they had first met.
Jong-soo goes to meet a casting director for a project, only to come face to face with Sohn Ye-jin. She tells him that she happened upon his script that’s been stuck in development hell for the better part of a year, and asks what he thinks of her. Joo-won puts the kid back to sleep with one finger to the forehead (That’s exactly what MY dad used to do!
It starts to snow as she says those last words, and they snuggle as they watch the snow come down.
We flashback to thirteen years ago, when Joo-won had gone to the funeral in his hospital gown, and seen Ra-im for the first time. What I find lacking (besides a satisfying use of the body swap element, grrr) is a true connection to her characters. I found Joo-won’s character very compelling at first, because he was so damaged and flawed and curiously new…but he ended up being SO socially abrasive that he lost me.
I have to admit that the latter half of the episode felt like a copy of My Name Is Kim Sam-soon to me, but without the emotional resonance—I LOVE the finale episode of Sam-soon and felt it was a beautiful fit to the drama, but here, it feels tacked-on. As for the drama as a whole: Secret Garden is like Gourmet to me—the loveliness of the packaging totally obscures the ordinariness of the story and the hackneyed plot.
Nothing wrong with a simple plot, and certainly, Secret Garden is buoyed by enough other aspects to make it a fun watch.
The magical element frustrates me the most because one of the biggest issues in the drama’s plot IS the body-swapping, and yet the drama never defines its magical rules, never explains the purpose, and just leaves us hanging. It’s clear that Dad initiated the swap to save Ra-im from a horrible stunt accident, based on his comments at the Mysterious Garden restaurant and after she misses her audition. The same goes for the amnesia—it happens for no reason, then goes away just as easily at a convenient moment. So I am left to conclude that that magic was utterly pointless, and that makes me feel like Drama jerked me around and toyed with my feelings. HOWEVER, i have to say that this is the first dramabeans recap that i wait for every week, and for episodes 17-20, you don’t even know how many times i refreshed the blog to check if the recaps are up. I think the body swap is incorporated to make the plot more interesting, otherwise, it would just be like any other kdrama out there. Re body swap, perhaps it is necessary so that the hero can prove his love and thus save the heroine. I think I echo the entire human race when I say that there was something in the air this year that made the days go by faster. If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably wondering to yourself, How is it December already?
The day we dreaded since we first fell in love is finally upon us, which means that it’s time to say goodbye to the zany and whimsical side of Fated To Love You, while conveniently shelving the angsty side somewhere easily forgotten. There’s plenty of cute to go around as Gun and Mi-young work furiously to convince the right parties that they belong together, come what may. Good intentions can be just as poisonous as bad ones, as our hero maybe kinda sorta hasn’t come to realize just yet.
Ngu?n phim du?c t?ng h?p va t? d?ng c?p nh?t t? cac trang web luu tr? video mi?n phi nhu Youtube, Picasa, Dailymotion, Zing, Jin makes the grand gesture to sell his image and save herself, but Ae-jung freezes and steps away from him.
She begins her press conference, staring out at the sea of reporters who toss out question after question, until one finally rattles her.
She bursts into real tears as she wonders if dying will shed her image and protect… and then she blurts, “Protect what? President Moon ends the press conference there, and later tells Jin that she fears it’s only made things worse.
He tells her that he told the press about his heart surgery, so basically he’s stuck in his house until then.
Ae-jung refuses, telling him that she doesn’t actually like him enough to do all that.
She sees the news stories, and marvels that in one fell swoop Dokko Jin really can wipe out all her bad press.
Pil-joo smiles to see that Jin has told the world the truth, but knows that trouble isn’t over for Ae-jung. So he sets up a meeting between the three remaining KBSN girls, to finally hear Mina’s story. She tells them that Ae-jung’s words at the press conference—that if she died, would she shed it all—were actually hers, ten years ago. She explains that her idol days were really hard on her, and that she’d always wanted out. And Jenny turns to Se-ri, adding without judgment that Ae-jung taking the fall for it and not outing Se-ri meant that she could go on and have a career. Se-ri starts to cry, finally realizing the effects of her stupid prank, just because she had felt left out and less loved by Ae-jung. Ae-jung continues to try and ignore Jin, which is just as he pointed out, really hard to do in his house. He at one point tries stripping in front of her (humona, humona) but that doesn’t work either. She turns on the television to find yet another story about Jin’s surgery, so he quickly turns it off and tells her to ask him directly if she wants to know anything.
He tells her that he has a week until the surgery (160 hours, to be exact, which is both sweet and sad that he counted it that way), and that the surgery has a 10% success rate. Manager Jang brings a reporter to meet with Se-ri, to fan the flames of Ae-jung’s dying scandal.
She adds that all the KBSN girls got together the other night, and that they’re all besties now, just goading Manager Jang.

Ae-jung asks Jin if he really had any intention of outing their relationship before he found out he might die. She says she wants to go back to the days when he desperately wanted to hide his feelings for her. They hatch their escape plan, and Jae-seok and Ae-hwan show up with an ambulance, causing a big stir.
As they drive away Jae-seok says it’s safe now, and Ae-hwan pops up from the stretcher. Jin walks her toward the door shuffling his feet and telling her not to look so happy to leave. Jenny and her boys worry about the two lovebirds, and Jenny finds herself disappointed to realize that the reason Jae-seok has been so preoccupied lately was because of Dokko Jin, and not her. Se-ri comes to see Jenny to nonchalantly ask that the KBSN girls take a photo together, since she kind of said in an interview that they were super close. President Moon tells Ae-jung that they’ve survived the latest scandal due to all the help from people around her. She goes to see Pil-joo to thank him for doing the interview and helping to clear the air between the KBSN girls. His teary smile and hers back just sort of pulverize my heart, knowing that he’s even willing to be her excuse to forget Dokko Jin, should he die. Pil-joo even sends his mom over to Ae-jung’s father to offer up a box of that expensive herbal medicine and apologize to the family, requiring her to send a picture proving it. And then Jin brings Hyung-kyu over, who wonders if Ajusshi is sick, like all the news is saying. The PDs get the breaking news that Dokko Jin collapsed, so they pass it to the anchors who make the announcement live. And of course the fallout, which will be great too, because of the way the stakes have been amped up all around. This drama has done a phenomenal job of intertwining the image-as-commodity stakes with the life-and-death stakes to the point where they now come together to infuse everything with a sense of urgency and drama in a way that keeps it from veering into the frivolous.
The way che-go is used in this episode, to mean the highest, fits in nicely to bring back Dokko Jin’s princess in the castle metaphor. I LOVE reverse fairytales like this one, especially when gender roles are reversed, and Ae-jung gets to be the white knight tasked with saving Princess Dokko.
Okay, I’ll give it a try since I saw someone posting the same question in the last recap.
In a later episode Dokko Jin tries to get her to cook him something again, but she refuses and he has to browbeat her into it – so I guess it kinda meant a lot to him that she wanted to cook him something out of her own will. I guess it’s a kind of tangible connection that Dokko Jin has with Ae-Jung, because he grooms and talks to the vegetable as if it were a little puppy that his girlfriend gave him for his birthday and he now has to take care of. The fact that two of us were simultaneously writing up detailed profiles of a potato is exactly the sort of thing that makes the internet such a strange and wonderful place. Now am worried about what happened to Potato, which crashed to the floor when Jin collapsed.
Just scrolled down the page and found it was you who reported on the potato rescue operation. And man, I bawled my eyes out during the first few minutes after that, there’s no more tears to be squeezed so I just sat in a daze.
MY LIFE BEFORE BL – First of all before this drama came along, I never and I mean NEVER made a comment on any blog even those that I’ve followed for 10 years , and now I’m just writing a novel here , haha. 1.waiting for DB’s recaps until the wee hours of the morning every Wed night(I stopped watching Glee) and Thurs (I stopped watching American Idol, I know they have all been put to the backburner) . 2.Same routine as Wed-Thurs, even though I know I could watch it in one go like Sunday night I still find myself waiting for the English subbed videos on Saturdays as well, from midnight to 5am til the videos are up(reading comments and recaps while waiting) . 5.Asking my sister who is a doctor (but not a heart surgeon) about things like pacemaker, heart valves etc and if she knows any cute adorkable doctors with glasses .
She decides to confront him, and hands him a coffee, saying he must be tired following her around in this cold weather. Joo-won peers over as Ra-im is writing, complaining that she’s writing awfully slowly, when he was totally fast. As they laze around and read (Is it sick that this is the thing I’m most jealous of—that these people have time to laze around and READ?) Joo-won shows her the rewritten ending to The Little Mermaid. It’s a win-win, as Joo-won earns an ally and loses an enemy, and Director Park gets to keep the job he loves. Jong-soo congratulates her and gives her a script to a new project: Sector 7 (another shout-out to a Ha Ji-won vehicle). He makes Oska practice over and over, concerned that his vocal skills aren’t going to top the charts. Tae-sun is the only one who looks on with a heavy heart, as he sighs wistfully, slings a bag over his shoulder, and walks away.
This time he follows her into the elevator for a makeout session, only to be awkwardly interrupted by his entire executive staff. He cried outside and watched over her all day and night, but couldn’t bring himself to go in.
They had met that way, in the wake of her father’s death, only to repeat the same actions over and over again. All the dramatic payoffs actually happened last week, and this week was mostly a happy send-off for all the characters, one by one.
I think this writer’s strengths are in the moments—her dialogue is crisp and witty, and all the butting of heads crackles with humor and dramatic possibilities. Ra-im seemed like she was going to be all spunk, but ended up quite the lackluster heroine, for all the badassery that was initially advertised.
In the end I think the show courted the audience a lot like Joo-won courted Ra-im: it wore a bunch of shiny things and then expected us to come running, impressed at all the awesome. I wish the writer had found a way to make a finale that was more organic to THIS show, that felt like it flowed out of the 19 episodes preceding it, but I think she’d run out of steam (and perhaps more importantly, time). That’s totally not an insult (and I really enjoyed Gourmet), although I know there will be those who take it as one.
The acting, for sure, and the chemistry between Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin, which I think was fabulous despite never fully warming to either character. Joo-won effects his so-called miracle to get her the role anyway, circumventing Dad’s intentions, which I can accept as one of those hand-of-fate motifs that kdramas so love to incorporate. The 21-year-old Joo-won gave me some of my favorite bits of hilarity so I’m fine with the drama taking us there, if only to provide some bubbly fun. I really don’t get it why jb and gf are acting uber sensitive feminists with the drama. The only thing I really liked about ep 20 was the couple tracksuits lol…they’ll never let us forget about that, will they?
A remake of the Taiwanese drama of the same name, this series follows a relationship that unfolds the backwards way: After a one-night stand ends in pregnancy, the couple — one chaebol heir, one ordinary everywoman — decides to marry out of respect and responsibility, and end up finding love together. It really does feel like this year flew past in the blink of an eye, and I’m already up to my eyes in holiday cards that have yet to be sent out. She wonders if she died, it wouldn’t matter who she sold or who she loved, and it would all be spun differently. He sits across the table, petting her head softly and asking if she’s not going to do her usual drunk parroting today. He reaches over and clasps her fingers, like he’s desperate to just hold onto any part of her.
He declares that she’s stuck here too, since the reporters are going to be here round the clock.
She walks away in a huff, but he calls out that his house is an open floorplan… so he can see her wherever she goes. She’s still protecting too many people, so he decides that those people need to be brought together to air out the truth.
She had wanted to jump off the roof that day, but Ae-jung had stopped her and helped her escape. She then fell in love (with the idol boy) and they had planned on getting married and running away together. Not that he makes it any easier, following her around like a lovesick puppy, though he veils it as no, I was gonna do this, no I was gonna that, just tailing her around.
He obliges that he’ll even pretend to be on TV and she can ask him interview questions.
He tenderly holds her, and then asks still in interview mode, if she regrets not being able to be his final interviewer.
She tells him that Dokko Jin kidnapped Ae-jung to that strange land… so is Paul going to go save Nina, or has he given up trying?

He turns to her, all tiger bedroom eyes as she scoffs that she knew something was up when he kept bringing Hyung-kyu along and made excuses about his CF contracts… Dude, this girl wants your potato.
They hold each other tight, as Ae-jung says she’ll charge him till his battery is full. He holds her face in his hands and tells her that he had a final objective in kidnapping her (Was it sexy fun times?
But she adds a harsh dose of pessimism, that Jin’s perspective (in thinking he can be with her) is skewed because he thinks he might die. He tells her that the heart is stopped when they operate, and that ten years ago, when his heart was stopped, it was her song that brought it back. Problem is, Ae-jung isn’t answering her phone because she’s in the studio, about to go live for the news desk portion of Section TV. Because at some point it’s so easy to say, well that’s just image, so who cares?
It somehow works perfectly with their characters as well, him being the perfect princess loved by all, and her being the noble protector who guards everyone around her. Although my anxiety is somewhat allayed by someone writing somewhere in this site that a second emergency team arrived to rescue it. Like we had the pig-rabbit in YB & the plush chicken leg in MGIAG, will there be a trend of people sprouting potatoes? For the past weeks my brain was filled with “WTF do they mean by OTP???” and why do they keep talking about NG and BTS? One time being new to the site (and didn’t know the recap sched upload) I found myself rereading previous recaps, refreshing the site prolly a thousand times from 9pm to 7am I was camping in front of my laptop.
She replies that she’ll roll over in her grave before that happens, and Joo-won takes his leave with a heavy sigh. He takes her inside, asking pointedly that if she wants to run away, it’s her last chance. He just smiles, asking if there’s anything she wants to do in her last ten minutes before becoming a married woman. He puts out his hand, as he says that there isn’t going to be any flowers, or candles, or even a ring…but will she still become his wife? He promises to remember everything, even the bad stuff, and turn it all into happy memories of how they met, fell in love, broke up, and then got back together. She disowns him as her son, and though she lets him keep his job, she takes back everything else, and tells him to cough up money for the land that his house is on.
What’s hilarious is that they cast someone to play the younger her, but Oska plays himself.
Oska makes a big heart over his head as he sings, signaling to her that he loves her too, and she cries, holding up her sign in the middle of the audience. On the upside, it wrapped everything up neatly with bows and all, and we got an entire episode of future bliss for all involved. You can really feel the rush job with the awkward cuts between scenes, changing threads without a proper sense of build and flow. But as we see, after she’s in her coma and pronounced very likely brain-dead, Dad still has the magical wherewithal to restore her body, healthy and whole. But couldn’t the drama have cobbled together a reason, any reason, no matter how flimsy, to explain it? I agree with the 2 reviewers that the whole body swap was pointless but it did gave me some cheap laughs especially the way Hyun Bin and Ha Ji won acted on the switch.. Unfortunately, i didn’t enjoy a single moment of it as i kept feeling that the author will pull the rug from under my enjoyment during the last 5minutes. Although i rooted for her and hope her backbone didn’t pull anymore sudden disappearing acts throughtout the drama, i felt detached as well. In-law machinations, misunderstandings, and lingering secondary love interests complicate the plot. And though I promised myself I wouldn’t cry, I broke like a dam of tissue paper against Niagara.
They’re both heroes, trying to do the right thing for each other, but unwilling to let anyone else take the fall for them.
Meanwhile Jin checks his fridge to make sure they have enough food, and he smiles to himself, giddy to be alone with her.
Mina continues that she had lost the baby and wanted to end it all, but Ae-jung saved her and helped her to get out of the industry for good.
She threatens to out his idol’s secret relationship if he talks about Ae-jung or Mina anymore, and with that, his lips are sealed. Because you kinda blew an open invitation earlier…) and that she’ll just have to anticipate the future. Hyung-kyu nods, acknowledging by comic book logic that even Iron Man needs to retune every once in a while. The sea of reporters keeps Ae-jung at bay like a row of soldiers or a fire-breathing dragon, and it’s up to her to find a way to barge into the hospital and rescue him. And even after discovering thundie’s live BL recapping, I go back here for GF and JB’s witty side comments and funny insights about the show, their tandem is sooo Hong Sisters I loveettt.
They sign with matching heart-signatures, the way Ra-im had signed Joo-won’s name when she was in his body.
Joo-won accepts the warning this time, but says the next time, he’s gonna tell on them to Ra-im.
She realizes that he genuinely loved Oska, and asks if he can’t stay and be his friend.
May your soul have flowers that bloom, a cool breeze, a shining sun, and…once in a while, a magical rain that falls. I thought it felt like the finale episode of a drama that has been given a last-minute extension—lots of padding to provide fanservice and fill out the time. So why did he ever initiate the swap in the first place, if his mojo could revive the brain-dead? Instead it just waves its figurative wand o’ hoodoo and makes the inconvenient questions disappear into bubbles with that narrative cure-all, magic. I love that the drunk parroting was laid in so well before, as if designed for this moment. She says she’s leaving, but he tells her that the place is lousy with reporters, waaaay more than the last time.
They basically just did the whole show to clear the reporters out, so that Ae-jung can slip away quietly once they’re gone. The more nail-biting part is how she’s going to revive him, and if that means putting herself on camera to sing, and outing their love to the world to save him… Eeeee! Well that explains a lot, but did it really require us to wait twenty episodes for that explanation? Hero’s mom struggles with it, causes a shitstorm of trouble to keep them apart, never gets over it. I also noticed that the character of Gil Ra Im was poorly developed but thanks to the excellent performance of Ha Ji Won – she added a different kind of persona to the character which made Gil Ra Im real and vulnerable.
I watched SG just because of Ha Ji-won, and I’m glad she finally has a happy-ending drama. I will definitely rewatch this ep when the subs are available and i’m going to enjoy every damn unsuspenseful moment of it this time! DJ gets mad at AJ and scares her off, realizing too late that she’d brought him a gift of potatoes. I think she’s the type of person who looks and feels cool all the time without overdoing it you know? Is anyone going to be sympathetic for you after all that shrill shouting, for all those episodes? In fact, I enjoyed Secret Garden despite much of its absurdity, shed a few tears, and laughed out loud at its wackier moments. This drama is meant to incorporate fairy tales, and I think these elements had brought extra dimension into the drama. But we all hope that Potato survives long enough to marry Flowers and have little Potato Flower babies.

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