I gripped the handles like a kid in a bumper car as the space-age paddles rotated around my head. Let’s just say that I’ve made a lot of friends at North Shore Smiles over the past five years.
After the 360-degree X-ray, the hygienist and I settled into her office, chatting about her kids and my wedding while she gently scraped and prodded. The school year was winding down like no year had before: a sideswiped jetliner blazing toward the ground.
April 13, 2015 By Allison Waken Leave a Comment Invisible ink is such a fun experiment as a kid. Just like the glowing hand experiment we did all you need is petroleum jelly and a UV blacklight. You can also make secret messages with milk or lemon juice using this method OR use a secret decoder! I scheduled the next cleaning, warning that I might have to cancel it since David and I might move.

Now she lives in Rowley, Massachusetts with her exquisitely kind husband David and their charming three-legged cat, Thomas. While most invisible inks you make at home are usually somewhat possible to see in regular light it still makes a fun activity for kids! We used paper (thicker cardstock) but this works on the wall too (as long as you clean it up). Another fun way is to write on a white sheet of paper with white crayon and then painting over it with water colors. I was self-employed, up to my ears in credit card debt, and my first marriage was on its deathbed. He waited until August for my new dental insurance to kick in, then fitted the molar with a permanent crown. I was ready for the usual: his discerning eye scrolling over the computer screen, his gloved fingers patrolling my gum line, his prognosis for a questionable spot or two. If you’re interested in subscribing, the sign-up below doesn’t work (someday I’ll figure out how to fix it!), but the one at the top of the page does.

She's worked with singers since 1998 and loves to help people of all ages free their voices. This project would be really fun to use in a night time scavenger hunt as part of a birthday party, or part of a glow party activity line up! It resurfaced from the paper apocalypse of my desk two weeks later, the day after a cleaning at my dentist’s office.
Next came the painstaking process of perfecting a crown for a discolored front tooth that had undergone a root canal in high school.
Between 2004 and 2008 I didn’t have dental insurance, and I figured flossing daily would replace regular check-ups. Again, shouldn’t I have known better than to go Lone Ranger with my chompers?) Most recently, Dr.

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