In this special episode of Secret Millionaires Club, called “Sing Between the Lines”: While helping a famous pop star set up a new school of performing arts, the Secret Millionaires Club must track down a fantastic young singer who aces the audition but goes into hiding.
A society of entrepreneurial teens helps both kids and adults solve problems and improve their lives by the application of financial advice from their advisor, Warren Buffett.
A Squared Entertainment’s animated money series Secret Millionaires Club will premiere on The Hub TV network on October 23 at 1 p.m. The specials feature Buffett as an advisor to a group of entrepreneurial kids who learn through a series of adventures the basic principles about business, and discover that the most valuable investment they can make is an investment in themselves.
I recently watched the episode of James Malinchak, a wealthy motivational speaker, who spent a week living in Gary, Indiana. One thing I like about the show is that it doesn’t place emphasis on what James or any other millionaire ended up doing (even if bloggers want to disagree and say its all a charade). Watching Secret Millionaire caused me to experience a wide range of emotions and I can guarantee that anyone who has any sense of right and wrong or justice and injustice will have similar feelings. You know, I went into this show really wanting to hate it; but in the end I was really touched but it. Nato da una partnership con Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment e A Squared Entertainment, Secret Millionaires Club ha catturato sullo schermo l’immagine di Warren Buffett, che ha attivamente partecipato al progetto dando la voce al personaggio che lo rappresenta. La trama racconta di quattro amici, Radley, Elena, Jones e Lisa, che scoprono che la loro scuola ha perso i finanziamenti utili per organizzare i corsi di musica, le gite e alcune delle loro attivita preferite. In una serie di interventi che hanno seguito la produzione della serie, Buffett ha commentato come non sia mai troppo presto per insegnare ai bambini il valore dei soldi, sia che si tratti di capire il costo del nuovo giocattolo che vogliono che il valore del risparmio del denaro. La domanda finale quindi e: da quando e come si fa a insegnare ai propri figli il valore dei soldi e a gestire nel migliore dei modi i propri risparmi?
MoneyFarm ha oltre il 90% di clienti soddisfatti ed e stato votato come il miglior servizio di consulenza finanziaria indipendente in Italia.
Registrati gratuitamente alla newsletter settimanale di MoneyFarm per ricevere notizie, aggiornamenti e consigli sul mondo degli investimenti e del risparmio. Un eBook sugli strumenti finanziari (Azioni, Obbligazioni, Fondi comuni di investimento ed ETF) che insegna i vantaggi e gli svantaggi di ciascuna di queste soluzioni d'investimento. Ever since I can remember, I have always been the kid that would rather stack her coins than spend them. Flash forward several years, and my intelligent financial decisions allowed for three paid off cars, a home at 25, and almost zero debt. Being just 6, and 4 I realize that subjects like money, business, and goals are sometimes hard to engage with them.
Blast off with the business-savvy group of friends as they put on their astronaut suits and go on a  space-filled adventure!

If you would like to learn more about the Secret Millionaires Club DVD Vol.2, you can visit the official site, and watch the featured webisode, or you could even get a free SMC Grow Your Own Business Challenge Poster for your classroom.
Warren Buffett is a secret advisor to a group of kids who learn about business and how the world around them works.
In the premiere special, “Be Cool to Your School,” Buffett gives financial advice to a group of teens attempting to raise money for their school and a trip to New York City.
I watched the episode about the couple who founded Curves and not only was the couple extremely generous (close to $500,000) but I liked how the show put the emphasis on the charities and the people running the charities rather than the millionaires. If any images that appear on the website are in violation of copyright law and do not agree with it being shown here, please contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible.
Una serie di 26 puntate distribuite dalla pay-tv Hub Network grazie alle quali i bambini potranno imparare lezioni pratiche e preziose circa la gestione del denaro.
I bambini sono esposti a questioni economiche fin dalla tenera eta, quindi perche non aiutarli a capire e sviluppare sane abitudini fin dalla fase iniziale? A Parigi, tra il 2001 ed il 2005, ha sviluppato la community di gioco online Sport4Fun e dal 2005 al 2013, a Londra prima e a Milano poi, ha contribuito al lancio nel mercato italiano della piattaforma di gioco in qualita di marketing manager. My parents would offer me a reasonable allowance of $.50 to clean my room, vacuum, and do the laundry. I was pretty surprised that the DVD featured Warren Buffet and thought it was pretty neat to have a kid friendly DVD about all things business.
However, the Secret Millionaires Club caught their attention, and had them following four friends on outer space adventures, and more! My girls were a little too young for those, but the overall DVD definitely set them in the right direction. This out-of –this world animated TV series, Secret Millionaires Club: Volume Two, arrives on DVD September 10 from Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment and A Squared Entertainment.
Through a series of adventures, kids learn basic business principles, and discover that the most valuable investment they can make is an investment in themselves.
Andy Heyward, former CEO of DIC Entertainment, and the veteran producer of toons such as Inspector Gadget, Strawberry Shortcake and Sabrina: The Animated Series is man behind the program. Buffett’s practical financial advice guides the teens as they form a Secret Millionaires Club to help others.
They also live on same amount of money that would buy the equivalent that food stamps would, which equals about $3 per meal.
While in the end, the money that the millionaires give is quite important to these charities, it is the work these people do everyday that should be the lasting image for the viewers.
Now that I am a mother to three, I want to set  a positive example for my kids so that they can see hard work can truly pay off.

I put the 132 minute DVD in my dvd player for my kids to watch, and hoped they’d like it.
I admire Warren Buffet, and take his advice, and knowledge to heart, and think more people in this country could learn a thing or two from his financial habits. With money guru Warren Buffett as their mentor, Radley discovers that his passion for space can help others, Elena, Jones and Lisa learn that in business it’s always good to know your  competition and they learn about the value of loyal customers. The counters will be back to full numbers after each reload of the web page.But there is one more obvious proof, you can clearly see that the screenshots of Steve’s Secret Millionaires’ Club trading account are fake. Since they are younger, I have to tailor my teachings to their age, and make it realistic for them.
I wanted them to at least learn some sort of positive lesson from these fun, friendly characters, and their crazy adventures. It has everything to do with the impact a donation can have on the lives of its beneficiaries. Because when you look at the first screenshot, he has an initial deposit of $200 on his account. Piggy banks, trips to our financial institutions, and the kid friendly DVD, Secret Millionaires Club Vol.2 have each helped to instill good savvy values in my kids.
At the end of the week, James wrote significantly large checks to each of these organizations that mostly scraped by up until that point. Impossible.Then he says that the second screenshot, where he has more than $4200, is from the same day. And as intraday binary options offer a maximum return of 92 %, it is impossible to make $4000 from a $200 deposit in just 3 trades!
So this is a 100 % fake.The whole story of the Secret Millionaires’ Club is just a big fat lie.
The reality is that Steve is a binary options affiliate, so he will get paid for each new trader that deposits money with his broker.
So he needs you to open an account and deposit your money, this is how he makes profits.If you then let trade his software your account, you will lose your deposit. End of story.ConclusionThere is a lot of binary options scam that promise free money, the Secret Millionaires’ Club is just one of them. Don’t believe anybody who offers you free money but asks you to deposit your money first.Money can be made with binary options, since it is a regular and regulated investment tool easy to understand, but it requires some time and effort.

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