In the summer of 1961, readers of Action Comics #273 were asked to help choose a new hair style for Supergirl‘s secret identity, Linda Lee Danvers. Everyone knew this was going to be on the list from the second they read the headline, so let’s get it over with, shall we?
Before there was Girls, there was Lena Dunham’s micro-budget feature film, currently available for streaming on Netflix. On a much lighter note, the story of Elle Woods’ transition from sorority life to Harvard Law student — without sacrificing an ounce of her fabulously femme aesthetic in the process — is downright inspiring. Its most recent claim to fame is that it inspired Candace Bushnell to write the book that eventually became Sex and the City, but it goes without saying that this Mary McCarthy novel is so much more than that.
The ’90s cult classic turned 20 mere months ago, but the Ben Stiller-directed story of Gen X malaise in Houston, Texas still hits close to home.
Best known for The Daily Show, Wyatt Cenac stars in this 2008 indie about race and gentrification in the San Francisco hipster scene. Hillel welcomes students of all backgrounds and fosters an enduring commitment to Jewish life, learning and Israel.
If you logged in using a service such as Facebook or Google, you may still be logged in there. Have programs that work almost exactly like Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, and InDesign. Watch TV shows on Slice, the Comedy Network, or any other channel that has online episodes. Have an easy-to-use FTP client for those few adventurous users who want to fiddle with HTML. As a sort of case study, after completely ruining her XP install with the Antivirus 2009 virus, Kristen now has a laptop running Ubuntu. On many sites, the 'comment' system is the only way that your users can interact with your site. Ubuntu is better than Mac OS X is better than Windows 7, and at the very bottom of the food chain? Vaccinations are important tools to keep millions of people from dying; any potential adverse affects are worth it forever. Homeopathy, massage, acupuncture, herbal medicine and chiropracty are all voodoo, based on ill-defined science, the placebo effect, and gullibility. The punchline, here, is that making modifications to the system has become almost comically complex, a game where each fix introduces a new bug, the whole thing a JENGA tower that's not holding together so well.
In order for me to concentrate on a project for any length of time, it must be a project that, to some extent, accommodates my abysmal attention span. My attention span is such that I can focus very deeply on a task - let's call it 'Task A'- for somewhere between 2-8 hours, after which I completely lose my shit.
Thanks to the fact that I am constantly, either absorbing new ideas or re-referencing old ones, my interests shift every couple of days - almost always to reflect some facet of media I have recently experienced.
I am easily discouraged, both by how difficult tasks can be and the skill gap between myself and professionals. I constantly seek projects that will involve all of my interests - writing, drawing, programming, layout, game design theory - but such projects tend to be too large and complicated to divide into 2-8 hour chunks.
Complex, co-operative, RPG-style game where investigators try to stop the end of the world without going crazy or dying, first. I've been to Peru, and Japan, I've walked to 4000m above sea level, had my ass handed to me at Dance Dance Revolution in an arcade in Kyoto, zip-lined, wine-toured, and attended a surprising number of weddings. I'm also madly in love with a Kristen - an elusive and beautiful creature who is currently teaching Kindergarten in Abu Dhabi.
I'm not going to lie, Kristen had a hand in making it too, being that she all but came up with the joke.A  We were sitting together, and I was doodling on a pad of paper, as is customary. The technique of using an almost monochromic set of colours on each layer makes for a much more eye-grabbing picture than one would expect.
Well, I produced something that's at least interesting, if a little bit too 'way overcrowded' and a little bit too 'nickelodean'.
Well, in my effort to place the entire bulk of my work online in no specific order, I'm jumping willy-nilly through my comic history. When entering this site, you might notice that the images take anywhere between 5 seconds and 10,000 years to load (depending on your connection).
Remember, folks, the minute Curtis gets a job as a cartoonist, the rest of the education gets put on hold.

It sounded fun, at least.A  This was from the 'tween-schools' period between High School and University, if you're looking for a generic time frame for this comic to fit into. In Warren's defense, some lower-level art courses are really goddamn easy, and taking less than 5 due to the 'workload' would be silly and lazy. Following the same damn Mohammed-comic controversy as the rest of the world, some doof invoked Godwin's Law in a letter to "The Peak". The only really enlightened response was the carefully crafted letter from the Muslim Student Association. Questionable Content, you'd know that things are getting "Shit-hot" right now.A  Perhaps poor Marten will get laid before I do, againA - but the guy has been wussing out and putting up with coffee-shop girls for 3 years, and he has to deal with all of the angst associated with being fictitious. Thankfully it was up to hotel staff to clean that up and I never did report that place for the bedbugs that bit me. My glee at this, when I appeared on the CSSS IRC, was immediately ripped to shreds by Chris Demwell, who has had some bad experiences with KVM switches, being that they don't do anything that he wants them to do.
Although the new hairstyle only meant that the golden-haired Kryptonian would be wearing a different brunette wig, readers took their mission seriously and over 20,000 votes were cast!
May is traditionally a month for graduation celebrations, but with the parties over and the starter apartments vacated, we thought we’d put together a list of works that deal with life after frat parties. Dustin Hoffman deals with post-college ennui and the generation gap in mid-century Los Angeles, and takes the moving walkway at LAX in the most imitated tracking shot of all time (see: Mad Men Season 7 premiere). Like Girls, it stars Dunham, and like Girls, it features Dunham’s IRL friend Jemimah Kirke and IRL mom Laurie Simmons. Reese Witherspoon’s Elle sticks it to her condescending ex and wins a case based on her knowledge of perms. Bechstein deals with the looming shadow of his Mafia-involved dad and his possible bisexuality. Other reflections on turn-of-the-21st-century young womanhood include a reflection on an online romance, a diatribe against carpeted floors, and a meditation on Daum’s response to the untimely death of a friend. It’s no Breakfast Club, but it does feature half the detention crew, plus Lowe and Demi Moore.
Confronting the overwhelming whiteness of affluent, urban, and artistic communities, Medicine for Melancholy is a single-day story of the courtship between Micah (Cenac) and Jo’ (Tracey Heggins). As the largest Jewish student organization in the world, Hillel builds connections with emerging adults and inspires them to direct their own Jewish journey. Usually, this means that I have exhausted the part of my brain that is interested in performing 'Task A' - be it programming, drawing, writing, or miscellaneous.
The features editor at The Peak, Debbie, asked me to do an illustration for a "Last Word" article that she was running. I didn't think of any real emotional bent, to the article, so I went for a neutral with this one- If I was going for a more piss-&-moan "I'm so very cool" coffee-shop look, I would have done the whole thing in purples and blues, like the front counter. So, then, the article that it was to accompany, a sordid piece of crap about how white guys never pay the bill at Tim Hortons, never ran.
I promise to get my lazy Photoshop-using ass in gear at some point during this week, but until then, you're going to have to learn to live with the load times.
Then, Curtis is going to make many copies and send them to your local comic syndicates, in hopes of being sold to newspapers.
Most of the courses at SFU, however, involve so much struggling against professors who couldn't explain the concept of 'hard' to a rock, that taking more than a few at a time would guarantee instant insanity.
By invoking the Nazi analogy, he automatically loses the discussion, even if he's not technically on USENET. Protagonist Aura has graduated from liberal arts college and moved back in with her successful artist parents while she figures out how a film studies degree translates into an actual creative career. Also, there was a quickly forgotten movie version with Sienna Miller as Art’s love interest, Phlox Lombardi. Marriage happens, as does divorce, death, and grad school. The Group also has the distinction of being the second work on this list to get a Mad Men shoutout (Season 3, Episode 10).
A thinly disguised MTV and an HIV scare ground Reality Bites in its historical era, though the struggling-artist-makes-professional-compromises story is a timeless one. But as she makes her way through various New York apartments and a weekend jaunt to Paris, she eventually lands on her feet. I'm kinda glad that the article didn't run, because it really sucked, but now the picture has no home. I worked last week, too, Wednesday to Saturday, and now I'm working Monday to Friday, all 10-12 hour shifts.

The responses to his letter are almost worse than the letter itself, and they've also used the tried-and-true Hitler reference to 'drive their point home'. Still, they’re a nice reminder that people have been struggling with the transition to the real world — and coming out more or less OK — for decades. Non-techies are getting more and more demanding with their computers, and less and less patient with any sort of 'reading' or 'learning' that might be required. It may not be relatable for those of us without a TriBeCa loft to crash in, but it’s a fascinating look at Dunham pre-HBO. We believe in free speech, but don't use it to deride people." In this case, I completely agree. The self-made billionaire and diehard Ohio State Buckeye has served as CEO of Limited Brands, Inc. It was my first real experience with colour that didn't look like total ass, and it took me most of a day to complete. The comics were tasteless and racist, and clearly shouldn't have been printed in the first place. All of the colours are flat and very 'animationy', and the emotional effect is completely dulled by the complete spectrum of pastel colours. What started as a small women's clothing store in Columbus, Ohio, in 1963 is now a Fortune 500 company. With its brand names found in virtually every shopping mall across America, Limited Brands generates more than $10 billion in annual revenue. Despite the tremendous success and enormous wealth Wexner has enjoyed for decades, he remains true to the values he learned growing up in the Columbus Jewish community.
Wexner will often refer to the moral compass that guides his life, his solid faith as a Jew, and the importance of living ethically. We are committed to building a culture that fosters mutual respect, open communication and sharing. For decades, he has worked to strike a difficult balance between profitability and personal accountability, a necessary symmetry that only became clear to him as he approached middle age. Wexner is highly involved with several organizations to promote children and women's health and prevent family violence. Wexner says he and his wife believe in engaging their children in the work they do so that, "they see we talk the talk and walk the walk. They have enriched our Hillel movement with the gifts of their training, wisdom, and leadership."As a member of Hillel's International Board of Governors, Wexner has provided critical support and counsel to Hillel as it has transformed itself to better serve students. He was the principal benefactor of the Wexner Jewish Student Center, built at his alma mater, The Ohio State University, in 1996. And many Hillel students have gone on to become Wexner fellows and then leaders in the Jewish community. Pointing to historical examples of Jewish suffering at the hands of immoral and dangerous leaders, Wexner reiterated the significance of understanding one's values before following along.
An attack on Jews, on Judaism and on Israel is an attack on the fundamental morals of society."But for all his wisdom and years at the helm of Limited Brands, Wexner never considered himself a leader. It was a good motivator." Wexner's parents, Bella and Harry, owned a general merchandise store called Leslie's. At 26, Wexner was ready to follow in their footsteps and pursue his own entrepreneurial career. He borrowed $5,000 from his aunt to open a women's apparel store in town which he named The Limited. By 1982, The Limited, which had expanded to include Express, Lane Bryant and Victoria's Secret, was listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
But as his fortune has continued to grow, Wexner prefers to focus on his company's more profound achievements such as being recognized by Fortune magazine as the world's most admired specialty retailer in 2003. As he says, "Who sold the most togas in Rome doesn't mattera€¦you want to do good in the here and now."Maybe Wexner is letting on that "Victoria's secret" isn't just a company's bottom line, but its corporate values and its contribution to society at large.

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