Grades 4-5Abbott takes children to a different world and on an amazing adventure in this fantasy story.
New readers can unlock the mysteries of a magical world in this exciting introduction to the young fantasy series hailed as the perfect pre-HARRY P. I used to read these to my brother before bed when he was about six and he really enjoyed them! In the basement of Eric's house exists a magical doorway that takes him and his two friends, Neal and Julie, to a land known as Droon.

The land of Droon is filled with make-believe creatures and amazing characters which will appeal to young readers.
Eric and his two friends, Neal and Julie, discover a secret doorway in Eric's basement that leads to the rainbow stairs.
The illustrations provide enough detail to support the text and add life to the imaginary characters. The stairs reach down into the wondrous world of Droon - a land where all kinds of amazing things occur.

The class could take an in-depth look at the friendship between the three main characters in the book and compare it to relationships that they might have with their friends.

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