The Samsung Galaxy A series is now official with 2 models – the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5. Copyright © 2010 - PortaldeMisterios - Privacy policy This blog is licensed under a Creative Commons. However the sheer amount of traffic has overwhelmed their online store, rendering it inaccessible by a lot of potential buyers.Maxis hears you and they are offering another way to secure a chance of pre-ordering a unit.
Today, Samsung has announced two new devices that expands on the design with a full metal unibody.
The PAL, UK Secret of Mana with the red nintendo tear strip for Super Nintendo appeared out of nowhere and sold for OUTRAGEOUS, UNBELIEVABLE 10100gbp (close to 16000$).
All you’ll need to do is to drop your phone number and they will get in touch with you on the next steps. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion.

We saw another copy last year but it had a huge tear and looked like reseal, so there was not much interest and it sold for just 200gbp. The iPhone 6 which is officially priced from RM2,399 is offered from as low as RM659 on Maxis. Especially taking into consideration that the winner is well known to us and a member of our community.
Angry Birds Transformers unleashes Autobirds onto your device to protect Piggy Island from the EggBots. Samsung opted for a 5MP shooter on the front because the kids, they’re all about the selfies nowadays.
And for the first time ever, the arms and legs are featured because it is necessary when transforming.So Angry Birds meets Transformers. It is certainly an entertaining combination.Hit the break for the video, gallery, and download links.

As mentioned earlier, the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 will be available first in China starting in November 2014.
You can probably expect the Galaxy A5 to be launched in Malaysia as it was certified under SIRIM. Check out Samsung’s hip new promo video below and be sure to let us know what you think about the new A series.

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