Inspite of the fact that so many things have been written about Chief Molade Okoya Thomas, he is ever ready to let the younger generation know the secret of his success if you are lucky to track him down for an interview.
It is exciting to talk to him when you succeed but he is a man who is very conscious of time. At 75 he maintains the gait of a trained soldier and holds more than four different meetings that last long hours daily. He said the movement of people between his office and the boardroom is high, adding: “And it is like that everyday of the week.
His relationship with the French started with his father who was CFAO’s first Nigerian staff in 1902 when it came to Nigeria. One thing Nigerians had always wanted to know is the secret behind the success of this man. He had his elementary education at princess school, Lagos, between 1942 and 1946. Immediately after his education in Baptist Academy, he traveled abroad for a professional training in accountancy at Balham and Tooting College of Commerce between 1956 and 1959 and a further training in Accountancy at Columbia University, New York, U. He told Daily Sun: “I started as a young man, an accountant at CFAO in 1959, giving respect to what my late father told me then on my way to the United Kingdom in 1955.
For the business environment, he alluded to the stock market collapse that crippled most businesses.
In business, he said, “I have grown very steadily because from the beginning, I have been level-headed.
He said that although his parents were staunch Moslems, their liberal disposition helped him made his choice. On the area of protection, he said that the amount industrialists pay to import raw materials for their product is too high. Andy Mason is a remarkable man, doing remarkable work: helping small business owners and world-class CEOa€™s bring the supernatural realm into the world of business. How to Make Money Giving Stuff Away What if I told you it’s possible to make money by just giving stuff away? We are all too prone to base our expectation of today on what happened yesterday, or the past few months, or the past few years.
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The single most effective way to lower your a€?dropouta€? rate, and cause your customers to get the most out of your product. For a man that turned 75 years in June, it is astonishing to find that his schedule is so tight; that you wonder if he ever finds time to rest. He is the chairman of 10 companies, which are mostly French companies. By dint of hardwork and diligence, Okoya-Thomas has, today, warmed himself into the hearts of the French.
He attributed it to level-headedness, diligence, honesty, physical and mental alertness, hardwork and contentment. Afterward he proceeded to Baptist Academy for his high school education. Before I left home, he called me and said that he would support me in whatever I decided to do but he wanted me to be an accountant like Mr. And I believe that it was because I heeded his advice that God has blessed me.
In such a case, he said the owners of the business might not be blamed directly. Daily Sun sought the view of the Baba Suwa of Remoland on this and asked him to compare then and now. It was much easier to do business successfully in this country in those days when we had a lot of industries and more trading companies.
His high regards for cultural values, traditional institutions and philanthropic personality endears him to many. I know that some media men are afraid of being locked up for telling the truth but, facing the fact, one of the ways to stop the rot in the system is by telling the home truth. In this interview, youa€™ll find outa€¦ HowA a real-life shepherd had an a€?Abraham momenta€? a€“ and took his family around the globe as a result.
Even if people are mean, bad things are happening all around you, and nothing may seem to be going your way.
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This free bonus will also identify the people who are ready, willing, and able to go to the next level with you. He has hobnobbed with the high and mighty and has been honoured by those who matter.
He left Baptist Academic in 1956 as the best graduating student, thus putting his name on the school’s DUX BOARD (Honors Board). The first, Tinjin Nigeria Limited, was making suit materials, and the other, Nimetco Nigeria, produced fishing nets. His numerous high rank chieftaincy titles are in recognition of his admirable qualities.
So, I say to the media practitioners, ‘tell the truth and be factual’,” Okoya Thomas charged. Laura Roeder isa€¦ The founder of MeetEdgar, a new social media automation tool designed to prevent updates from going to waste.
And best of all, would you like to get access to these information-packed, professionally-produced, and incredibly helpful tutorials absolutely free? It’s easy to drag items from other applications to the top of screen to store them in Unclutter. Keep your heart open and your mind open and your eyes open… today could very well be the day you experience the abundant life Jesus promised! Whatever yours is I hope you'll find some wisdom within these 17 secret to success quotes that come froma€¦ weeeeeell some pretty darn successful people I think you'll agree! He was a member of the Baptist Academy relay quartet that set a National record in the 4 x 220 yards relay in 1955; the sole sponsor of Annual Asoju Oba Cups Table-Tennis Lagos State closed Championship since 1968, a keen tennis players and a former chairman, Lagos State Sports Council.
Obviously because of his exploits in business, most government in power has tried to reach out to him one way or the other. Molade was born on June 8, 1935 in Lagos to Late Hussam Okoya Thomas (the first Baba Adinni of Furabay Mosque, Olowogbowo, Lagos and the first local staff of CFAO, who served the company for 52 years) and Late Alhaja Suwebat Okoya Thomas (nee Gbajabiamila, Otun Iya Adinni of Idita mosque). Both of them operated in partnership CFAO, Tinjin Tetco of Japan and Itochu Nigeria Limited. They should review the customs duty to encourage the growth of our industries. A man who rightly believe in telling the truth at all times especially because of his closeness to God, he has charged the Sun on the need for excellence in the practice of journalism so that the truth can always prevail.
The show includes interviews with well-known experts like Michael Hyatt, Jeff Goins, Dan Miller, Cliff Ravenscraft, Michael Stelzner, Amy Porterfield, Donald Miller, and many others. Instead you ought to say, a€?If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that.a€? But now you boast in your arrogance. Trust Him, because in the final analysis, He’s the only one you can totally trust, every time. We invite you to listen in, as we recap what happened in the product launch we conducted in October. I have carried on like this for a long time and I can only pray that it will not fail me before our Lord calls me.
He returned to Nigeria the very year he completed his studies at Balham and Tooting College of Commerce 1959 and was instantly employed as an accountant by CFAO. The Asoju of Lagos told Daily Sun that many businesses collapse because of various reasons. Nobody knows; it is only God that will decide what I will do,” he noted.
The two companies had to pack up and sell their assets because of non-protection from government against finished products from India. In this weeka€™s episode, youa€™ll finda€¦ Why you are about to experience more favor, abundance, and a€?happy accidentsa€? than you have ever imagined. The Odofin of Ile-Ife has also played prominent roles in French-Nigeria associations. As award plaques battle for space on his boardroom wall and his office, it is obvious that he would soon run out of space for them. This was the beginning of a meritorious service to CFAO and a journey to the very pinnacle of the corporate world. The harsh business environment in Nigeria these days have distorted the so much talked about good old days. I could recall how busy the industrial estates in the old Western Region, especially in Ikeja, used to be. Sometime ago in Lagos, he told an audience made up of human resources professionals and journalists that telling the truth can save the country from a lot of problems. And they’ll even send you photos of it so you can breathe easy that ita€™s on its way. Between 1989 and 1992, he was chairman of the Franco-Nigeria Chamber of Commerce.
He is so proud of his father that he told The Sun: “My father is the kindest man that I have ever met in my life. And today, I am satisfied with what God has made it possible for me to have. These days, doing business in Nigeria successfully is more like carmel passing through the eye of a needle. Even after his retirement, he could not stay at home; he still wanted to go to the office on daily basis. So far, I have avoided dealing with people that I don‘t see as honest. It is a wrong notion that you cannot succeed in business in Nigeria if you are not corrupt. He said ‘I have had so many challenges in life but I have surmounted 95 per cent of them.

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