Related Articles Most Popular Franklin Graham Blasts NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's Chick-fil-A Boycott Call as Intolerant Bullying Is My Same-Sex Attraction a Sin? Pam Farrel speaks to Crosswalk about the keys to unlocking the deepest needs of your spouse as outlined in her new book. Many Christians Believe That God Will Not Bless Them Because They Are Not Good Enough.This is only a myth -- and it is not scriptural. How Does God See You?a€¦ What Makes You Good Enough To Receive Answered Prayer and Blessings?Once You Learn Why God Blesses You, It Will Be Easy To Know That You Can Have What You Say! Do you find yourself wondering if you're good enough to receive answered prayer and be free from all the problems in life such as money problems, debt, a lack of employment, sickness, disease, abuse, grief, loneliness or whatever it is that has you bound? When most Christians pray, they feel as if they are not good enough to ask God for anything, let alone receive what they need or want. We need to understand the principle of the "Key of the Cross!" It takes us out of man-made church doctrines and traditions and into the truth of God's Word to receive the true message of Jesus Christ without limitations because of skin color, race, geological location or mistakes made in the past. Receive God's Greatest Blessings  Learn why and how you are good enough now to receive anything from God in His Word.
Walk With God In His Ways Find out what blessings belong to you and then learn how to receive them by faith!
Live The Peace Of Jesus Christ Learn how to overcome the problems of life and turn them into positive situations.
Write The Life Of Your DreamsWrite a new pattern for living God's way to create a present and future of great joy! God has provided us with a lifetime of great blessings, but we have to look to Him in order to receive them. God doesn't want you living a life in bondage, unable to enjoy the special purpose He has designed for you. Take Your Key To The Cross For Successful Christian Living Today is the beginning of your new life!

In a husband and wife relationship, the first desire of the couple is to have a successful marriage.
In a husband and wife relationship, ability to honour one another is a virtue that a couple should have if they are to enjoy a successful marriage. The teaser casts the spotlight on one of the movie's characters, Snowball, a white rabbit, and his funny antics.The short teaser starts with a scene showing Snowball emerging from the manhole holding a piece of carrot, while a voiceover describes him as not an Easter bunny.
When you purchase this title it will be automatically added to your LifeWay Reader library. He has make you an heir to everything He has, but we must first go through His Son Jesus Christ to receive our blessings. Are you ready to put aside your doubts and all the problems that are keeping you bound in stress, disappointment and a lack of everything that you need? She has a passion to teach people how to enjoy peace, God's love and christian living for more fulfilling life.
Each category is further divided into areas important to you and your Christian faith including Bible study, daily devotions, marriage, parenting, movie reviews, music, news, and more.
Marriages operate by a secret language—a collection of key words, actions, insights, and attitudes that determine how a couple's relationship works.
Through my life-time of studying and living God's Word, I've learned that there is a place where each Christian must begin with God after receiving salvation that will lead the way to great Christian growth. The problem is that most Christians don't believe they are good enough to receive anything from God nor do they know how to take hold of what they have in Jesus Christ.
Imbibing this truth and walking in it will help you to weigh whatever you want to say or do to your spouse before you do so: you will be able to determine whether your proposed action will honour God or not.
Your circumstances will change because you will be free from what the Bible calls "dead works." It's dead works that keep you bound in a state of feeling unworthy before God, therefore unable to to receive answered prayer. Lay hands on the marriage secrets and you will have memorable story to tell generations after you.

God instituted marriage and He being a God of honour expects you to honour marriage by honouring your spouse.
If that language remains a mystery, love gets buried behind misunderstandings and irritations. Without this knowledge they wander around in circles, so to speak, not knowing where or how to begin with God. As we take our rest by faith, we have the assurance that successful Christian living is a reality and not just an illusive hope. However there is a way to be loosed or set free from those things that are presently keeping your bound.Hello, my name is Margaret Lukasik and I'd like to share with you this powerful principle from the Bible that I have been using for years.
This article talks about one marriage secret that will change your attitude towards your spouse for the better. Bill and Pam Farrel, authors of the bestselling Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti, offer biblical and practical insight into this language that God has programmed into each married couple. Because of this lack of knowledge they can move in the wrong direction in life and live separate from God, thereby missing out on their blessings.After I was saved, I was given a Bible and sent on my way to read it on my own.
Laced with the Farrels' trademark humor, The Secret Language of Successful Couples is packed with ideas to help couples connect at a richer, deeper level. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. As both partners grow in relationship with God and rely on the Spirit for insights into the heart of their mate, they can replace their old, selfish languages with a new one that leads to greater intimacy in every area of life.
Think about how powerful this is to open the door to what we want or shut it to those things that we do not want.

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