The Adventures of Tooki - The Secret of the Stones, graphic novel, adventure story, children's book, picture book, comic book, comic strip, Christmas, Wildergorn, Moomins, Moomintroll, Tove Jansson, Dr. When Tooki loses his way in a swirling snowstorm, he is cold, afraid and all alone; but in this moment of great danger, Tooki's fortunes are about to change, for there is an unexpected kind of magic waiting just where he least expects to find it.

Embracing the comic book style of Tintin and Asterix, yet capturing the gentleness of The Snowman comes: The Adventures of Tooki a€“ The Secret of The Stones, a graphic novel by Jamie Courtier (former Creative Director of Jim Henson's Creature Shop) and his partner, Vicky Kimm. Published by Walker Books, The Adventures of Tooki - the Secret of the Stones is an enchanting adventure story that will capture the heart and imagination of adults and children alike and show us that nothing is what it seems and that anything is possible; a classic children's book that would sit comfortably beside The Little Prince and The Moomins.

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