It became a common belief among the Third Reich elite towards the end of the war that the Fuhrer was putting his faith in hi-tech weaponry to repel the enemy at the gates.
Although Hitler was said to be 'consumed' by this project, the more conventional bombers flown by the RAF and the USAAF destroyed all the prototypes before the first one left the ground.The programme also looked at a 1,000ton tank something called The Rat. But no road or bridge could hold it, and its slow speed would have made it vulnerable to hunter-killer aircraft.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Kayaba designed the Katsuodori be a fast ramjet powered point-interceptor to defend Japan against Allied bombers. As with Me-163 this novel can't really be included in WoWp.Just diffirent animal than those we are looking for.
On Thursday, February 21st, from 5-7 pm in the AS220 performance space gallery at 115 Empire St, I’m going to do some kind of artist talk!
In the lead-up to the AS220 show, she advised me on some of the fabric stuff for the bandanas, did a bunch of ironing, figured out the use of the rolled hem foot on my sewing machine to sew the tight hems, did a bunch of the sewing, and taught me how to use the rolled hem foot so I could keep doing it on my own… Her help was super crucial to that hanky project actually happening.
I was a nearsighted, nerdy, artistic, attention-hungry, weird little kid: fascinated by printed objects around me, terrified of losing unique things (and pretty much everything, even trash, fell into this category), captivated by odd dreams of creating my own brand of notebooks, and compelled to learn to draw horses realistically. Additionally, I was a boyish kid who didn’t really understand why she couldn’t be in the Boy Scouts, have short hair like her brothers, or be called “Keith” on a regular basis. I wanted to put visual tools in the hands of others like myself, who might occasionally need a reminder that they are real, when from many sides they are told that their existences are impossible. So, the work brought together in the gallery here is a beginning stab at both those projects. The “word prints” (the ones in white frames, two of which are in the photos below) are a group in which there are no mistakes. All of this work involves interference between patterns, scales & layers, as well as colors and images overlapping by chance and by intention.

So… are you interested in learning how to cut clean-line rubylith stencils and set up multi-layer transparent-color silkscreen prints *without* the aid of a computer? One of my teachers, David Gersten, when asked why he doesn’t use a computer to make drawings, because “it would be faster and save you time”, responds, “Why would I want to spend less time thinking?” Any process that is done by hand, engaging with the physical, material world rather than the immateriality of a screen, offers a chance for our thinking, made manifest in our hands and bodies, to interact with the world around us… and the energy (conflict, friction, complexity, resolution!) of that interaction is always evident in the resulting work. Hand-cut stencils aren’t right for every scenario, but they’re perfect for situations where you want a sharp edge on your graphics and a clean division between colors, and where you want to cover large areas with solid expanses of ink, and where you want to simplify and stylize complicated forms into graphic shapes.
Okay and in self-promotion mode… if you somehow missed corralling me in person while I was standing behind that pile of paper, but you still want a print!
Here’s a sequence of images from our print-making process — click on any of them to see the whole lineup as one large image. The programme looked at whether any of these projects could in fact have swung the war in the Nazis' favour.Using blueprints and plans allied to modern computer technology, National Geographic scientists and military historians analysed Hitler's plans to see if the war might have had a different ending. Codenamed the 'America Bomber' because that was to be its goal, this leviathan was intended to fly non-stop across the Atlantic and back again - something no aircraft of the time could do. It was testament to Hitler's increasingly demented thinking and in 1943 armaments minister Albert Speer cancelled the project. However, the IJA instead chose to work on the rocket-powered Ki-200 and Ki-202 to meet their point-defense needs.
So Thursday night is a nice chance to check it out, among some other humans, but most likely with a smaller group than at the opening (if you were socially overwhelmed, as I know some folks were)! Elizabeth”) is a skilled pal who I don’t get to see often enough, maybe because we both work a ton? At the end of our second day of working together, Liz said something like “You know what I really like?
At some point I might draw some different versions of it at different weights or with a three-dimensional shadow on it… infinite possibilities… ! In recent years, as I realized that I didn’t actually have to be “a girl”, and became aware of the validity and realness of my gender variance, I worried that much and maybe all of my single-minded, perfectionist, intense-work-ethic art- & poster-making had been born from the combination of the attention-hungry kid with the teenage girl who didn’t identify at all with her perceptible, supposedly “girl” body.

But it stopped working when I realized I had the chance to figure out an embodiment and a physical presence that would potentially feel more true to myself. Shared self-made graphics allow our lives to be located outside of a dominant or market-logic paradigm, through a visual language that we teach each other & make up together as we go along. They’ll try out a strategy for thinking about color separations & color graphics that will hopefully apply to various different artistic pursuits.
Here is an assortment of snapshot-based documentation, plus the artist statement — written the night before the opening, but based on ideas that have been rumbling around for a couple years now, as usual.
The fact that the posters were no longer the point of my life revealed the fact that they had been: that much of my identity and even my physical presence in the world was wrapped up in the work I had made. I realized that I wanted to turn this power towards furthering validity for trans, queer, and gender-variant existences like mine — towards making complexity visible, and by showing what I saw of it, to create chances for further complexity in the world.
Luckily for it, the bomb was so powerful it went through the ship like butter, blowing up only after exiting the hull.Other weapons that comforted Hitler as his world collapsed included the Viper, the world's first vertical take-off plane. Ten of these were ready for action at Kircheim Unter Tech in southwest Germany during 1945 but were never used against the enemy.His scientists also made an acoustic cannon, which was supposed to be able to kill men with sound waves at a range of 70 yards. But it didn't work and the project was junked.But the Germans did turn out a wind cannon, which could shatter wooden boards at a distance of 200 yards with jets of compressed air. We’ll be sharing ink colors and color combinations with each other, so we’ll be challenging each other to use colors we wouldn’t ordinarily use! Often with screenprinting, we are content to stick with what we know or with “poster colors” straight out of the jar from the store — this class will just be pushing a little ways out of that territory, hopefully to everyone’s satisfaction.

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