There will be a 20 pause, then Sun Wukong will randomly challenge any hero within 1800 Area for a race to the bottom Rune.
This is where Storm Spirit comes in, the ensnare does not prevent Lightning Ball ability from functioning, you can use it to win the race. If you selected the real image, quest continues and Sun Wukong challenges you for a battle. It includes the quest replay and modified 6.79 map that forces Sun Wukong to spawn in Single Player mode. I played single player (custom game) and local area network but sun wukong doesn't appear.Any idea?

This time, the quest is very tricky and looks impossible to perform in both Single Player and LAN mode.
Performing the quest without cheats is extremely hard and time consuming, so we need a modified version of v6.69 map that triggers the boss and allows us to use test commands at same time. Now, you have 20 minutes time to defeat him or quest fails and gives you Monkey King Bar back. It gives you Active Truestrike, 90% evasion, 1100 area True Sight, auto-dominate nearby enemy illusions and +10000 attack damage.
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When you pick the 5th Peach, the peaches will combine into a Greater Peach, don't use it either.

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