Make delicious restaurant-quality dishes at home with the help of this free copycat recipes eCookbook. Subscribe to our free recipe newsletter and we will send you delicious recipes and special offers to your inbox. A Panda Express innovation kitchen and tea bar is now open in the Hastings Ranch area of Pasadena. Walk into a shopping mall food court, an airport, and other culinary wastelands, and there's a good chance Panda Express is not far away.
After Panda Express moved in, you suddenly couldna€™t set foot in the building without being hit by the addictive aroma of their orange sesame sauce.
Last night we thought ita€™d be fun to make a Panda-inspired dinner, complete with chopsticks and Chinese takeout containers from Michaels. To recreate Panda Expressa€™s a€?secreta€? sauce, I first looked at the ingredients in their bottled sauce and many copycat recipes online. I can’t tell you hoe impressed I am that you experimented until you got the sauce right. I don’t like sweet sauces (except as dipping sauce) on my Chinese food, but I absolutely love the dish called Buddhist Delight that I get at my local take-out place.

When I worked at the mall when I was 20, I used to get Panda Express Hot & Sour Soup for dinner every single night. The recognizable panda logo is on the door, but don't expect to walk up to the counter and order a two-item combo in a Styrofoam box.
I was in 7th gradea€”the age where girls ditch their parents, get glammed up in more makeup than kabuki performers, and hang out at the mall every single weekend, feeling incredibly cool and grown up. Then I gathered some basic ingredients common in all of the recipes (vinegar, garlic, gingera€¦) and played around with the proportions until the sauce tasted just as good as better than the one from Panda Express. I love Chinese food, but don’t like the sugar or MSG that goes into making it, so I’ll definitely have to try this! The sauce is just a simple brown sauce — I guess it’s made with soy sauce, cornstarch, and veggie broth?
Just Like Panda Express Orange Chicken is a copycat restaurant recipe for orange chicken that tastes just like the kind you love from Panda Express. You can adjust the sriracha to your level of heat, but the sweetness of the other ingredients balances out the heat and gives you the sriracha flavor. I made myself a, what I termed, carb-free Korean Chapchae by omitting the noodles and using tons of julienned veggies instead.

Even crazier similarity, I started writing about its first opening at my school and the lure of the aroma.
The chicken has a crispy coating and a gooey sauce that's made of orange juice, soy sauce, Sriracha sauce and a few other ingredients.
I made mine with tofu and cornstarch, but you went even more healthified with baked cauliflower! The homemade version always tastes better, so try this orange chicken recipe for your next weeknight dinner. My boyfriend gets Kung Pao Tofu every single time, and I always sneak a few pieces of his tofu for myself.
But for “American Chinese” restaurant dishes, my favorite would be sweet and sour chicken!

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