The San Diego Comic Con might be done for everyone else in the country, but not for Topless Robot!
San Diego?hell, most geek conventions?rejoice in their members dressing up for one another.
10) This isn’t so much a costume, really, so much as what happens to you if you stand still too long at SDCC.
2) This picture is nice to look at, but if you think about it, it’s an Oedipal nightmare for Luke Skywalker. 5) Here’s one of the Leias from the Gentle Giant photo-op doing an interview for The Tonight Show.
7) This gives you a general sense of the sexy, nerdy chaos surrounding the Slave Leia day at the Gentle Giant booth.
No, this picture doesn’t show a black and white image of the rebel base on the ice planet Hoth.
Remember, Greenland is way closer to Russia than the ICBM fields located in the continental U.S.
The base was massive, described by some as an underground city, and consisted of 21 steel-arch covered trenches; the longest of which was 1,100-feet long, 26-feet wide and 26-feet high. The base makes sense if you look at maps with the Arctic Circle at the center, Russia is a direct shot over the ice. Recent Commentstop office on Second Life Failed Because Facebook Became Our Second Lifestreaming video downloads on WhichFlicks?
Legal experts and former government investigators said the approach threatens the integrity of the investigation of who at the Secret Service uncovered and leaked material showing that Rep. Those questions and dozens more followed the discovery of the private server by the Benghazi Select Committee, a House panel led by GOP Rep.
Though they are not widely known to the public, administrative subpoenas had a brief moment in the limelight last week in the controversy over whether the Secret Service tried to smear a Republican congressman. Last Wednesday, John Roth, Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security, issued a report that said Secret Service agents illegally leaked documents to embarrass Rep.

House Republicans, though, said it marks another time the White House has been embarrassed by Mr.
The Post report said that officers at the White House wanted to arrest the two Secret Service agents after they drove into the security barrier, but a supervisor stepped into to let the two agents go home.
And the Republican National Committee asked the State Department's inspector general on Thursday insisting it launch an examination of its own to ensure that Clinton followed the law. Khloe Kardashian Jokes About Remarrying Lamar Odom If He's ''Lucky'' As He Makes Emotional Return to KUWTK - E! We’re happy to present this double feature of Daily Lists featuring some the finest (as well as some of the laziest) cosplayers SDCC had to offer. And usually, that means intricate and creative costuming?the sort of stuff that tends to amaze.
Brian Carroll), but sometimes a guy with a KFC bucket on his head is just a guy with a KFC bucket on his head.
Han was always talking about it not being wise to upset a Wookie, but I don’t think Chewie had anything on Leia.
It’s a sexy pose with his wife Mara Jade, his sister in kinky bondage gear, and his Mom in a sexy belly-shirt. This picture also serves as a seek-and-find puzzle?see if you can locate: Marion Ravenwood, the Burger King, a unicorn, Superman, an X-Wing pilot, and any fanboy not taking a picture to prove to his girlfriend that see, a lot of girls do it. I'm giving away a copy of the original Dead Space on Origin to scare the fuck out of you because it's Halloween! After last week's embarrassment, the 12th Republican debate was their most substantive. Bush, seated, arrives at the River Oaks Country Club just before the quarterfinal match between Jeremy Chardy of France and Kevin Anderson from South Africa was suspended by rain at the U.S.
26, 2015, file photo, Secret Service officers search the south grounds of the White House in Washington after an unmanned aerial drone was found on the White House grounds during the middle of the night.
Clancy faced criticism from lawmakers Tuesday about his handling of the allegations that two agents disrupted a bomb investigation on the night of March 4 after driving into a White House security barrier.

Gonzales, of Copperas Cove, Texas, had a concealed black folding knife when Secret Service agents apprehended him inside the north White House door that faces Pennsylvania Avenue. Just think of it as our way of celebrating both the con and those who dared to dress up for it. The cardboard sign it took you ten minutes to scrawl out the lyrics to “Never Gonna Give You Up”? In fact, dressing like Slave Leia is so hot right now that Gentle Giant had a big Slave Leia photo-op (some photos from which are in this pictorial), and boy, if you haven’t seen dozens of scantily-clad femme-geeks trying to out-slave each other?
The base was powered by a portable PM-2A nuclear reactor that produced two megawatts of power for the facility.
You know, instead of belatedly throwing together a few Daily Lists because Bricken stayed up too late playing Soul Calibur IV to post the one that was supposed to go on.
Which is cool and all?tip of the cowl to anyone who chooses to do it at all, really, and besides, some of the costumes in this list are actually pretty genius, if you can get past the artistic quality (or lack thereof).
The base was officially built to conduct scientific research but the real reason was apparently to test out the feasibility of burying nuclear missiles below the ice under an effort known as Project Iceworm. You're only allowed ONE picture entry but you are allowed to post anything like responses to other entries if you so wish.
Look, there are pictures of hot girls dressed as Slave Leia?just hit the damn jump already.
Anyways, here are 8 Leias, as well as several other lovely ladies from the Star Wars universe?not ranked in any particular order, because that would be inappropriate (and our new lady friends at Heartless Doll would certainly beat us up).

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