Bring in a wrapped present (value between $5-$10) to swap with other anonymously wrapped presents!
Also bring your quality clothes, shoes or bags to swap with the ClosetDash Shop inventory! The ClosetDash Shop is a brand new concept shop dedicated to quality second-hand shopping and swapping! Women's Clothes, Bags and Shoes in great condition without tears, stains, rips and odor. Scouring street fairs, flea markets and discount shops for cheap, chunky costume jewelry is kinda our thing.
For those of us who struggled with acne as adolescents, the last thing we want to do is deal with adult acne. I just wrapped up my first gift swap and I can now say, it wasn’t nearly as scary or stressful as I thought it would be. Since our price limit was low and I wanted to get a lot of bang for my buck, I headed to Etsy to find a fabric scrap pack. Fresh Lemons Quilts by Faith is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

You are sending your partner a gift or gifts valued at about $10 USD before shipping costs.
A NOTE ABOUT RELIGIOUS ITEMS: I feel strongly that the religious and spiritual beliefs of others should be respected. Each person will buy 1 gift, wrap it, and bring it to the party (do not tell anyone what the gift is, or label it in any way). Once you are all gathered, place all the gifts in one area where everyone can see them (in a pile, under a tree, whatever). Put numbers in a hat for the number of people that are participating (ex: 10 people = Numbers 1-10).
Everyone takes turns drawing a number until everybody has one.  This determines the order of gift selection.
Whoever gets a gift taken from them must pick a new one, but does not have the option to swap. This carries on down the line.  Everyone has the option to take any gift that has already been opened, or take a chance on a new gift. Once you open a gift, you have to keep it where everyone can see it.  No trying to hide that sweet snow cone maker.

Once you’re all gathered, you can take turns giving a gift to your assigned recipient.
As the marketing and education supervisor for American Consumer Credit Counseling, Albie has been spreading the frugal word since 2008. Basically, something you would take home yourself. Remember your first 5 items are free to swap! Please make a note below if you have preferences here - this is a nice group, and nobody wants to offend anybody else. If your partner has a wishlist section, I suggest looking there for ideas, but I'm not going to require that you send something specifically from the wishlist.

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