In The Secret Saturdays: Beasts of The 5th Sun, players take control of the Saturday family, who are dedicated to discovering and protecting the secret artifacts and mysterious creatures known as Cryptids.
Vas komentar je dragocen buducim kupcima.Da napisete svoje misljenje o ovom proizvodu kliknite ovde. Zakova moc? da utice na Cryptids mu daje pristup do vise desetina razlicitih stilova igre i sposobnosti da pronadete skrivene Cryptids i otkrijete zle planove VV Argosta.

Carl Jonson vuelve a su barrio natal para asistir al funeral de su madre tras haber pasado cinco largos años en Liberty City.
El control de Ami resulta tremendamente suave, a lo que hay que sumar el magnífico y original uso del Pincel Celestial.

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