1834) Isaac Johnston (sometimes, "Isaac Johnson") was born between 1770-1775 according to U.S.
Harper This indenture made this xxxxx day of October, 1840 between Ellenor Harper of the one part and Shadrack White of the other part, both of the County of Tazewell & State of Virginia, entereth? 304 Richard Ferrell Complainant } against } In Chancery Cornelius Johnston, Isaac Johnston } and William H.

Remine, Defendants } On this 2d day of February 1836, this cause came on to be heard upon the Bill of the complainant, the answer of Cornelius Johnston, the Depositions of Witnesses and exhibits in the cause and was argued by counsel.
And it appearing to the Court, that the Subpoena in this cause had been served upon the other Defendants more than four months ago, and also that a Sum facias to revive had been legally executed upon John Cecil the administrator of the said Isaac Johnston, who, since the institution of this suit has died intestate, requiring him to appear here and show cause on the 8th Day of December last part, why the said Suit should not be proceed in to a final decree, and he not yet having shown any cause to the contrary, it is ordered that the same stand revived against the said Cecil administrator of the said Isaac Johnston deceased: It is therefore ordered, adjudged and decreed, that the Complainants’ bill be taken for confesses as to the said Defendants Wm. And it further appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that since the institution of this suit, the title to the tract of land mentioned in the Complainant’s Bill has been procured and made according to the requisition of the bond mentioned in the said Bill, It is therefore adjudged ordered and decreed that this suit be struck from the Docket; but that the Court being satisfied that the said Cornelius Johnston was about to leave the Commonwealth when this suit was brought without making said conveyance, it is therefore ordered, adjudged and decreed that the Defendants the said Cornelius Johnston and William H.

Remine do pay to the Complainant the costs of this suit, and that execution do issue accordingly.

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