Retire Netflix for the summer and read all 32 of Huffpost's Books to Add to Your Shelf in 2016.
We're donating a beautiful lounge space to be auctioned off to benefit the non-profit RaiseAChild at their annual gala. We're donating a very cute gift basket filled with our very favorite things for the school's annual silent auction.
At the end of April, we will pack up our tools, our paint, our tarps and a truck load of pretty things and head to LA to perform some Elsie Green magic. The house is much smaller than the family of five with three teenagers is used to living in.
Victoria Smith SFGirlbyBay for donating the design concept for the teenage daughter's bedroom. Michael Roland, Brian Cutts and Doug Cain for donating time and expertise to get those shelves built and closets installed, plus whatever else pops into our heads during the course of the project. Zarpana Design for donating sewing for the pretty pillows and other textile items for the project. We packed our tote with Weck canisters filled with fruit and nuts and all of the essentials. Bring to a boil and then simmer on low heat until mixture becomes a thicker consistency and dissolved to about half the amount.
Mix on medium speed for 20 seconds or until just combined (if using a Thermomix - mix on Speed 4, 30 seconds or until just combined!).
Please note: certain blenders (generally the powerful ones) can curdle the mixture slightly as they 'whip' the cream - but don't worry! So as we've been known to do, we started collecting those beautiful things one by one, quietly and slowly, until we had enough to share. Now you can feast your eyes on some of the beautiful pieces in our new French Kitchen collection.
We were so busy during the holiday season, there wasn't even a moment to share one of our favorite projects of the year. This cranberry sauce will actually be eaten, rather than moved around in the fridge for a week then tossed out.
Make jell-o and let set in fridge untill partly set so the fruit won’t settle to the bottom. If you want a little of our classic white for your table, shop our classic white table here. If you want some happy red happiness for your Thanksgiving table, shop our happy red table here.

Run down to the coffee shop and order your favorite (for here)  along with a newspaper with a crossword puzzle in it. The process is nicest if you light a candle that smells nice (here's our favorite) or put on some mulling spice,  make some tea, and cozy up with a warm throw. Once your list is complete, schedule your day-cation on the calendar and drop out for the day. If you'd like chocolate chocolate chip cookies, add 4 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder and only use 2 cups of flour. Come on cold weather, we have a huge stack of sweaters just itching to be worn and a to-do list a mile long that will only make sense with cooler temperatures!
For our local friends, our favorite patch to visit every year is G&M Farms in Livermore.
If you've read our blog post on cute placecard holders, you probably noticed our placecards designed by the lovely Kelsey. It is no secret that over here at Elsie Green we love a good place card idea for our table settings.
A simple pheasant feather and a cute little label with a monogram is the perfect addition to a sophisticated place setting! A chic little trick to dress up your place settings is to wrap a tangerine in brown tissue paper with a fun piece of gold twine. An even easier trick is to wrap a handmade postcard type label with a fun ribbon or string around a vintage French book, how chic!
Stir 2 tablespoons honey and 1 cup hot water in a 2-cup measuring cup until honey dissolves. We're planning a very big Christmas vacation this year, leaving Christmas Day for Sydney, and returning from down under January 10th. Choose an interesting vessel, this is the foundation of your bouquet and you should love it! Always limit the number of stems of each type of flower to an odd number, evenly spacing them from one another.
We've been itching to get outdoors to enjoy the change of season and what better way than a picnic? These handy cansisters stack neatly and come in an assortment of sizes perfect for any storage job. Patrick's day is just around the corner and when a basic pint glass just won't do we've got you covered. Switch out all of the candles in our home for our autumn spice scent (you can find them here).

Yesterday we picked our favorite go-to products, loaded up the prius and headed over to our local park to enjoy an afternoon en plein air.
While pint glasses may be the expected go to for a classic stout we're serving up a slew of options to take your drink game to a whole new level. If you notice this happening, turn the speed back down and continue to blend until just combined. It's based in neutrals and the idea that every shade from bright white to rustic linen to raw wood is a compliment to the next.
If your mixture does appear curdled, simply pour it through a sieve and then allow the drained liquid to settle. Reduce the heat to medium-low and simmer until the liquid begins to reduce a little bit, 5 to 7 minutes. It turns out that one of the world's largest corn mazes is just about an hour drive from us in Dixon, Ca. What is better than cuddling up in a plushy throw in an overstuffed chair with a cup of hot apple cider and your favorite book? Alone, a fantastic piece, layered together, a sophisticated yet comfortable look for every room of the home. Add the cranberries and vanilla bean and continue to simmer until the cranberries are soft and breaking apart and the sauce begins to thicken, 12 to 15 minutes. We did it once the sun went down to add a little more difficulty and it tooks us two and a half hours to complete!
If desired, mash your cranberries with a sturdy whisk or potato masher, just to break up the cranberries, and simmer to thicken a little bit more, about 5 minutes. We can't wait to go back this year and give this year's maze a try (they change the layout every year). Remove the pan from the heat and discard the cinnamon sticks, ginger pieces and vanilla bean. A small accoutrement will take your creation from home bartender status to mixologist status. Serve the sauce warm or at room temperature, or refrigerate for up to 10 days -- the flavors only get better as they chill out in the fridge.

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