Future Zak is Zak Saturday seeing a corrupted future self leading the cryptids in the war on humanity. His future alter ego sports a jacket, and has his hair long, but the patch of white hair remains. Fisk and Komodo growling, their eyes are glowing from Zak's power, among a ruined city with smoking buildings.
However, since it was the fear from Tsul 'Kalu, these may not be the true future in his visions, but a worst case scenario one. Doc Saturday (adopted father) Drew Saturday (adopted mother) Zak Saturday (adopted brother) Komodo Saturday (adopted brother) Zon Saturday (adopted sister) Doyle Blackwell (maternal adopted uncle). Fiskerton "Fisk" Saturday is the adoptive brother of Zak Saturday, Komodo, and Zon, and the adoptive son of Doc Saturday and Drew Saturday. A large amount of cryptids seen in Life in the Underground, War of the Cryptids and Cryptid vs Cryptid. But there is a cryptid in Scottish folklore that resembles Fiskerton, the Am Fear Liath Mor (Big Gray Man), which is said to be the Bigfoot of Scotland, but has whitish fur, like a ghost.
Ironically the person Fiskerton trusts the most, is Kur himself (the cryptid he is supposed to protect the world from).

In the "Kur Guardian" Fiskerton has a few visions from the past about how Zak accepted him even though he was just two at the time. He is one of the last of a legendary race of cryptids called "Fiskerton Phantoms" that was adopted by the Saturday family when he lost his home in Nottinghamshire, England. According to British folklore, the Fiskerton Phantom was a large black cat, similar to other cryptids such as the Beast of Bodmim Moor and the Beast of Exmoor. Cryptid it is shown that Fiskerton can sneeze with enough force to blow away a group of people. However, in the field guide, it says his favorite snack is popcorn, which he is seen eating in Guess Who's Going to Be Dinner. Rejoice that you have lived the return of Kur!") asked Zak: "What's your next command my Master Kur?". Although he is possibly the oldest (and largest) member of the Saturday family, Fiskerton is like an innocent kid brother to Zak. That same episode, Fisk proves to be a great fighter by taking down almost all the cryptids in cage matches with Doyle as his manager. While he may be a scaredy-cat at times, when trouble is afoot, he is an agile and strong ally to have.

Fisk is actually a Lemurian and destined to protect the world from Kur, though Fisk has no idea how to do so yet.
He mostly talks in grunts and mumbling, but everyone seems to be able to understand what he means. He destroys the Saturdays' home but creates a divining rod that points to where Kur is - Antarctica. Despite learning that Zak is Kur, Fiskerton continues to protect Zak, possibly guarding him from his own Kur instincts.
But, in Kur, he seems to grunt more often to Zak, possibly because of his Lemurian instincts.

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