Well Stonerdays does not suggest you eat any of those circus animals but maybe… The Stoner Secret Menu! The beauty of animation is that it turns really terrifying situations into completely stoner-safe fare.
You know how smoking up before a movie can make it more hilarious, or illuminating, or, you know, tolerable? Next time your up late stoned out of your mind with the tummy rumbles, check out the stoners secret menu and you are on your way to a big stoner smile.
Get a mcdouble and a jr chicken and smash tem together you’ve got yourself a 3 dollar full course meal.

In this tale of Pocahontas, he paints a gorgeous portrait of Virginia before it was settled by Europeans. For instance, a twenty-foot-tall, obese, rabbit-chinchilla hybrid living in a tree behind your house would induce some serious pant-shitting in real life.
And yes, a toke before flicks like Half Baked and The Big Lebowski will turn them into masterpieces.
Animated by Miyazaki, though, and he's totally cute, and about the happiest thing you will ever see high.
Peaceful, glowing extraterrestrials in latex skin suits that will have sex-by-fireball with you in a pool if asked nicely.

And then they slow-mo kung-fu some more, and Smith finally beats Neo, and then he, like, absorbs him like everyone else, but Smith starts crack and glow and shit, and that's when Neo like, destroys all of the Smiths from within? It's the sound of Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman harmonizing with the Man in the Moon (true!) in a giant elephant head perched precariously above the tiny, antic streets of Montmartre.

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