I also have a quick tip of the day regarding what time of day you can make FastPass+ reservations. Many of these fall into a grey area where some people may decide that they are ethical and others will decide that they aren't. Although Table Service credits are split between kids and adults, Quick Service credits aren't. Disney has a FastPass+ to eat lunch at Be Our Guest but they will tell you that it's by invitation only. These open up about a month beforehand so reservations for March will open up in mid-February. People staying off-site often want to take advantage of on-site benefits such as Extra Magic Hours or being able to make FastPass+ reservations 60 days in advance. As long as you have your valet tag or receipt, you can valet anywhere on-site all day without paying any extra (though you should tip at each location). When making FastPass+ reservations 60 days in advance, you can begin at midnight eastern time.
Is tip #4 still valid and would it work if you only book 1-day at the campgrounds but have a 4-day ticket linked in My Disney Experience? Sorry, I tried to post this as a reply to the article, and it looked like it ended up as a response to a thread, so I’m trying again. I noticed that several people have posted questions about Tip # 1 (getting adult meals instead of kids’ meals with quick-service credits), and as far as I can tell, they have not been answered here.
For tip #4: suppose I stay on site for one day and off site the rest of the days, and have 5 day Disney ticket that I purchased on Undercover tourist. If you’re only staying on-site for 1 day why would you be entitled to the extra hours for 5?
Are the lunch fast passes at Be Our Guest their quick service meals or is it a sit down credit? I logged in way to early but was able to do so with my memory maker number and it only showed October 24-Oct 28 with no times available, but I’m concerned because our trip is until the 31st and I am looking for the fast pass on our last day. I am 35 days away from my trip and have been looking at all the Disney Blogs since I want to make sure everything is near perfect for my family and I’m not very experienced at planning Disney Vacation (and also to help with all the excitement I have leading up to the trip lol). If you use a Fast Pass for Be Our Guest Lunch and it will not show up on your my Disney account are you still able to get three Fast Passes for Magic Kingdom for that day for rides?
Have to say I am disappointed with your 4th tip (paying for a bogus stay at FW campgrounds to take advantage of onsite perks). I was able to make the BOG Fastpass reservation with the ticket number listed on my luggage tags for the Magical Express.

Is the FastPass+ BOG reservation in addition to the other 3 FastPasses or is it an additional one?
And sorry if this answer is in a podcast, but I can’t listen…my son is right here and our trip is a surprise!
I’ve bought my park tickets already – will I get onsite benefits ie be able to make FP+ reservations in advance for the check in and check out days too as long as I link them to the app? There's much more info included in the audio so be sure to listen to the episode for a better explanation. If the main gates seem busy, you can check out the Rainforest Cafe entrance to see if it's less crowded. You will need your 12-digit numeric confirmation number (not the alphanumeric confirmation number) which can be found in your My Disney Experience account before MagicBands ship, on Magical Express luggage tags and in some emails that Disney sends. Wilderness are not a fan of these "phantom bookings" but other people will argue that when you pay for the spot, it's up to you how you use it. If it was a big deal, a big company like Disney would make changes to stop and prevent this. Maybe they have been answered more personally via email, but in either case I am still wondering how this works. The official website, clearly states (as you indicated that it would) that a kids’ meal must be ordered if available. So many people must be able to have a much smoother, less-stressful and more efficient trip because of your posts. We are now 37 days out (woohoo!) and it still doesn’t show me the full dates of our trip.
When you book the plan it specifically states that you must order kids meals when available for children ages 3-9.
Or do you get the Fast Pass for Be Our Guest and only two additional Fast Passes for rides? You are encouraging people to take away the availability of campground sites from others who would like to actually stay there and enjoy FW. Our favorite resorts are Villas at Wilderness Lodge, Grand Floridian, Polynesian, Animal Kingdom Villas, and, depending on the time of year, the campgrounds, which we LOVE. This is especially convenient if you have a breakfast reservation at a resort and want to keep your car there as opposed to re-parking in another parking lot. I’m currently planning my DLR trip for this fall and my type A personality is struggling with how little there is to plan in comparison to WDW! I am wildly hoping that it is just because today is a Sunday and perhaps some spots will open tomorrow.

Will I be able to take advantage of the magic hours only on the day I’m staying on site or for the whole 5 days? Will I be able to take advantage of the magic hours only on the day I’m staying on site or for the whole 5 days? Your My Disney Experience information will indicate that you are no longer a resort guest, and you will be informed that you are not eligible for Extra Magic Hours. I just checked the Be Our Guest Fast Passes and they’re all gone for our trip next week.
They are available at almost every place, the one or two places they are not on the menu then you may order them an adult meal.
This sounds to me like there is a differentiation between the meals and if we order adult meals for our kid, we will end up with only kids meals at the end of the week.
It isn’t showing up in the MyDisneyExperience info at all, but when I log back in to the link posted above, it still has the confirmation info. I think it falls into a grey area and people need to decide how they feel about it for themselves. Under what circumstances would be it be ok to reserve a spot that you’re not going to use thereby keeping a legitimate user from booking it? Even if a tiny fraction of visitors each year take advantage of this flaw in Disney’s system it could still easily account for the equivalent of an entire Disney employee salary or more. Tinker Bell siente una especial atraccion por el prohibido bosque de invierno.  Ver a los animales cambiar de piel al momento en que pasan la linea entre el Bosque Calido y el Bosque de Invierno le fascina tanto que decide probar y saltar ella misma a ese blanco lugar.  Al momento en que lo hace algo magico pasa, (una de las escenas de Disney mas hermosas que yo haya visto en mi vida), ?algo le pasa a sus alas! Yo tuve la oportunidad de verla en 3D hace algunas semanas en DisneyToon studios (te cuento sobre esto pronto).
Hubo muchas cosas que me encantaron, la luz, los colores, los nuevos personajes, pero sobre todo la historia, es muy sensible, emocional, divetida y llena de aventuras. La pelicula es dirigida por la talentosisima Peggy Holmes, co-Dirigida por Bobs Gannaway, y producida por Michael Wigert y John Lasseter. Ademas viene con fantastico contenido especial que te mostrara todo el mundo de las hadas.  Y, como con todas las peliculas de Disney, viene con subtitulos y audio en espanol e ingles. El ganador debera responder a la notificacion dentro de los siguientes 3 dias, si no es asi, otro ganador sera escogido.

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