Beasts a€” official name "RQ-170 Sentinel" a€” are especially advanced drones, featuring high-definition cameras and a stealth shell.
The airfield is technically located on land owned by the Department of Energy, though it's still not clear which government agency controls the base. We had a surplus in 2000, the Dept came from 2 wars, the Over Use of Contractors & a massive tax cut specially for the Rich.

Despite reports from the DOE that UAV as well as manned flights take off from the field daily, speculation says the site may be a secret drone testing ground for the CIA. In 2009, Google captured pictures of American Predator drones based in Pakistan a€” despite American claims to have no drones in the country.
BI Intelligence takes an in-depth look at the most important aspects, including market forecasts for commercial applications, regulatory process, and the leading players.

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