GPS Fields Area Measure PRO v1.1.2 ??? ?? ????? ???? ?????? ??? ?????? ???? ?? ???? ??? ???! How often does it happen that you find yourself in a situation where you wish that you could secretly record the ongoing incident?
To eliminate all these above mentioned limitations, and to help you record videos secretly, without anyone getting to know about it, we have come up with these below mentioned secret video recorder apps. Other than these two tabs, there is also one settings zone wherein, you can manually adjust settings. In terms of recording secret videos, Secret Video Recorder could easily be one of the most secretive app that works quietly in the background without anyone getting to know anything. Other than choosing maximum video time, there are many more options that you can choose, given below the main buttons.
Once you install the app on your phone, you will be able to use it in the main menu of your phone itself. Apart from the regular features like turning on notification, setting the maximum limit for videos, etc., there are some really interesting options to work with. Like SCOS, this app also works from the main menu of your mobile and there is a preview screen that you can choose to expand or minimize.
To me a secret video recording app is something which demands complete privacy and smooth functioning. Read MoreThe Best App to Block Unwanted Calls – Calls Blacklist – Call BlockerIt’s quite common these days to find some people who pester by calling continuously. Best Time Tracker Apps To Keep a Track Of Time You’ve Spent On TasksHow much time we spent while performing any particular task or assignment? Take a Selfie With Best Free iPhone Self-timer Camera AppSelfie is one of the best ways to protect the memories. Best Free Grammar Checker Apps for AndroidThe role that English language is playing in all our lives, in offices, schools, colleges, etc. Improve your Vocabulary With Best Free iPhone Word GameWe have always been told to play games or sport that could help us physically or mentally.
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Need to record your Android phone screen, check here the best rated apps to video record your Android phone screen. Secret Video Recorder is perhaps the only android app available where video recording can be done in the background while the user uses it for normal phone functions.
The user can use the normal phone functions like dialing or receiving calls while the video gets recorded in the background.
ScreenREC screen recorder allows the users to capture phone screen at high quality frames into an MP4 video along with audio. The users also get an option to choose if the audio is required to be recorded along with the video. All except Secret Video Recorder (which sadly does not record the device’s screen) REQUIRE ROOT.
Secret Audio Recorder is an audio recording app to record the sound in background secretly.
Another Saturday, another Appszoom News Round-Up, bringing you our favorite stories from the tech, mobile, and app world. SC Secret Recorder L is probably the most advanced and most feature rich secret voice recorder apps that we tested.
It’s highly configurable which means that you can set what kind of notifications about active recordings is showed, if you wanna show any. Silent Recorder is a bit more simpler than SC Secret Recorder, but it’s still a very powerful secret voice recorder app for Android. Sound Recorder has a nice looking UI, with a nice retro tape animation in the middle of the interface. Once that recording is started, app can be closed and minimized to system tray, which is secretive enough.

Similarly to Sound Recorder, Easy Voice Recorder is also an app that doesn’t exactly stay hidden completely. It minimizes to the system tray from where it will continue recording even after you’ve put your device into sleep. PCM Recorder is a very simple and lightweight secret voice recorder app for Android which lets you record voice in the background. After starting a recording session, if you close the app, you’ll be asked if you want recording in the background.
Secret Recorder and Silent Recorder are our choices for the best Android secret voice recorder app because they support a lot of useful features, like schedule recordings.
Be it a prank being played on your friend, or any secret that you wish to reveal, or, keeping in line with the latest happenings, go out on a sting operation ;). Some of common features of these apps are that they are all small in size, and nothing shows up on your screen while you are recording videos. As I said in the beginning itself, it is a small sized app and hardly consumes any space on your device. The first time you run the app on your Android device, the app will seek your permission to add two icons on your mobile screen. It is a very simple to use app, with all the necessary functions that a video recording app generally requires.
It lets you take both secret images and videos; you can switch easily between the two by clicking the switch button.
All the options appear on the menu screen, and there is a small rectangular space that displays what you are capturing, or recording.
You can turn on the black mode; simply press the volume button and video recording will start while your screen in completely black. Since you are recording things secretly, you do not want to indulge into long procedures on turning on the camera, hiding the screen, etc.
Screencast usually captures phone screen available at high quality frames which can be used for high quality MPEG video along with sound effects.
The unique feature of this app is that the user has to shake his phone to start and stop the HD video recording. There are varieties of sizes available for the users to select, which includes the original screen size. Few of these apps can be used for secret video recording while others are used for recording the screen. Once the recording is active, click on the Exit button in the bottom right corner and the app closes completely, without a trace, but it will still record in the background. Selecting yes will minimize the app to the system tray where it will keep recording even if you put your device to sleep.
Generally, the cameras on your phone are used for such purposes and we all try to position ourselves in a manner that no one gets to see what we are doing. As you install and run the app on your device, you will find that the app has two tabs: Home and Schedule. You can also manually alter settings like enabling flashlight, set video orientation, hide videos in the gallery, choose to stop recording when battery is low, switch to focus mode, and a lot more. There is a start and stop button on top of the screen that can be used to start and stop recording respectively. You can also switch between the two cameras of your mobile phone and set the quality of your recording. There are options to click multiple images in one click, turn on face detection mode, and an Auto button that clicks images every 2 seconds automatically.
However, the app does lack a cutting edge and there is nothing new in it that makes me strongly recommend it for you. However, there is not much of a difference between them as the functions are identical; press the icon to start recording and press it again to stop recording. Some of the striking features of this app are the one touch operating to start and stop the video, no camera shutter sound, video getting recorded when the screen is blank, etc.

In this program, the user gets a gallery to view, delete, or play the videos which were recorded previously.
One point which is really bad about this app is that it does not work on all the devices especially in Galaxy Nexus. There are free of cost apps available; however, the users usually do not get access to all the features as they are available in the paid apps.
Most of the time your screen doesn’t even have to work, phone can be in standby, but the apps will still record voice, which can be helpful in a number of situations. To stop the recording run the app again and simply stop the recording by clicking on the stop button. However, using camera has its own limitation as your screen clearly shows that something is being recorded, and also there is a small LED light that keeps blinking. The next time you have to record a video secretly, simply hit the first icon on your screen and the recording will start; press it again to stop. You can set a identifier code and when your device receives that code through a text from another device, the app will start the recording automatically.
While the recording is on, the mobile screen turns black, so nobody really knows what’s happening.
Thus, all these apps significantly eliminate all these procedures and come to you as handy options. Smartphones are considered to be the best companion of a person during the time when it is crucial required.
It is advisable that the users go through the reviews of these apps before downloading them. All you have to do is hit the power button to start recording a video, and hit it again once the recording the done.
Since, there is no sign of any recording; everyone will believe you are simply going through the menu of your mobile phone. You can manually choose the maximum time for your app, depending on your use, which ranges from 30 seconds to 45 minutes. The only irritating thing throughout all this is the ads that continue to pop up and hinder your work.
Each of these apps has some common features and some other features that differentiate it from others. Apart from games, the phone is used for surfing internet, browsing applications, conducting banking transactions, tracking people and many more activities. To start recording, the user is just required to do start the app and press the record button.
The recorded video will be automatically saved in the gallery, the icon for which is given on top right corner of your screen. Lastly, there is one settings tab wherein, you can manually alter screen brightness, set interval time, and other sundry video recording settings.
If Secret Video Recorder allows you to record videos by a single tap, SCOS lets you click both images and record videos with a refreshing set of features. On the other hand, the Schedule tab lets you schedule a recording; you can set a particular time and exit the app. If you are using the free version of the app, which I did, you will not be able to record videos that last for more than a minute. For some of them, the user is required to pay fees, others are available for free download.

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