Did you know Windows 7 and later contain a hidden secret troubleshooting tool which is called "Problem Steps Recorder" (PSR)? To launch this tool, you just need to provide "psr" command in RUN or Start menu Search box. This tool is basically a simple screen capturing tool which can be used to record screenshots of various steps performed by a user. You can also set a default location to save the file so that you don't need to tell the location each time you record something. You can also disable recording of screenshots by settings "Enable screen capture" option to No. If you want to send the recorded file to someone, you can do this by using "Send to E-mail recipient" option.
Its a great tool available for Windows 7 and later users and IMO each OS should contain something like this. SC Secret Recorder L is probably the most advanced and most feature rich secret voice recorder apps that we tested. It’s highly configurable which means that you can set what kind of notifications about active recordings is showed, if you wanna show any.

Silent Recorder is a bit more simpler than SC Secret Recorder, but it’s still a very powerful secret voice recorder app for Android. Sound Recorder has a nice looking UI, with a nice retro tape animation in the middle of the interface. Once that recording is started, app can be closed and minimized to system tray, which is secretive enough. Similarly to Sound Recorder, Easy Voice Recorder is also an app that doesn’t exactly stay hidden completely. It minimizes to the system tray from where it will continue recording even after you’ve put your device into sleep. PCM Recorder is a very simple and lightweight secret voice recorder app for Android which lets you record voice in the background.
After starting a recording session, if you close the app, you’ll be asked if you want recording in the background. Secret Recorder and Silent Recorder are our choices for the best Android secret voice recorder app because they support a lot of useful features, like schedule recordings. This tool is not available from any general location like Start menu, Control Panel or Explorer.

Just click on "Start Record" button and it'll start saving all the steps which you perform onwards. It creates a ZIP file containing an MHTML file which stores screenshots of all steps performed by you along with a brief description of each. Once the recording is active, click on the Exit button in the bottom right corner and the app closes completely, without a trace, but it will still record in the background. Selecting yes will minimize the app to the system tray where it will keep recording even if you put your device to sleep.
Most of the time your screen doesn’t even have to work, phone can be in standby, but the apps will still record voice, which can be helpful in a number of situations.
To stop the recording run the app again and simply stop the recording by clicking on the stop button.

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