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If you control a Spellcaster-Type monster and your opponent does not, your opponent cannot activate Spell Cards. Falls du ein Monster vom Typ Hexer kontrollierst und dein Gegner nicht, kann dein Gegner keine Zauberkarten aktivieren.
Se tu controlli un mostro di Tipo Incantatore e il tuo avversario no, il tuo avversario non puo attivare Carte Magia. Se voce controla um monstro Spellcaster-Type e o seu oponente nao, seu oponente nao pode ativar Spell Cards. Card Text: If you control only Spellcaster-Type monsters, your opponent cannot activate Spell Cards. I would have added in Royal Degree in order to turn this into a trap lockdown too, but my opponents are able to easily run me over through special summoning powerful monsters or swarming me that can overtake my spellcasters. I am bit hesitant about adding Malefic Cyber Ends, it would conflict with spellcasters and solidarity (turns spellcasters into beatsticks) if it were to somehow go into the grave.
If you plan to go all out using spellcaster-types only you may want to consider rivarly of the warlords as a side option. Yeah, I was using the side as a "card keeper" because I was too lazy to actually type in the same name of the card in the search if I ever regret removing a card from the main deck lolHow effective is rivalry of the warlords?
Today, we’re going to learn about Law of the Normal, and the corresponding OTK that can be performed with the card!
So, the key concept behind Law of the Normal is to use some of the weakest, unpopular cards in the game to confuse and frustrate our opponent, until we can explode, and crush him in a blaze of power! Activate Triangle Power to increase the attack of all your Lv 1 monsters by 2000 points [N.B. Human-Wave Tactics is an important card, for the same reason as Enchanting Fitting Room: They both let you burn through your deck, searching for Normal Monsters, increasing the odds of drawing Triangle Power or The Law of the Normal next turn. The key low level support, Enchanting Fitting Room, Tri-Wight and Human-Wave Tactics have great swarming potential in other decks too.
Law of the Normal OTK is at heart, a slow deck, and that does make it difficult to use in the game today. After just realizing that I did not have any way of using comments, I have just installed Disqus to cardgamessansmotorcycles! The aim of this deck is to summon Relinquished using Djinn Releaser of Rituals as a tribute to lock down our opponents special summons.
Lava Golem works wonders with Relinquished: Tribute two of their monsters, then steal Lava Golem for a free 3000 atk beatstick to wreak havoc on your opponent. Relinquished is a seriously underestimated threat in the yugioh card game, capable of turning tides, and locking the opponent down. This is the card we’ll be using to modify our opponents attack, and get the burn damage we need to finish them in a single attack. So as I said earlier, this deck excels at summoning rank 3 and 5 Xyz monsters, but lets take a closer look at the cards in the chronomaly archetype. Si controlas un monstruo de Tipo Lanzador de Conjuros y tu adversario no, tu adversario no puede activar Cartas Magicas. Si el controlador de "Pueblo Secreto de los Magos" controla un monstruo de Tipo Lanzador de Conjuros, su adversario no podra activar cartas magicas excepto si tambien controla un monstruo de tipo Lanzador de Conjuros; si el controlador de "Pueblo Secreto de los Magos" no controla un monstruo de tipo Lanzador de Conjuros, el no podra activar cartas magicas (independientemente de si su adversario controla un monstruo de ese tipo o no).

Refuerzo de trampasCarta: Hechicero de Magia OscuraAl jugar "Pueblo Secreto de los Magos" junto con "Hechicero de Magia Oscura", tu adversario no podra activar cartas Magicas o Trampas. Jaque MadoorCarta: Madoor RayoluzAprovechando el efecto de "Madoor Rayoluz" de evitar su destruccion, puedes usarla en conjunto con "Pueblo Secreto de los Magos" para bloquear las Cartas Magicas de tu adversario formando una poderosa defensa.
Totalmente bloqueadoCarta: Decreto RealSi controlas un Monstruo de Tipo Lanzador de Conjuros, con "Pueblo Secreto de los Magos" bloquea las Cartas Magicas de tu adversario, con "Decreto Real" bloquea las Cartas de Trampa de tu adversario y con "Santuario Secreto de los Lanzadores de Conjuros" bloquea sus ataques y Efectos, bloqueandolo por completo.
Atado de manosCarta: Cirugia de ADNCon Cirugia de ADN, convierte a todos los Monstruos en el Campo en un Tipo distinto al Tipo Lanzador de Conjuros. El nombre, efecto e ilustracion de "Pueblo Secreto de los Magos" se asemejan a los de "Santuario Secreto de los Lanzadores de Conjuros". Falls du keine Monster vom Typ Hexer kontrollierst, kannst du keine Zauberkarten aktivieren. The main point of this deck is to create a spell lockdown, disabling the opponent's ability to use spell cards. Therefore, I decided not have the trap lockdown and chose instead to use trap cards that would counter against power summons. The only issue with the deck like this is, this format prophecy is really prevalent and you most likely can't create a lock as many opponents will be running casters, that might be more an issue than anything else. The win condition of the deck is to combine the effects of Triangle Power and The Law of the Normal to inflict 10000+ points of damage to our opponent and win. Tactics is very useful, because it stops our opponent from gaining card advantage through battle. Use them to summon low ranked Xyz Monsters, like Gachi Gachi Gantetsu or Number 83: Galaxy Queen, or make quick synchro summons using Flamvell Guard or Water Spirit as tuners. But, even while crippled with immobility, coming completely out of the blue does have some major advantages.
So, today we’re going to have a look at Relinquished Lockdown, and see how we can take the first ritual monster with an effect, and use it to put our opponent in a catch-22 situation, in which the only escape is defeat! We use Ritual Cage, Safe Zone and Scrubbed Raid to save Relinquished from being removed from the field, and losing Djinn’s effect. Bing a DARK deck, Dark Armed Dragon is a natural choice, being a game winner all by his lonesome. Consider using Relinquished in a Spellcaster deck to benefit from Secret Village of the Spellcasters, or using the ritual Djinn family in other ritual decks, like Herald of Perfection lockdown, or the Gishki archetype.
Mini-Guts requires a tribute as a cost, so maybe use Sangan to maintain card advantage, or a leftover Moai, Crystal Bones, Tiras or Zenmaines to pay the cost once their effects have been used. Since we’re going to burn our opponent several times based on their own monster’s attack, it needs to be high enough to finish them off! Similar to wind-ups, they have an excellent engine for producing quick rank 3 and 5 Xyz monsters, which this deck uses to abuse the effects of Zenmaines and Tiras to generate card advantage, before using the Machu Mech Mini-Guts OTK to finish. Search for any Chronomaly, then load the graveyard to make an instant Zenmaines with Crystal Bones later. I’ll explain the workings of the Machu Mech OTK later, but this should be enough to get you started!
De este modo, no sufriremos los efectos de "Pueblo Secreto de los Magos", y ademas, nuestro adversario no podra activar Cartas Magicas por efecto de su propia carta.
Also I would bump the monster count up to around 18, since you can lock yourself if you don't actually control any casters yourself, but I am kinda blanking out atm on some good choices for it (its been awhile since I have seen a village deck, I'm going to poke around and see if anything jogs my memories on some good plays)You mean Magical Dimension right?

I am just saying for THIS particular deck, the format is kinda against you, or this would actually be a pretty fun rogue deck.
The remainder of the deck is based on getting 5 LV 2 or lower Normal Monsters onto the field as quickly as possible. If you double up, every time a monster is destroyed by battle, We get to summon 2 in it’s place. Tri-Wight also has uses in an Ojama deck, being able to quickly set up Ojama Delta Hurricane!! I mean, how do you even side against a deck that just sits and waits, until it OTKs you with Bunilla of all cards? Scrubbed Raid in particular allows us to ditch the monster equipped to Relinquished every turn, to steal another one. Since Manju is a light type, Envoy also squeezes nicely into the deck, providing further pressure to a locked down opponent.
The Chronomaly engine excels in summoning rank 5, and as the image of the duelist above  shows (decklist found here), it has serious potential.
Flipping a Shi En face down to stop it’s negation effect, so you can drop that Dark Hole in your hand? Absolutely essential in a dedicated build, or a build using Chronomaly monsters as an xyz engine. Sadly, his effect prevents you from getting that rank 3 in a single turn, but it does give you that extra option when you special summon Crystal Bones after a field wipe. Summoned by Crystal Bones, searchable by Crystal Skull, and pairs with Colossal Head, Moai or even itself to make 5 by timing the use of it’s effect. Notably, it’s searchable with Crystal Skull, so this is a really easy card to combo with.
I see you're point in locking myself in, though I never really have been locked a lot, usually having plenty of monsters to summon. If you wanna give a shot to the newer harpie cards, harpie and dark simorgh lock is really fun, its actually quite good too, and with swallow's nest, getting out dark simorgh is literally a breeze.
Even if you activate it on your opponent’s end phase, you still get to search, so go for it!
Cheap to build, and easy to run, give Law of the Normal OTK a chance the next time you’re feeling bored. Djinn is a lv 3 fiend, making it a valid target for Tour Guide, and therefore rank 3 Xyz monsters.
You could use Chronomaly Pyramid Tablet to reduce the attack needed to OTK, or just use Machu Mech’s effect to punish cards like Copycat, Fortune Ladies, Trageodia, or anything with a highly modified attack score.
I probably will take your advice anyway.And yeah, I have also noticed that people play some monster effects (or simply by playing a field spell) that also destroy Secret Village, though I can be screwed by other caster duelists. Dark Hole will usually hurt your opponent more than you, the majority of you traps are for stalling, and Tri-Wight replaces Monster Reborn. However, it’s not necessary in a non-dedicated build, and should only be run 0-2 in most builds.

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