North Korea announced it has developed a new secret weapon and released this photo to show the world. One South Korean official said no intelligence indicated that North Korea had genetically altered human beings to turn them into giants.
North Korea insists their new weapon is not a joke, that this is, in fact, a picture of their newest weapon.
One American intelligence agent believes the picture truly does reveal North Korea’s newest technological advances, a color camera. The World War II subject has been exhausted over the years, mainly due to the fact that it was featured in countless movies, documentaries and books. Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of World War II is an expansion pack that aims to extend the original game with quite a bit of additional content, in the form of new weapons, maps and vehicles. The premise, as it may be fairly obvious from the title, revolves around various weird, but interesting inventions that have their roots around that time, such as experimental vehicles, powerful tanks and even jetpacks, in order to make the matches a bit more fun. As usual, the multiplayer matches are always very visceral, especially since there are many fronts for the war to take place on.
Although the graphics engine did not suffer any modifications when it comes to textures, effects and technical capabilities, the new maps, weapons and vehicles have been nicely modeled to depict the real ones, at least in the case of the latter. Despite the fact that it is only an expansion, Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of World War II makes a good case for itself and it can certainly be the source for countless hours of fun. Dopo la prima espansione di Battlefield 1942 (The road to Rome), ecco la seconda espansione: Secret Weapon of WW2. Dal punto di vista grafico, non ci sono novità, il motore grafico rimane quello di battlefield, le cose cambiano per quanto riguarda le mappe, le armi e i mezzi militari.

Per quanto riguarda le mappe, c'è ne sono 8 nuove e bellissime, comprese anke mappe notturne.
Inoltre, sono presenti nuove armi, tra le quali troverete un fucile a pompa, nuove mitragliatrici e fucili da cecchino!
The world is full of hidden, forgotten treasures, like this gigantic bunker hidden in a forest, buried in secret location.
Looks like a budget cut dumping ground, none of those vehicles have their weapons and the interiors look stripped etc. Those tyres look pretty good for something that has supposedly been abandoned i.e no big flat spots on the bottom.
I think you will find its a feature of bullet proof tyres to retain shape under much greater presure.
One armoured vehicle is a Panhard VCR from the 80's or 90's, the other is about the same vintage but I can't identify it. Last year we came across Matthew Callahan's fantastic series of images, Galactic Warfighters, in which he inserts Star Wars figures into realistic combat photography.
Mother Nature always forgets to end winter in places like Norway so it's up to these giant snow blower tractors to clear the road. However, American and South Korean intelligence agencies are confused as to exactly what the secret weapon might be since North Korean military officials didn’t specify if the secret weapon was tiny tanks or giant humans. However, the video games industry took a decent bite out of the subject as well, since there are entire franchises centered around the conflict and more than enough shooters that promise an authentic experience of the war.
However, it also tried to keep any other kind of modifications to a minimum, in order to maintain the feeling of the franchise and not risk breaking anything in the process, especially since the original release was so well received.

However, most of the additions are taken from history books, which means that both the Axis and the Allies had some wild ideas prepared. The available vehicles allow you to quickly get from one side of the map to the other, whether by land, sea or air.
Obviously, the new guns also had to balance each other out, in order avoid one faction being stronger than the other due to the superior firepower. In addition, the experimental weapons and vehicles are very fun to fool around with, while the maps are very diverse and engaging.
It contains all kinds of vintage weapons, from a German 77mm Model-1896 WW1 cannon tanks, armoured vehicles and military trucks that are almost intact. You can see how it works in the video below, the monster snow blower blasts through the layers of thick snow and carves out an open path, revealing the mountain road that was buried underneath. However, he believes this new photograph was actually taken with the first color camera manufactured in North Korea in history. Moreover, the new maps features all the mediums and they make it very easy to use all the tools in a very efficient manner.

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