Tru?c sieu anh hung Ngu?i Ki?n, co khong it cac nhan v?t s? h?u kich c? nh? be t?ng chi?m tr?n c?m tinh c?a ngu?i ham m? di?n ?nh tren toan c?u. Cac nhan v?t LEGO trong The LEGO Movie (2014): B? phim The LEGO Movie co y tu?ng k?ch b?n d?c dao va cach th? hi?n tuy?t v?i. Nhom d? choi trong series Toy Story (1995 - 2010): Trong Toy Story, d? choi khong ph?i la nh?ng mi?ng nh?a, m?u g? vo tri vo giac. Shida trong The Secret World of Arrietty (2010): D?a tren cu?n ti?u thuy?t mang ten The Borrowers c?a tac gi? Mary Norton, xu?ng ho?t hinh Ghibli k? cau chuy?n v? m?t gia dinh ngu?i ti hon.
Nh?ng ngu?i ti hon Liliput trong Gulliver's Travels (2010): D?a tren cu?n ti?u thuy?t kinh di?n cung ten c?a nha van Jonathan Swift vao th? k? 18, b? phim m?i l?y b?i c?nh th?i hi?n d?i v?i di?n vien chinh la cay hai Jack Black.
Chu chu?t Remy trong Ratatouille (2007): Th?t kho khi n?u an ma khong co doi tay ch?c kh?e, va cang kho khan hon n?u b?n la m?t… chu chu?t, th? sinh v?t b? xa lanh va ghet b? nh?t trong nha b?p. Chu?t Stuart trong Stuart Little (1999): Cau chuy?n v? chu chu?t tr?ng be nh? co ten Stuart va hanh trinh hoa nh?p v?i gia dinh loai ngu?i c?a c?u la m?t tac ph?m g?n li?n v?i tu?i tho c?a nhi?u th? h?. Nh?ng d?a con nha Szalinski trong Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989): Chi?c may phong tia thu nh? c?a nha phat minh l?p d? Wayne Szalinski vo tinh du?c kich ho?t, khi?n cac con c?a ong bi?n thanh ngu?i ti hon. Nhom y bac si trong Fantastic Voyage (1968): Ra d?i cach day g?n n?a th? k?, Fantastic Voyage la b? phim khoa h?c vi?n tu?ng d?y tao b?o mang ch? d? y h?c.
When NVIDIA debuted video cards featuring its powerful Kepler architecture earlier this year, PC gamers around the world stood up and cheered.
That relatively modest amount of cash will secure gamers a card featuring all the bells and whistles that make the Kepler tech so damn impressive. To illustrate this point, NVIDIA taps on of the most eagerly-anticipated PC games of the year, Borderlands 2.
As I understand it, Nvidia are a popular company and have a website on the internet, which contains information about their products.
I have dual 6950's (crossfire) and I have to play Borderlands on my laptop as it runs so badly on ATI. Borderlands 2 is going to be another nvidia game, as again they've optimised the hell out of it to run on nvidia cards, and that always makes ATI's run poorly. Also from an Australian perspective, unless the prices on the 660 Ti level out nicely over the next few weeks, a 670 is likely the better better bet right now for us, they're both sitting around the $400 mark if you shop around. Factory-overclocked 670s are nearly equivalent to a 680, around $100 more than a 660 and about $200 less than a 680, so I'd definitely agree that they're the best value for money still. Was looking at a 660, but i have a 550 and it just isnt that big of an improvement for the price. O ?????????? ????????? ??? ? ???? ?????????????, ? ????? ????? ??? 7,5 ????? ??????, ?????????? ???? ??? ? ????????? ???, ? ?????????????? ??? ???????? ?????? ????? ?????? ?? ????????? ?? ????? ???? ???????. Compute shaders are the way forward with games looking to emulate the photorealism of movies. 25 - 30% is the margin by which HD 7970 Ghz leads GTX 680 and HD 7970 OC leads GTX 680 OC in Sniper Elite V2.
I mentioned Anno 2070 as you said why Anno 2070 is ignored other than the 3 games Dirt showdown, sniper elite v2, sleeping dogs.

Dirt Showdown uses a new rendering technique called Forward+ which allows the advantages of both forward and deferred rendering while avoiding the drawbacks. I like the idea of forward+ rendering and by AMD trying to evangelize this more may force nVidia to improve through software and hardware.
For a card that costs $500+ and can't beat a $420 card, one has to wonder what the premium is for???
HD7950 3GB = ~ $320 versions that are faster than a 660Ti out of the box and OC = GTX670 OC for $60-80 less than after-market 670s. Cau chuy?n v? nh?ng nhan v?t d? choi nh? be trong th? gi?i m?nh ghep LEGO dem l?i l?i nhu?n kh?ng l? len t?i g?n 500 tri?u USD, d?ng th?i khi?n Vi?n han lam b? ph?n ?ng d? d?i khi h? lo?i phim kh?i danh sach d? c? Phim ho?t hinh xu?t s?c t?i Oscar 2015. Khong c?n th?c an hay nu?c u?ng, chung ch? mong mu?n s? quan tam va yeu thuong t? ch? nhan.
S? duyen dang, d? thuong, hai hu?c nhung khong kem ph?n nhan van c?a Stuart Little khi?n tac ph?m luon n?m trong danh sach nh?ng b? phim gia dinh h?p d?n nh?t.
Chung ph?i r?t v?t v? d? thich nghi v?i kich thu?c m?i va lien l?c v?i ong b? nh?m co th? bi?n tr? l?i binh thu?ng. L?y c?m h?ng t? ti?u thuy?t c?a Jules Verne, tac ph?m di?n ?nh b?t d?u khi m?t nha khoa h?c b? thuong n?ng sau v? am sat. Then they got quiet when they realised their only options were the $US500+ GTX 680 card or the GTX 690, packing dual-Kepler graphics processing units for around $US1000.
Who cares if they're being sponsored by Nvidia, it's nice to see stuff about cards before their release.
??? ???????, ??'???? ????????? ? ??????????, ?? ?????? ?? ???????? ????????? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???????????? ??????? ??? ?????? ???? ????, ??? ?????? ????? ???? ??? ???????????? ?? ????????? ??? 2016 ?????? ?? ????? ? ????? ????. As far as compute shaders is concerned irrespective of whether its a forward , deferred or forward+ renderer these are going to be more widely used as game developers look further to match the photorealistic quality of movies. No point in using an overclocked 680 in your calculations since GE card can overclock to 1150-1250mhz and you can buy a quiet after-market 1000mhz HD7970 for $420. It's the same story with NV, the minute you step outside the most popular games, GTX680 just can't compete given its $500 price. Nhan v?t chinh trong phim la co gai tr? ten Mary Katherine, ngu?i vo tinh d?n than vao th? gi?i c?a nh?ng Di?p si ti hon cung cac sinh v?t huy?n bi s?ng trong r?ng. Ba t?p phim dua khan gi? vao cu?c phieu luu v?i chang cao b?i nh?a Woody cung nhom b?n trong th? gi?i c?a nh?ng mon d? choi be xinh. Th? r?i, co con gai Shida c?a h? k?t than v?i c?u con trai ngu?i thu?ng Kamiki, khoi mao m?t tinh b?n d?p gi?a hai gi?ng loai khac bi?t v? kich thu?c. Guilliver ?p ? y d?nh tim hi?u bi m?t vung tam giac qu? Bermuda nhung cu?i cung l?c t?i hao d?o c?a nh?ng ngu?i ti hon Liliput. C?u ph?i tr?i qua m?t ch?ng du?ng dai d?y gian kho d? tr? thanh d?u b?p nha hang nam sao va truy?n t?i nhi?u c?m h?ng cho ngu?i xem. K? x?o c?a Stuart Little cung t?t d?n n?i no nh?n du?c d? c? Oscar t?i h?ng m?c cho Hi?u ?ng k? x?o xu?t s?c va ch? ch?u thua cu?c tru?c sieu ph?m The Matrix. This was explained in great detail in AnandTech's review of Tahiti XT and why AMD went that route.

It would have been very expensive to manufacture a 600mm^2 die in the consumer space and sell it at reasonable price I imagine.
We were just saying that thus far NV is behind in new games that use compute shader for lighting effects and NV has not been able to correct this. Also, another way to look at it is the 7950 V2 is just 3 fps slower than a GTX680 for $180 less. You can buy Sapphire Dual-X for $428, Gigabyte Windforce 3x 1Ghz for $420, Sapphire Vapor-X for $450. If you only play the World of Planes, Secret World, BF3, WOW, Lost Planet 2, then this may not matter to you.
Some people are not fine with buying a $500 videocard and playing a less known game and seeing it perform barely faster than a $320 competitor. Day la thuong hi?u thanh cong nh?t c?a xu?ng ho?t hinh Pixar, thu v? g?n 2 t? USD tren toan c?u. Y tu?ng d?t pha va hi?u ?ng k? x?o tan ti?n t?i th?i di?m do khi?n nhi?u khan gi? ph?i kinh ng?c khi theo doi Fantastic Voyage. I said it's a risk but I am not a strategy officer or a GPU designer for AMD or NV graphics.
The guys at NV are very intelligent and I bet they know there is a trend towards GPU computing in the industry. GTX680 also lost in what seems to be 90% of recent games that came out: Guild Wars 2, Darksiders II, Dirt Showdown, Sniper Elite V2, Sleeping Dogs vs. If more games use DirectCompute shaders for graphical effects, you can bet NV will address it. You get the picture that NV is probably waiting until things improve which would make GK110 viable. There aren't many games where the 680 is winning much and when it wins, its by the slimmest of margins, not 20-30% as is the case when 7970 GE is in the lead in the titles it plays well.
Nhung r?t cu?c, Benson nh?n ra r?ng vi?c ong s?n xu?t m?t t? hoa va chuy?n con ngu?i s? d?ng m?t ong trong cu?c s?ng d?u la nh?ng di?u thu?n theo l? t? nhien. The other possibility is that they will sell the full 15 SMX GK110 parts starting in Q4 2012 and then build up a supply of failed parts for 4 months and launch these chips in the consumer market as GK110 by Spring 2013. It's not that GTX680 is a bad card, it's just it's terribly overpriced right now for the performance it offers.
HSA may or may not allow AMD to hang in there with their APUs against the otherwise much superior Intel CPUs.

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