Funcom has announced that the seventh major content update for ‘The Secret World’ is now LIVE! Issue #7: ‘A Dream to Kill’ takes you on a long journey through Transylvania where you get to explore the brand new storyline and uncover hidden Orochi experiments gone horribly wrong. Game Insider is a digitally dedicated video game publication developed by passionate enthusiasts that are driven to represent our readers with accurate and engaging gaming news, reviews, videos, and updates. If you would like to engage us, have suggestions, or just want to give us a shout please send us a message! If there's one thing you can absolutely guarantee of an alien invasion, it's that the aliens will strike while you're in the bath. Plus information about activities, reputation, in-game cash, upcoming free updates and much more. En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l’utilisation de cookies pour vous proposer des services et offres adaptes a vos centres d’interets. Chose promise, chose due : Funcom nous propose deja un petit apercu du contenu prevu dans la premiere grosse mise a jour mensuelle de The Secret World.
Every decision we've made, every sanity-shredding revelation we've uncovered, every terrifying monster we've slain and augmented reality puzzle we've solved over over the last two years has led to this.
There's a lot riding on Issue #11, then, and I'm delighted to report that it's potentially one of the most astonishing pieces of content to have ever graced an MMORPG. You can read our detailed Issue #9 - The Black Signal review for all the details (and if you're not up to speed I'd urge you to do so, as I'm also loathe to spoil some of the details of Issue #10), but suffice to say that we've been gearing up for a final assault on the Orochi Tower. Thankfully we were helped by forces from the three Kaiden factions -- the demon hunting Jingu, farseeing Yakuza Korinto-Kai and the deliciously depraved demons of the House In Exile -- who kept the outpouring of filth at bay as we pressed inwards. And in my case, blithely dodge-rolling into a minefield, which was later "disarmed" by a team of slightly suicidal Korinto-Kai after the boss battle concluded.
It will all make sense eventually, and as per usual, The Secret World was willing to offer more than just mobs to fight. Demonic overlord Inbeda was close to an all-out battle with his Jingu nemesis Gozen, but bizarrely it took the insane Daimon Kiyota to temporarily settle their feud and focus the three warring clans against their common enemy.
However, you'll only encounter three of these floors during each assault due to the Orochi Tower's unique structure.
You'll need to find a key to unlock one of the 'beta' floors, which are assigned randomly, before then acquiring an 'omega' keycard to enter the final floor that typically contains a major boss battle. See, each of the 21 floors may be based on the same floorplan -- the spiralling Orochi logo complete with helpfully-unlocking shortcuts -- but they're individually designed to tell a unique story, casting light on Orochi's research, goals and aims alongside the Filth itself.
Delivered via computers, characters, lore (which is repeated across multiple beta and omega floors to allow you to collect it all, though Romain told me that there's a special piece of lore that will baffle players for some time) and environmental details such as whiteboards or even graffiti, every stages has a tale of its own and increases your understanding of the story at large. They're also all designed to look distinct and different, presenting a wild variety of colour palettes, enemies and details, not to mention different challenges.
As an example, the first Alpha level we encountered was a Plethron laboratory: Orochi's agricultural concern.
It was utterly gorgeous, but naturally we had little time to focus on the scenery since Filth-infested fungi started to attack, putting up a stern defence as we carved our way towards the centre.
Fifteen minutes after entering the floor we'd pieced together a mini-narrative from start to finish, all while understanding more about how Orochi functions as a corporation. Finally we entered the Omega floor to find the lights on and teams of Zagan employees working away as if nothing was wrong.
It was yet another bizarre change of pace, but as we advanced, it became increasingly clear that something was dreadfully wrong (and not just because of the increasing density of security cyborgs and hazmat-suited scientists cutting up chunks of meat with laser chainsaws). Finally we triggered an alarm and smashed through the cyborg security detail to discover the truth: the meat was in fact carved from a shambling fleshy golem, a self-replicating horror that Zagan was attempting to turn into renewable fast food.

It would have been a seriously tough encounter were it not for Romain's impressive skill (and almighty debug powers). It's yet another change of pace, more an environmental puzzle than a boss fight, though you'll eventually encounter a massive battle against multiple Mitsubashi while backed up by Inbeda, Gozen and Daimon in person.
And that was our lot, though my guides were keen to explain that the episode would proceed to end with several boss battles out on the balcony with the city sprawling below, followed by a climactic ending, a faction debrief and a shocking cliffhanger for season 2. To avoid players re-rolling their characters in a fit of pique and envy, the differences between the three Ultimate Skills are largely cosmetic or variations on a theme, such as a direct heal or healing over time. Later issues will apparently make your choices affect your personal story even more, and the future is certainly intruiging.
The Secret World's direction will also be guided by the community, and what impressed me most was the clear respect and pride Romain and Tor Egil displayed for The Secret World's player base. For, dare I say, an extraordinary MMORPG that continues to challenge what the genre can and should achieve.
Written by gamers, for gamers, we'll also be delivering the juiciest news from the industry, cutting commentary, insightful articles and open, honest reviews. In Issue #7: ‘A Dream to Kill’ you can live out your secret agent fantasies by jumping off an exploding bridge, going on a highly weaponized snowmobile chase through the Transylvanian mountains, learning to use the new Flamethrower Auxiliary Weapon and pulling off a daring escape from a secretive villain. Reveal layer after layer of deception and learn dark secrets that have been hidden for thousands of years. Baptise Issue #1 : Unleashed, ce premier ajout de contenu pour le tout recent MMORPG contiendra une poignee de nouvelles missions a Solomon Island et en Transylvanie, l'ouverture du mode nightmare pour deux donjons (l'Ankh et Hell Fallen), l'arrivee du Marketplace pour commercer avec les autres joueurs meme sur d'autres serveurs et encore bien d'autres nouveautes gardees sous le manteau par l'equipe de developpement. The Orochi Tower is open, chuck, and promises to bring the first season of The Secret World's story arc to a breathtaking conclusion. Armed with questions and concerns, I delved into the newly-released content pack (available today for subscribers and those who bought the Fall Of Tokyo bundle) with The Secret World's lead designer Romain Amiel and Communications Manager Tor Egil Andersen, who were kind enough to lead me on a guided tour of a huge swathe of the Orochi Tower on a test server.
The Secret World's last two content packs, Issue #9 and Issue #10, lead us on a quest through Kaidan, effectively the Ground Zero of the filth infestation following a tragic terrorist attack.
As the headquarters of the organisation who's been behind practically every shell corporation and dummy company that's stood in our way these last two years, we'll find the answers and resolution to every question posed by the new Kaidan campaign as well as the overarching story at large.
Romain and Tor Egil led me back through Issue #10's Kaiden zone to reach the base of the tower, newly unlocked by an unexpected ally with an agenda of its own, chuck. We engaged a powerful Orochi railgun tank guarding an intersection, working together to expose and destroy its weak point before killing its cyborg pilot, all while dodging its devastating cannon. Agreeing to lock down the base of the tower against further attack, they tasked us with storming the building, infiltrating the boardroom and eventually facing off against Orochi CEO Samael in his own penthouse. Once you gain access to the tower, you're free to take one of eight lifts to access one of the 'alpha' floors, themed to coincide with one of Orochi's dummy corporations (from Vali's ostensibly safe yet horribly sinister medical advances to Sycoil's insidious energy distribution and research -- all with their own loading screen, pleasingly).
Some levels provide lengthy investigations to complete, puzzles to solve or jump scares aplenty, others deliver enormous pitched battles. Practically deserted, the only clue to what happened on the floor was a few glowing mushrooms and a whiteboard containing scribbles regarding research into bio-luminescent fungi. Eventually we put them to the sword (or the shotgun, or the blood talisman - it's your prerogative) and discovered that Orochi had decided to genetically engineer a luminous version of the filth to act as a natural light source, only to unleash the Filth when it reached critical mass, resulting in the quarantine of the lab. It was fascinating, and yet another example of how The Secret World dares to push against genre norms by focusing on story and lore, on atmosphere, not just more cookie-cutter content to run. They said 'hi' and blithely got back to their research, which by the looks of memos and whiteboard scrawlings, appeared to be a new hybrid meat product. The email logs became more erratic and crazed, while the providence of the flesh itself became increasingly suspect. Breaking free of its restraints and murdering its terrified handlers, the golem turned its attention (and fountains of corrosive bodily fluids) on us in a major boss battle.

Samael greeted us personally over the monitors, taunting us and explaining that he would do whatever it takes to protect Lilith from our inexorable assault. That's right, the Orochi now have bees of their own and they're a force to be reckoned with. Romain quickly teleported us into the Penthouse, where we finally faced off against the 'Rabbit Killer' once and for all.
Depending on the choices you made when dealing with the otherworldly dream beings, and whether you accepted their gifts, you'll receive a variation on a new Ultimate Ability. Raid and group bosses will resist the effect after taking Ultimate Skill damage once, though, so you can't just one-shot them. Issue #12 promises to deliver a massive dungeon to satisfy the community's cravings for hardcore group content, while Funcom already have three locations for future adventures planned out. They constantly gushed about their fans' achievements, #IAMTSW competition entries and feedback as if they were all close friends, not just client and customer.
Issue #11 may deliver some massive answers to huge questions, from why the bomb was set off to Lilith's ultimate motivations and Orochi's master plan, but it will also be a huge slice of replayable content. On rappelle que tout ca est attendu pour le 31 juillet et que l'on peut en apprendre encore un peu plus sur la philosophie de design de Funcom dans notre recente interview de Ragnar Tornquist. Not only does Issue #11 represent a completely unique venture for an MMO, 21 different stories assembled into a staggeringly replayable tower, but it's also set to bring back our previous decisions in an awe-inspiring if unexpected way. What the heck were all of those nightmarish dream sequences where we consorted with abstract insidious nightmares from beyond the pale, tempting us with their oh so sweet yet tainted gifts? To reach the tower we had to assault its service tunnels, guarded by an army of combat cyborgs and traps designed to stretch our brainpower as well as our skill synergies.
The further we delved, however, the more mushrooms we discovered, and the more the gunmetal walls gave way to increasingly beautiful formations of glowing blue and purple spores. It was coming along nicely, too, apparently tasting like chicken with an unfortunate side effect of death within four minutes. His cyborg defences proved insufficient, but with a worrying boast that "you're not the only ones who can cheat death," he deployed the Orochi's secret weapon: the Mitsubashi. Capable of harnessing elemental abilities, they can respawn indefinitely on portable anima portals, meaning that you'll have to think on your feat to trap or block their advance instead of killing them outright. Once again, I'm sworn to secrecy, but expect a seriously tough fight with plenty of telegraphs and attacks to memorise that rewards you for using tactics and AEGIS controllers effectively. These skills gradually charge up in battle, taking roughly ten minutes to fully replenish, which allows you to trigger an utterly outrageous AoE attack. Romain tells me that they're all foreshadowed in the Kaidan area, even the order in which we'll visit them, so make sure to keep an eye out when you're next poring over the lore!
Compared to the usual soulless corporate treadmill of interview slots and PR oversight us games writers are used to on a daily basis, it was deeply refreshing to see a designer in his natural habitat and waxing lyrical about the players, not just the game.
You'll immediately unlock the replayable version of the story mission after completing it, thus letting you run it again with a different combination of floors, while the cooldown will only last 18 hours letting you take on the tower once per day. Feedback will continue to dictate upcoming content, plus some mystery surprise collaborations that I've agreed not to reveal (but are set to be seriously fun, I guarantee). With so many mini-storylines to pursue, lore to discover and floors to explore, it's set to be an extraordinary expansion. Much like the scenarios we ran back in Issue #8, we had to enter a VR universe and best a fiendish simulation in order to gain the next keycard.

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