Arrietty is Studio Ghibli’s latest film, based on Mary Norton’s novel The Borrowers from 1952.
Arrietty is set in a Tokyo suburb, even though the people, as almost always in the Japanese animated film, doesn?t look very Japanese. One of the most fascinating things with these books and films is the way the borrowers take things from the ordinary world to make use of in their tiny little miniature home.
In the book and earlier films the relationship between Arrietty and the boy of the house is one based on friendship, but Yonebayashi is here rather showing a more passionate affection than that.
There is also an almost ecological concern in the film, that we have to preserve disappearing species, as well as a lesson to us not to fear the different, regardless if it?s big or small. One of Arrietty’s dresses is a long sleeve turtle neck while the other is a short sleeve boat-neck dress. My suggestion is that you buy a normal wefted synthetic wig, (one with a finished hairline is even better) and add a lace front.
Anyway when your wig is all done, feed the pony tail through the hole left in the hair clip and use those little loops I told you to make to sew the clip to the wefts inside the wig to hold it in place. Anime Boston is known for attracting some of the region’s most talented tailors and cosplayers.
Chances are if you watch anime or even play some video games that are heavily influenced by Japanese culture, you have seen steamed pork buns, or nikuman as it is known in Japanese.
In truth, the best kids movies are treated with as much seriousness and stylistic prowess as a live-action art flick for adults. Arrietty belongs to the four-inch tall Clock family who lives anonymously in another, ‘big’, family’s residence and their home is a collection of things they have borrowed from the big world.
The narrative is elegant and floats freely, even if the style is almost too polished and impersonal.
These underlying issues could have been more developed as they are here overshadowed by the love story between Arrietty and Sho.
Arrietty is a borrower; about the size of a human finger, Arrietty and her family live off of simple items that they take from the humans. Turtle neck shirts are always made out of knits in real life so that you can get them over your head without a zipper. Studio Ghibli’s characters are always so simple, that its very important to get all the little details right to set your costume apart from the rest.
You can sew the lace to the underside of the wig, and then sew in fibers that you cut from a hidden weft into the lace until the hairline is blended and natural. When you wear the wig, you will need a wig cap and a ridiculous amount of hair pins to keep it from sliding backwards from the weight of the clip and the pony tail. The finishing touch to every cosplay, the shoes are very important, even more so when the costume is so simple.
Every year the hallways are lined with gorgeous ensembles and this year, the creation of Joshua Hart really caught my eye. It could be a sword, a guitar, a sniper rifle, or even a plush of some sort, but it helps define the character. Japan’s Studio Ghibli, well-known to critics, continues its legacy of sophisticated anime with The Secret World of Arrietty.Based on Mary Norton’s famous children’s novel, The Borrowers, the film focuses on a family of very tiny, very human-like people. Arrietty is directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi who worked as an animator on Ghibli classics like Spirited Away, Howl?s Moving Castle and Ponyo. Mary Norton?s novel is a very British product and even though the film from 1997 is set in America, the borrowers remain British.

It makes you see your own world with new eyes and how you can make creative use of everything from needles, to corks, old wrapping paper or fragments of glass. When she stands in his hand and they look deeply into each other’s eyes, while the music score is playing a love song, it gets almost kinky.
The film is otherwise a very well made film that is a pleasure to watch, even though it could have been a bit more creative, fantastic and imaginative. The problem with making this long sleeve dress out of a knit is that knit fabrics cling to the skin and are very limp and light-weight. One detail that may cause a lot of people trouble is the wig: Arrietty keeps her hair in a pony tail without bangs, and making a wig hair-line look natural can be a real challenge. Try to find a pair of boots like Arrietty’s at your local salvation army, or make boot covers using a sturdy canvas, vinyl, pleather, or leather depending on your level of skill.
The screenplay is written by Studio Ghibli’s leading man, Hayao Miyazaki, who also stands as executive producer for the film. It is, then, a bit strange, but also refreshing to see this setting, even though it is a rather westernized version of Japan.
This is actually rather disappointing in this version because most of the stuff in the Clock family’s home are already miniature things. The father has played a big part in the story in previous adaptations, portrayed by actors like Ian Holm and John Goodman, but he is here reduced to a sullen and rather boring character, while the mother is annoyingly hysterical, worried that they will be discovered and forced to move.
I can?t help thinking of King Kong in this scene and it gets even stranger when you think of the fact that she?s only fourteen years old. The bottom of Arrietty’s dress is wide and flowing, and it is going to be very difficult to find a knit that will have both the weight and the stretch to pull this dress off without a zipper. Find one that is as close to the dress as possible and calls for a fabric with the same amount of stretch as your choice.
I always recommend using a wig over real hair, especially when you need to secure accessories to it. Finding boots pre-made is going to look the best unless you’re a cobbler, but I have seen some decent boot covers before.
Unfortunately for Arrietty, fraternizing with the housemate Shawn, a human of terrifyingly regular height, renders her living situation short-lived.Despite its roots in American literature, Arrietty eschews its western ties and disappears into the eastern tradition of Studio Ghibli’s gorgeous, pastoral-focused animation. Her fear is justified, though, as the lonely sick boy in the host family, Sho, detects Arrietty and they are then trapped thanks to an evil-minded housekeeper. Arrietty used to be a very strong and independent young girl, but she is here dominated by her father and literally in the hands of the boy. My recommendation is that that this dress be made from a cotton, cotton-polyester, or even a cotton jersey. There are several ways to go about making her hair clip; you could carve it out of a lightweight wood, or cast it in fiber glass resin around a foam carving, or perhaps the easiest way, cardboard and paper-mache. Practice on a spare piece of lace before you start on the real thing: nail the wig lace tightly stretched on the block of wood and then go find a video tutorial because I can’t explain the whole process here right now! Trial and error here, keep the seams in back or on the inside of the shoe and depending on your fabric choice you may need some interfacing to keep the boots from slouching. This is a film in awe of its environment.Better yet is the film’s maturity, its sincere and honest confrontation with dark themes, proof that a movie’s mass appeal does not rest with its targeted audience. Mary Norton’s classic children’s books have been made into several TV-series of which John Henderson’s The Borrowers from 1992-93 is the most successful, but there has only been one film, Peter Hewitt’s The Borrowers from 1997.
Outside there are so many things that could emphasize the size difference in various fantastic ways, such as larger animals, but we see mostly grass and bushes, which is not that fascinating.

Studio Ghibli’s characters always wear very casual fabrics, so anything shiny is out! Its a very simple dress and the hardest part to draft here will be the sleeves, but you can always use the sleeves from a pattern that you already own! If I were to make this hair clip, I would build it out of cardboard so that it cannot be opened and closed (moving parts get very complicated very quickly!). Few figures in animation are as poignant and as victimized as Shawn, the sickly human boy who befriends the eponymous borrower. I miss the creative use of material things and the imaginative world of the borrowers and wonder if it has something to do with the fact that it?s an animated film. A cotton blend will give you just a little stretch (more if you’re using a cotton jersey) so that you can make the dress form fitting on the torso and sleeves, but it will still have enough structure to provide a smooth bottom. Then I would cover it in a layer of paper-mache to smooth out all the edges and seal it all together. Characterized by a rare fatalism, Shawn accepts the prospect of death if surgery fails to correct his heart condition. Everything here is ‘constructed’ and the difference between the real and the miniature world seems minimized. There are however, some wefted wigs that are specifically designed to be worn in a pony tail. This separates Ghibli from other dumbed down, kid-friendly studios who avoid such pronounced pessimism.Despite plunging its audiences into a fantasy, Arrietty maintains enough humanism to reflect the nature of life, just as a proper fable should. This is surprising since Studio Ghibli is known for their very imaginative, fantastic and exiting settings in films like Howl?s Moving Castle and Spirited Away.
I think a row of cute buttons running down the back of the neck would be perfectly acceptable here. They look much more polished than the average wefted wig, but still not natural because no one’s hair line ends that abruptly.
When they are discovered, they move away from the “bigger people” of the world in search of a better life.The film’s sound mixing reflects the movie’s technical skill and demands the audience’s attention. I think that a six or seven inch opening down the back should suffice depending on your fabric’s stretch. If you really want to go the extra mile on this cosplay, you’re going to want to look into hair ventilation.
As the camera cuts between kitchen appliances, the audience hears her fear in the form of every noise that one associates with daytime kitchen use. The sounds echo frighteningly throughout the night, but only in her head.For all its professionalism, The Secret World of Arrietty, like the borrowers themselves, is a scaled down version of Studio Ghibli epics such as Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and Howl’s Moving Castle. It lacks the scope, the ambition, and the imagination of the studio’s bold earlier works, which defied logic and convention.
Arrietty is just all too familiar, barely above predictability.Nevertheless, Ghibli remains the Godzilla to our Pixar, making waves in our domestic animated film industry and doing it with class.

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