As a kid, I can still remember getting that gold NES Legend of Zelda cartridge and popping in the game for the first time. Ryan and Patrick lock n' load their Move controllers and prepare to light up some HD zombies. Sony Computer Entertainment boss Andrew House says Gaikai will come to other Sony products. After more than 20 years of conflict, the 13 American colonies and the British Crown are on the brink of war. Early last year, we heard that Nexon was bringing its immensely popular free-to-play beat-em-up, Dungeon Fighter Online, to Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade, but the wait's been long and quiet since then. When going about my day-to-day business, I like to maintain a healthy level of heart-rate-skyrocketing paranoia.
Outside Seoul, the city of Suwon recently opened a public park and museum dedicated to toilets.
Well, maybe not quite all, but ARMA III‘s debuted three rather sizable portions of its E3 demo, and – while I’m a bit unsettled by the sudden and ominous proliferation of threes in my life – I’m definitely impressed. Sony has rounded up everything it's is doing at the San Diego Comic Con next week, and between the panels, the announcements, and various playable game on the floor, there's a lot going down.
We recently sent Brendan into the line of fire at Tankfest, and it resulted in pretty much the most amazing thing ever – which is significantly different from the normal result of sending one tiny human into a heaping herd of tanks (hint: horrible death). The best thing about zombie mod DayZ is that, because there's not much to do in the thing, people are left to their own devices.
The game’s creative director on rebuilding the series’ core gameplay, taking part in history and why the naval battles are like X-Wing.
It has many, many things going for it: loot and levels that are entirely randomly generated, art that’s inspired by retro chic but not reliant on it, a construction-based metagame, plenty of charm, and of course, a just-launched free beta.

I’m not claiming that Van Helsing has a great history of cultural appearances, but I’m fairly sure that none of his depictions have previously taken place in a world where there are more werewolves than rats. So naturally, I find myself glancing over my shoulder a fair bit when I’m out and about, and it’s quiet - too quiet. Nighttime combat, underwater features, and vehicles are all given lengthy turns in the spotlight here – though sadly, the fascinating character of “suicidal goat” is only briefly explored in one of them. The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls (which each made a big splash at E3) are getting panels of their own, while The Unfinished Swan panel will show off the upcoming game's art.
But there is also a game buried beneath all the harrowing war stories and tank puns, and it’s actually a pretty good one!
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So I watched a trailer and thought to myself, “Gee, I can’t wait to rigorously put the beta through its paces side-by-side with this cup containing the blended remains of Borderlands, Diablo, Terraria, Minecraft, and Cave Story.” To be sure, it’s a promising place to start, but I’m not sure Platformines has entirely figured out where to take it. Maybe you occasionally take two samples at the grocery store, or talk on your cell phone while driving, putting millions at risk.
But it’s hard to imagine a dumber one that today’s jingoistic bullshitapocalypse for Assassin’s Creed III. There will be three classes, as opposed to eight in the full game, but the XBLA title will have the added benefit of both local multiplayer and even offline play.The game will also include new HD graphics and a new storyline, along with the crazy itemization and combo-driven action gameplay of the original. And of course, each is exceedingly gorgeous, but – as the old saying goes – staring at gloriously rendered mountains and going “ooooooooooo pretty” is only half the battle. The PlayStation All-Stars panel will reveal two more playable characters for the upcoming cross-franchise beatdown.Additionally, the GT Academy National Finals will be taking place near the convention center in the Gaslight District, complete with a chance for passers-by to join the tournament at the last minute.
However, World of Tanks has, in its time, seen some fairly serious ups and downs in terms of balance, and Wargaming’s not afraid to admit it.

Or perhaps you’re just part of some boring, hum-drum Illuminati that controls the world’s every thought and action.
That's the pitch, and in Japan, adult video makers try to appeal to otaku (geeks) with flicks featuring porn stars dressed up as video game characters. It seems to be trying to pitch the game as a brutal look at the oppression of a people, rather than running around inside your own DNA, jumping off trees and murdering people. It’s based on Something Awful’s Slender Man myth (which I confess to having known nothing about until now), but ends up feeling a bit like Amnesia – dread-inducing use of complete darkness and all – but in an open forest with one hyper-spooky thing constantly Right Behind You. So patch 7.5 is aimed at knocking the lumbering tier 10 heavies back down to size – with more tanks. The Secret World creative director Ragnar Tornquist used to be like you – except more interesting and with a cooler name. But to celebrate America’s overwhelming envy for our shiny red coats, surviving Brits can look at the game itself in some GAME stores today.
Joystiq will, of course, be in attendance at the show this year, and we'll bring you every crumb of Comic-Con news we can find.
A Kick-Meter fills during the match and activates Kick-Factor, speeding up your diving and kicks.Divekick has 28 days to go at the time of publishing, and has earned $9000 toward its $30,000 goal.
But also, more pertinently, he thinks Secret World “doesn’t feel like any other MMO” in existence, and he has big plans about how to keep you wayward folk interested long after launch.

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