Whether unannounced or simply hiding away in the background waiting for their moment to strike, there are so many games coming to Xbox One that have yet to fully reveal themselves. There’s no doubt that Resident Evil 7 will happen at some point, and a batch of rumours have suggested that the next Resi will feature three returning heroes, teasing that two will be female and one will be male – and that two of these characters haven’t been seen in over a decade. A furore happened during E3 2014 around a comment that led many to believe that the next Street Fighter game would have in-game microtransactions to make it easier to win. Bethesda managed a surprise success with Dishonored, and it’s clearly a world that’s rich and ready for exposing in a sequel. Eidos Montreal has talked briefly about the exciting sequel to many gamers’ GOTY 2011, confirming that it’ll be coming to next-gen, made by the same developers who made Human Revolution and even offering some titbits of info about the story. Joe Madureira – the ‘name’ associated with Darksiders and the guy in charge of its unique art direction – recently revealed that Darksiders 3 is not dead after Vigil Games moved on to Crytek. Crytek had already openly spoken about how it is prepared to push the franchise further if its success warrants it, and while the launch title sold just shy of 1 million, that’s still a fifth of the Xbox One’s owners.
Even for a developer notorious for making smash-hit successes, Red Dead Redemption was something of a runaway victory for Rockstar. X-ONE 124: Star Wars Battlefront, COD Black Ops III, Rainbow Six Siege & So Much More! For more than a year now, there is sort of a myth revolving around Microsoft’s eight generation Xbox One video game console. Rumors in the past had claimed that the x86 architecture AMD Jaguar Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) dumped into the Xbox One with two quad-core modules, totaling eight cores, has some sort of “secret sauce” that needs unlocking. Replying to fans on Twitter recently, He once again clarified that the components that make up the Xbox One console are well understood, and there is nothing classified about it. Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg also had some words of reassurance for those who are eagerly waiting to see what Microsoft has in store for its fans this year. Right now the Xbox One exclusives line-up for fall of this year is looking slim, but according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, E3 will reveal multiple exclusives for the console. There has been a lot of speculation over the past few months that indicate a new Forza game in the works. These exclusives likely include smaller independent titles as well, so there could be plenty of smaller games on the horizon.
The first trailer for Dead Island’s 16-bit game called Retro Revenge has received its first trailer, and it is definitely taking things in a different direction. The Xbox One Preview Program has been around since last year, but has gotten a major push as of late due to the earlier implementation of backwards compatibility with 360 for members. The Lizard Squad are up to their old tricks again as they have managed to take down Xbox Live for the time being. The Xbox One’s eSRAM is allegedly causing issues for developers when attempting to produce games that run at 1080p, according to Rebellion Games developer Jean-Baptiste Bolcato. Last month at the Game Developer’s Conference, Microsoft unveiled DirectX12, and with the annoucnement, the promise that the Xbox One would benefit in performance gains.
Alan Kertz, the gameplay designer for Battlefield 4 and Star Wars Battlefront developer DICE, posted a couple of tweets last week about the Xbox One. Michael Pachter has made new estimates for console sales for the month of August which has the Xbox One gaining ground on PS4, and the Wii U jumping significantly on the back of Mario Kart 8. A new Xbox One update will be available for preview members that will improve the backwards compatibility experience. Microsoft has announced that for the first time in five years, a new DirectX 12 is about to be unveiled at GDC on March 20th 2014.
The Adobe Flash Player is required for video playback.Get the latest Flash Player or Watch this video on YouTube. Would not make any since to release hardware just in November that can not run Direct X12 which releases only a few months later? DX12 isn’t only about performance be assured of that and it will most likely bring with it better utilization of the xbox one architecture which IS different than a PC and the PS4. Your fellow xboner up in the comments mentioned it in the book he wrote , also i can’t wait to see those major increases of api update. They’re very good at writing illegible textwalls of pure bull, just like cranks who think perpetual motion works, the earth is flat, and the moon landings were faked.
I wouldn’t say this if you Xboners keep it real and stop saying that the Xbone will magically beat the ps4 or even be equally as powerful.

Direct x 12 is a new version of API which mean it will require MORE power to take advantage of DX12.
With all my years of PC gaming Direct X has always been hardware specific with each generation of API.
Posting educational facts isn’t trolling, spreading FUD, lies, and BS like you is trolling.
Call it bullshit down the road if you will if it doesn’t prove further than what it is now, but so early after launch, even when it’s shown the benifits in games? Also the drivatar, while not revolutionary was a big step up, and was something done at launch at that.
Yes, loads of servers that can run poor AI > slightly fewer servers that can run poor AI. Hardly anyone would take your opinion for being worth something, cause of your solely negative point of view and constant bashing. Maybe your’e just bullshittin, maybe you just like to try to undermine and hurt some feels or something. Truth be told the Xbone barely run games at 900p and don’t even utilize tessellation, if not, at all. From classic franchises waiting for a next-gen sequel to new IP from established developers, we’ve tracked down the latest on all of them. The same set of rumours debunked the previous rumour that Alice – from the movies – was expected to make an appearance, while adding that Resi 7 is more likely to be a spin-off (like Revelations) than a ‘true’ sequel. After 2K Czech closed its doors unexpectedly, however, we found out that Mafia III is likely to be set in Louisiana (perhaps an open world New Orleans) and feature three central characters – Franklin, Tony and Mickey. The hubbub was so intense, despite the rumour being 100% false, that famed series developer Yoshinori Ono had to confirm that SFV is happening but, no, it won’t be pay-to-win.
The latest secrets surrounding Dishonored 2: Darkness Of Tyvia (to give it the rumoured full title) suggests the game will be built on id Tech 5 (that powered Rage and Wolfenstein), is set in new location Tyvia with a new main character, have all-new abilities and features and even include versus multiplayer. This time around the focus will be on the class war between humans and trans-humans, or those actively changing their bodies through cybernetic implants. It’ll be a long way off, no doubt, but new franchise owners Nordic Games is “very committed” to the series and will “have exciting news” to share soon. How plans for a sequel could have been affected by the recent changes at Crytek we’ll have to wait and see. Yet while Rockstar is a developer who likes to take its time with its franchises, parent company Take Two and its CEO Strauss Zelnick suggested we might not have to wait so long for a sequel to Red Dead Redemption.
There have been talks about the console having some kind of “secret sauce” in form of additional components that have not been publicly disclosed yet by the manufacturer, and that this secret sauce, once unlocked, can push the console’s performance to a whole new level. Similarly, people tattled about Microsoft’s eighth generation console having a secret second GPU.
Nevertheless, he believes that just like Xbox 360, games will gradually perform better with time.
He said that the Xbox One’s first party games lineup for 2015 is believed to be the greatest one in Xbox’s history. Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. The Xbox One requires that you install games to your HDD, but apparently it’s an arduous process for most launch buyers of the new console. Microsoft has issued this statement: “Are you having connection issues with Xbox Live? As reported by DualShockers, some changes have been made to the latest Xbox One update for preview members.
That better utilization will be major increases in performance not just a slight bump by the way. If it tops my 700$ pc (which still runs games better even on dx11.0 garbage ports) i am selling it asap to buy xbox. Direct X 12 will not bring any hardware changes to the Xbox as its already out but the PC may get some hardware updates and Open Gl has been giving SONY an advantage along with the Linux based OS it uses. Please tell me when they actually optimize this extra 30%, because comparison videos show that the $3 billion that MS spent on their GPU research seemed to be working. It’s something that really interest me, and I enjoy finding more info and learning about what we were discussing above.

This isn’t your actual opinion, and your’e just trying to urk some nerves right?
Look at the comparison screenshots above between dx10 and 11, now imagine one step further to dx12. With that said, the rumour suggested that this game was going to be unveiled E3 2014 – and that never happened. It’s an interesting angle which could lead to some pretty interesting moral dilemmas – especially since our hero, whoever that will be, is likely to be half machine.
But even Rockstar itself has suggested work is being done on the next Red Dead, adding that we should “stay tuned”.
However, Albert Penello, the director of product planning at Xbox, has once again denied the existence of any such . Such talks have certainly encouraged people to think that the Redmond-based company is hiding something about the innards of the Xbox One console. They already have improved much on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 since launch, and there is still much more to come. However, when asked whether there will be any megatons this year at E3 as well or not, he said that the team is in its “quite period” right now, indicating that Microsoft might be planning to make some major announcements at E3 and Gamescom.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. You asked us to bring you even closer to the metal and to do so on an unparalleled assortment of hardware. Remember Cerny said it would take developers years to take full advantage of HSA tech and the Xbox one has full memory coherence.
It means what you think you know is irrelevant because with the existence of DirectX 12, it eliminates what everyone told you about the GPU and CPU capabilities of the Xbox One. And once devs understand the xbox one hardware and they use direct x 12, games will improve on the xbox one.
This will make a meaningless difference other than making it slightly easier for devs to exploit the already weak hardware and that will be sometime in 2016, by which point it will be far too late. PS will be locked on dx11 for the full 5 year life cycle while xb1 will be on dx12 and greater, it is a HSA system you realise, meaning it can evolve to take advantage of new software.
Even if the news is mainly positive, you’ll still spin it negative and call out all the faults. I have a PS4 (step son) and XBOX ONE (me) in this house, and the differences are pretty negligible.
I’m admired of everything Microsoft is doing to improve the xbox, windows 10 and windows phone!
What good is all that hardware if you can’t keep up with the competition on the software engineering level?
Think of software as layers of latency that can drastically hinder performance on so many levels.
The inevitable sequel to Fallout 3 has been rumoured for years, beginning with talk of the game being set in Boston and culminating with the voice actor of Fallout 3 radio host Three Dog practically confirming it’s happening – before going quiet. But for more than once, Albert Penello has tried to clarify that nothing about the components of the console is being kept secret. Now I am going to let the person who built the Earth (Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy reference) show you how round it is. With the Massachussetts Institute of Technology playing a key part with secretive Fallout faction The Institute, this one’s practically guaranteed.
Things that people have claimed wouldn’t happen years ago have been a norm in the 21 century. Not saying the cloud will achieve something amazing cause technically right now it most likely can’t, but who knows the future.
You are in denial, what happens when microsoft confim dx12 and the games show that the xb1 is the much better console?

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