Exotic Hikes is pleased to announce two Olympic National Park and olympic Peninsula Guidebooks for hikers and adventurers of all ages and abilities.
As the only 3D ornaments for Olympic National Park, these limited edition pictures of Olympic National Park come alive in the ornaments.
New to the holiday season, the Olympic National park wooden ornaments are an inexpensive, yet incredibly unique gift for nature lovers of all ages. Daily Pictures on Facebook National Park Guidebooks Nature Coloring Book Summit Book 2016 Calendars and Ornaments Bundle Deal The Outdoor Society: Calendar 2016Subscribe to our BlogRSS feed for our articles.
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Tracking Virgin Snow: Casimiro's team hikes high into the Canadian Rockies in search of unbroken powder. The South Buttes also has many good features and is well worth visiting, as is the White Pocket and Edmaier's Secret.
In mid-April I revisited Cape Solitude and was greeted with much better conditions than those of my first trip. The view of Reflection Canyon from the rim is one of the most spectacular in the southwest, and shooting it has been on my bucket list for some time. During this trip we were on the lake for a total of five days and got many other good images.
Grand Teton National Park is one of the most visited US National Parks drawing nearly three million visitors a year. I've added many new maps to the site including Sedona and the Grand Canyon, Grand Teton, Petrified Forest, Saguaro, Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Zion National Parks. The Recapture Pocket is a small area of badlands and hoodoos near Bluff, Utah, reminiscent of Goblin Valley. I've added many new images of Eggshell Arch taken a few days before Thanskgiving, which is close to optimal. I've added many new images of White Mesa Arch taken at sunrise, and a few images of nearby Margaret Arch and Navajo Stand Rock taken mid morning. Quick update - one lane of US 89 A is now open with flaggers directing traffic through the area.
The White Pocket gallery has been updated to include new images from a recent trip taken as a storm cleared.
The BLM has issued a draft business plan containing changes to the Coyote Buttes permit system.
The walk-in lottery would be replaced by an on-line lottery held two days in advance of the permit date.
I've added some photos of Point Hansbrough and a nice bend in the Colorado River taken from just south of Tatahatso Point. With the Arizona Monsoon Season coming and its associated dramatic weather now is a good time to start planning a trip to The Confluence and the East Rim. Locations of both arches appear on my Coyote Buttes North maps page, and a few images are in this gallery.
The Alabama Hills is a land of potato shaped boulders and myriad arches near Lone Pine, California.

If you're planning a trip to Death Valley or the Eastern Sierras you should include the Alabama Hills in your itinerary. If you're planning a second trip to The Wave, or are a strong hiker with good navigation skills able to do nine or more offtrail miles in a single day, you should think about visiting Top Rock.
I've updated my Coyote Buttes gallery and maps pages to include more information about Top Rock including new images of Hourglass Arch, Melody Arch, and The Alcove. The trail are mostly empty, and for many around the Pacific Northwest, the ideal of getting out into nature is tucked away until summer. From our Family Friendly Guidebook, with tips from elementary school teachers, to our 52 Hikes Guidebook with gives you a trail for each week, you are sure to discover new favorite areas around the region thanks to these two books. Written by an expert on road trips and Yellowstone National Park, this book is your go-to-guide for making your trip the best possible adventure to America’s First National Park. With nearly 200, full color images from around the park and along the road, this book will turn your road trip into lifelong memories. From the rugged coast, along the rivers of the rainforest and up along the peaks of the Olympic Mountains, this calendar is sure to inspire adventures around the region for the coming year. Perfect to hang at work, in your kitchen or next to your bed, our 2015 calendar allows you to discover the beautiful wilderness of Olympic National Park from your desk, office, kitchen or bedroom.
With numerous locations around the park, including an option to create your own from a picture of your choosing, the hard workers at Cassy';s Creations LLC are revolutionizing the holiday season for nature enthusiasts.
Pictures from around one of America’s most-popular National Parks are superimposed on slices of wood, hanging off of trees or anything else you feel needs to be given the beauty of nature. To setup the footer, drag the required Widgets in Appearance -> Widgets Tab in the First, Second or Third Footer Widget Areas. There are two great photographic locations in Coyote Buttes North (The Wave and The Second Wave) and numerous minor ones including Top Rock Arch, Melody Arch and the Grotto, the Hooters, The Alcove, Sand Cove, and Fatali's Boneyard. PDF Maps is an excellent GPS and map app available for both the iPhone and iPad, and for Android devices.
Access from the south to Wirepass trailhead, Coyote Buttes South, and The White Pocket via House Rock Road is not possible. One lottery would be held on December 1st for the months of January-June, and one on June 1st for July-December. Despite the fact that it has an estimated forty foot span the arch does not seem to appear in any arch catalogs or on the web. It is nearly as spectacular as the better known spans of Delicate Arch, Mesa Arch, and Rainbow Bridge. From late November through January it is bathed in a red glow similar to the glow Mesa Arch gets at sunrise.
I've updated my Rhyolite gallery with many new images and the maps page has some new shooting suggestions. Visit Melody Arch first, then Hourglass Arch, and finish with Top Rock Arch and The Alcove.
However, there are five awesome gift ideas that can have you celebrating Washington State’s beauty year round! With full color images, trail descriptions and directions, the books are visually pleasing and inspiring.
Covering the entire drive from Seattle to Yellowstone, we help you make important decisions for your road trip, giving you the very best stops along the way.

Now, your tree can represent your adventures in nature, as well as the beauty of the Pacific Northwest through these unique, handmade ornaments. Perfect for last minute gifts, stocking stuffers and secret santa exchanges, the Olympic National Park wooden ornaments are sure to bring smiles to the faces of those who want to see the wilderness of Olympic National park hanging from their tree.Choose between for awesome styles! The Wave is best photographed midday so as to minimize the extensive shadows, the other areas listed above are best photographed mid-late afternoon. During the best months (April, May, September, October) there can be over 150 people applying for the ten daily permits. All topo maps on the site are now decollared, and I've created merged USGS 24K topo maps for all areas. I recently visited High Heel, the arch is significantly more photogenic now than it was before. Eggshell arch lies in the Inscription House chapter of the Navajo Nation and is on private land. I have heard Eggshell arch referred to as Thanksgiving Arch as Thanksgiving is a very good time to photograph it. Mount Whitney is just to the west of the Alabama Hills and towers almost 10,000 feet above them. You might want to leave Top Rock about two hours before sunset, giving you time to shoot The Second Wave in best light. From ornaments to calendars, and guidebooks about Olympic and Yellowstone National Parks, this holiday season you can give the gift of wilderness and adventure without having to leave your house. Once inside the park, this guidebook helps you find hikes, animals, camping, food and lodging. In the other months you usually have less than a 50% chance of getting one at the daily lottery. If you wish to visit the arch you must get the permission of a local leaseholder, as I did.
For the best images of Top Rock Arch and The Alcove you'll need to stay until the sun sets below the cliffs to the west. Royal Arch can be shot from a distance and is best at dawn, or close up which is best from mid afternoon on. Finally I've added some notes on creating maps for Garmin devices and discussed the limitations of Garmin custom maps. This route is described on my Confluence Maps page, and some images taken on a cloudless day can be found in this gallery. While conditions were far from ideal (soft light, windy) and our time was limited we got many good images as seen here.

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