This guide explains step by step methods to configure IPsec VPN in both devices which can allow two branches or locations to connect.
Few online guides and Q&A’s helped me to setup the IPsec Site to Site VPN between these two devices successfully.
If that is not the case for you, you need to use dynamic DNS to resolve the IPs and make connection. But it is always recommended to have static IP at your head office which acts as hub in the VPN network.These below steps are simple and not complicated as long as you follow each steps as described here. To configure DynDNS in FortiOS 5.0 and later versions, please refer this guide at Sysprobs.
I’m not showing every steps to set up VPN between Fortigate and Sonicwall.1) Make sure head office and branch network addresses are created in Fortigate objects area. Below example shows how I have created branch network object.2) Create an IPsec VPN tunnel and select ‘Custom VPN Tunnel’ with a name for VPN tunnel. We will be using these exact settings in Sonicwall firewall.5) Phase 2 settings also important while setting up the VPN.

Select the local network and Remote address which should be the branch network address (that was created in step 1). Make sure other settings remain same.Basically we have created the site to site VPN tunnel in Fortigate device.
As you should know already, now you have to create firewall policy for incoming and outgoing traffic through VPN tunnel. When you create the address object for remote location (connected to Fortigate network) which will be connecting through VPN tunnel, select ‘VPN’ in Zone Assignment. Other local internal network will be assigned to ‘LAN’ zone.7) Create a VPN tunnel with following settings. Important settings are; Authentication method should be ‘IKE using Preshared secret’ , IP or address of Fortigate public interface and the preshared secret key which we entered in step 3 in Fortigate VPN settings. Choose the local network and remote (head office) network addresses which we created in Step 6. 9) Proposals tab in the SonicWall VPN settings are important to setup IPsec VPN tunnel with Fortigate device.

For example, the VPN mode is ‘Main Mode’, DH Group is 2 and other all settings are matching with the proposal settings we did on the Fortigate VPN tunnel settings. Make sure to untick ‘Enable Perfect Forward Secrecy’ as below.10) In Advanced tab, tick ‘Enable Keep Alive’ option. Luckily, we do not need to create any separate firewall policies or route entries in SonicWall like Fortigate. Once the VPN tunnel is up, the traffic will flow through this IPsec site to site VPN tunnel between two locations.Hope this step by step guide would be helpful to setup VPN between SonicWall and Fortigate with the latest OS versions of respective devices. Do share whether this guide is helpful or any other better alternative ways to make the VPN setup.

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