One of the most important aspects of running your own direct sales or home-based business is keeping your direct sales bookings up.
As a professional sales woman and entrepreneur, the importance of keeping the calendar full is key.
So, avoid emotional direct sales booking discouragement by following your contacts to create your sales closing ratio. To learn other strategies for successful sales bookings, join our next session of Build Your Bookings or get the self-study version to go at your own pace. With 2015 right around the corner, that means new goals, new challenges, new opportunities and new milestones await.
Here are 10 great quotes from successful entrepreneurs to inspire you to come out swinging in 2015, whether that involves growing a current business or starting a new venture.
No successful entrepreneur starts something with the goal of being mildly successful, especially not Donald Trump. Facebook was struggling with monetization when the majority of its user base became mobile, but its teamA moved fast and now the company isA beating Wall Street's expectations. When your product or service impacts people and changes the way we do things, it can be extremely rewarding. If you were a diehard baseball fan and you were presented with the following two options, which one would you pick? Start a Major League Baseball blog that allowed you to travel around the country and watch baseball games all day. You have to love what you do and become completely obsessive with every aspect of your business.
5 Customer Success Secrets to Retain & Grow Customers You are using an outdated browser. Having a clear vision early on can help your company develop KPIs around specific expectations, which will help you and your customer succeed in reaching goals together as a team.3. With consistent sales appointments and successful home parties booked, your business will grow.
By using tools for measuring your success, you can chart your growth and identify areas for improvement. If you truly believe that you have an amazing idea or think you can expand your business, then go for it. The companiesA set specific milestones that must be met in order for the concept to advance to the next stage.
Constantly watching them takes your focus away from the one thing that is responsible for your success a€” your customer.
Anyone who truly believes that they are the know-all authority within their industry is delusional. Ask for Feedback, and Put it to UseAs we shared in a recent blog post, we love this advice that Entrepreneur magazine gives in a recent article. Along with consistency, value a sustained effort to obtain sales appointments and home party bookings.

Before you know it, you will have turned tips into habits; and your business will flourish.
Nobody is going to care about your company more than you, so be prepared to set the bar high and work harder and longer than anyone else. One one of the best ways you can show your customers you care is by asking them for feedback, really listening to what they have to say, responding to their thoughts and suggestions, and adapting accordingly.
Embrace every opportunity to speak with fellow entrepreneurs that are smarter, more established and more successful. When you uphold that making daily contacts and connections is vital, and just as immovable (such as you would with a critical doctor’s appointment), you will fill your slots for parties. Strike a nice balance by referencing something from the last time you met or a memorable moment from a previous conversation. That includes their satisfaction with their most recent sales or service experience and with your employees, as well as their general impressions of your business.
Make sure to convey this professional approach to your customers through your actions and words. Invite feedback at multiple contact points – via e-mail communications, online surveys, on your website, after online sales and on paper sales receipts. Keeping a finger on your customers’ pulse is good for the heart – and bottom line – of your business.Listen to what customers are saying about you in surveys, on Twitter or Yelp, or anywhere else they give feedback. If you are lax to make daily contacts, you will suffer the stress and financial consequences of inconsistent business. Create a sense of community around your business based on dialogue with your customers.Respond to customers promptly when they contact your business, whether it’s a complaint or a compliment.
If there’s a problem, fix it so they can go away happy to return to your business.Adapt your business based on customer feedback to better meet their needs.
Be Proactive Instead of Reactive As Dave Blake states in a recent blog post, “It drives me crazy when a football team that is winning becomes too cautious too early in the game and changes their focus from an aggressive offense to a prevent defense.
Many times this strategy backfires on the winning team and they end up losing the game.”Sometimes Customer Success teams fall into a similar trap by viewing their role as “preventing defense”. The CSMs will conduct a standard onboarding process and then passively manage their customers going forward – scheduling the occasional touch base, reactively addressing issues, and essentially “hoping” they get the renewal at the end of the term. This type of preventative defense will likely result in the same outcome for Customer Success teams – they may end up losing clients by being too cautious in their approach.Instead, Dave recommends approaching Customer Success with an offensive mindset, focusing on how to proactively drive value and growth within your accounts. Many Customer Success teams avoid this approach because they feel the CSMs will lose their “trusted advisor” status with clients if they display any focus on sales and growth.
Know Your Customer’s Goals & KPIsUnderstanding your customers inside and out should be your first step in cultivating a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership. In fact, he states, “I’ve seen CSMs increase their trusted advisor status while still significantly growing revenue across their accounts. And in order to truly know them, you need to spend time asking important questions of each person that you work with—top to bottom in the organization. These offensive-minded CSMs develop deep relationships with their clients, clearly understand their client’s key business objectives, and leverage their trusted advisor status to align solutions and services to meet those objectives.

This means establishing relationships with every person that’s associated with your business, whether the decision-making level or the influencer-level.What kind of questions should you ask in order to get to know their goals and KPIs – what should you seek to know about each of these individuals?
Could this help you or hurt you?Spending time to go deep and truly understand your customers is a core foundation of your Customer Success team. Create a Customer Success CultureFor SaaS companies, creating a culture of customer success means that every department and every role should have a part of customer success and should feel a portion of ownership, above and beyond the CSM role alone – no matter what.
But actually applying those metrics to how you manage and grow the relationship is just as crucial. For marketing, incentivize the team to capture success stories from customers and to include customers in their marketing campaigns, rather than focusing solely on prospecting new business. It’s now your responsibility to tailor the relationship and the solution to what matters most to them and what will make that customer successful.2.
Encourage them to capture videos and do interviews with current customers when they’re on the road for events. Set Expectations Early OnIt’s likely that during the initial sales process, certain expectations were set – either directly or indirectly. For product, let them communicate directly with customers to ensure they know what customers love about the product. It’s important to understand what commitments were made to your customer, what products or services were sold, what timelines were set, and any other promises that were made. Give product a seat (or three) at the table for Customer Advisory Board meetings or customer offsites. It’s not uncommon, especially for quickly growing SaaS companies, to commit to certain new products or features or changes to satisfy the prospective customer. For finance and administration, give the team insight and communication with customers to make the invoicing or legal process smoother and less painful. And so on, across your entire organization.The key is to ensure every role and every department has metrics or qualitative goals specific to their impact on customer success.
The customer will know what to expect and when to expect it, which will give them peace of mind in the relationship with your company. When this starts from the top down and employees see the C-Suite interacting with customers on a daily basis, it will become part of your company’s DNA. This focus will accelerate not only your customers’ likelihood to continue doing business with your SaaS company, but they will likely invest even further if they know they are the priority and the lifeblood of your business.What Are Your Customer Success Secrets? Retaining customers while being proactive with customers is the key for Customer Success leaders.

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