One of the main thing elements of a brand evolving and growing is the development of other Brand Champions within your organization. In order to evolve and grow as quickly as they hope to, brands have to be able to communicate the desired brand promise and make sure everyone within the company knows how to deliver on that promise and make great experiences.
Growing companies and brands need others within their organizations to understand the brand vision, promise and experience and how to make that come alive. Great Brands have great people and Brand Champions behind them making them look and be great.
1) Have a well defined vision for the organization so everyone within the organization knows just what you are trying to accomplish. 2) Define the brand value proposition and brand experience so everyone knows how to deliver on that proposition and experience.
3) Look for others that share the same passion for the brand and want to help to make it come alive.

4) See the potential leadership qualities within your team members and who could be a potential Brand Champion and carry the torch for your organization. 5) Put together a Brand Champion mentor program helping Brand Ambassadors to learn the fine nuances that they need to learn to be a Brand Champion.
6) When your students are ready for the challenge, gently nudge them out of the nest  into situations that they can succeed in and allow them to take on more difficult challenges when they are ready.
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Companies need to make sure that they have other leaders within the organization to take ownership of aspects of growing the business. Brand Ambassadors need mentoring along the way on not only the brand value proposition, but how to nurture the team members on how to create and deliver great brand experiences. Brand Champions are able to identify the leaders within their organization and mentor them to be the next leaders, carrying their organization to the next level.

Scaling yourself will accelerate growth and efficiency, allowing you reach your goals and objectives sooner. In order to grow your organization, you have to be able to replicate yourself and be scalable as an organization. I just felt that fellow coaches especially young coaches need to constantly work on their “game”. By growing from a single leader to an executive leadership team, you will grow other leaders within your organization.

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