In Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession, you have been summoned to a lush vineyard by the maid of a wealthy family. Uncover the truth of why a terrifying machine turned its back on its creator and went berserk. Chip Coffey is an internationally acclaimed psychic, medium, paranormal investigator, lecturer and author. Chip was born in Upstate New York, spent much of his childhood in South Carolina, and now resides in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. His psychic abilities manifested themselves when he was a young child.  After successful careers in traditional counseling, the entertainment industry, and travel management, he began working full-time as a psychic and medium in 2001.
Widely acknowledged as Britain’s number one psychic detective by the public, the authorities and his own peers, Robert P.
Abused and tormented as a lonely war child separated from his mother, and never knowing his father, Cracknell’s desperate search for survival and emotional succour unlocked the psychic gateways and the genie was very much out of the bottle. Cracknell takes on a string of high-profile investigation cases throughout the 1970s and 1980s, receives FBI training and accreditation as a law enforcement officer, was a member of the International Association of Auto-Theft Investigation (IAATI) and the Institute of Professional Investigators (IPI) and eventually was dubbed Britain’s number one psychic detective. A British newspaper article updating and crediting Cracknell blows his anonymity and he is once more besieged with requests for help from all over the world. The challenge is issued, and the gauntlet thrown down, Robert Cracknell intends to aid as many people as he is able down the road of psychic self discovery, and to help them avoid the painful, lonely journey he was forced to undertake to discover and enhance his own abilities.
Cracknell is not a guru, and will only reluctantly allow himself to be described as a teacher. Read the in-depth interview by the Journal of Anomalous Sciences, when Robert Cracknell was selected not only for our featured article but our cover as well.
Both Cracknell and Hanks are speaking in the Spirits, Secrets & Shadows International Symposium in Edinburgh, Scotland 19-25 August 2013.
A CANDID AND UNCOMPROMISING LIFE THE LONELY SENSE is the unique story of ROBERT CRACKNELL who underwent a harrowing childhood, came to terms with his growing psychic powers, and ended up assisting the police and people around the world with his uncanny ability to see back into the past…and forward into the future.
After a lonely, fatherless childhood he joined the RAF at 15, suffered an unhappy marriage and for a time slept rough with the down-and-outs of London. Several products were released, including a novel, a junior novelization, a six-issue comic series, a video game, trading cards, a soundtrack, a role-playing game, toy figurines, a series of MicroMachines toys, vinyl dolls and statuettes, model kits, and a line of new action figures and vehicles, and so on. While each part of the project can be enjoyed on its own, fans will need to collect several items in order to fully experience the adventure since certain elements from each part of the story do not overlap and are described only in another part.
The saga of Shadows begins around the Battle of Hoth, and follows the ventures of original characters Prince Xizor of Black Sun and Dash Rendar.
Hotshot smuggler and mercenary Dash Rendar with his droid co-pilot Leebo arrive at Hoth to deliver the usual food supplies to the secret Rebel base there; along with some assault blasters for Princess Leia Organa.
In the ensuing battle, Dash flies against the approaching walkers, AT-ST and Viper probe droids, succeeding in destroying some of the AT-AT walkers before the Imperials destroy the Base's deflector shield generator and the Rebels are forced to withdraw. Leebo takes control of the Outrider, leading it through the Hoth asteroid belt while Rendar uses the ship's gun turret to fend off the TIE Fighter and TIE bomber attackers. Aboard the Redemption, Leia is informed that an Imperial Strike Cruiser has spotted the fleet; Wedge Antilles leads the Rogues into a space battle so that their rendezvous point remains secret.
On the Executor, Vader is contacted by Palpatine who chastises him for his failure to capture Luke on Bespin.
The Slave I carrying Han Solo in carbonite block, exits hyperspace above Tatooine and Boba Fett hopes to deliver it to Jabba; but discovers that a signal beacon -installed when he was on Cloud City- was activated. Xizor in his palace ponders on his plans to overthrow Vader and his other underground business, such as hiring the Pike Sisters and meeting his lieutenant Mayth Duvel who gives him a precious rare ruby from Nezriti Organization; it does not impress Xizor the least. In his castle, Vader tests his injured hand by battling an ASP droid with a lightsaber, while briefing his agent, Wrenga 'Jix' Jixton about his foresight that Luke will approach Jabba to rescue Han. Meanwhile, Lando wanted to redeem himself of his treachery and had sent Rendar to discover traces of Han Solo. Back on Tatooine, Leia and Chewie are waiting in Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina for Lando, as Chewie defends Leia who is being harassed by suspicious figures. On Coruscant, Vader finishes his diplomatic debate with Xizor, during which he attempted to look superior and more polite than Vader. Luke, in Kenobi's hut, attempts to construct a new lightsaber following a book left for him by Ben. Rendar has headed to the Imperial moon base on Gall in the Zhar system to confirm Fett's presence.
As Luke continues tampering the lightsaber jewel in the company of his friends, Lando arrives bringing confirmation by Rendar that Slave I is on Gall.
Meanwhile, the rebels are on board the Millennium Falcon on their way to Gall's moon, Kile. Luke, Leia, Lando and Chewie meet Wedge and the Rogues on Kile and are reintroduced to Dash Rendar. After his defeat by Rendar, Fett meets Bossk and Zuckuss in a cantina, who negotiate with him to `share the bounty of Han.
Vader is in his castle and trains on lightsaber fight with an ASP droid; he feels that the slight ache in his shoulder where Luke had cut through his armor during their fight was feeling better. Meanwhile the Rogue Squadron attacks the Star Destroyers above Gall, and Luke hones his Force skills. Above the planet, as the Rogues retreat in a mock hyperspace jump, Wes Janson's malprogrammed R2 seizes control of his X-wing and attempts to shoot Luke down. Meanwhile, Fett arrives at Slave I to find 4-LOM with other bounty hunters attempting to steal Solo's slab and shoots them down, before seeing the Falcon approaching and takes off. Luke and Wedge find that Janson's droid had been programmed by their technician Viera Cheran, who attempts to shoot Luke, before being shot by Wedge. On Coruscant, having just ended the relationship with his mistress, and dined at Menarai, he sends Guri to Ororo Transportation, a rival to Black Sun, and arranges a second meeting with Vader.
Lando and Leia travel to Rodia, where they meet Avaro (Greedo's uncle), who promises them to bring a contact of Black Sun. While Vader is en route to the Vergesso asteroid, Xizor visits Palpatine and reveals that he was the 'generous' informant of the secret "Rebel base". Having Dash explained that he was sent by Leia, and the gang belonged to Jabba, Artoo detects the approach of a courier droid.
On Coruscant, as Vader expresses his concerns on giving the Death Star plans to the Rebels, Palpatine says that he knows best. Guri's Bothan agent brings the route plans of the Suprosa to the Bothan Spynet, and Blue Squadron, joined by Ace Azzameen of the Rebel Alliance, move to the coordinates. Following Leebo's directions, Rendar works his way towards the main cargo hangar, encountering heavy resistance from the crew and Stormtroopers. When you arrive, the frightened girl hands you a mysterious diary that reveals the murders of three women but who is the murderer? Follow clues left by stone monks in a deserted town in Thailand to uncover a thrilling mystery.

The Hunter of Darkness is wandering the Earth and answering the call of distress when evil invades where it’s not welcome. Chip also appeared on the popular television show, Airline, along with his good friend and colleague, Patti Starr.  The ghost hunting duo was followed by a film crew as they investigated Sloss Furnaces, a haunted iron mill in Birmingham, Alabama. Cracknell’s impressive 35 year-old investigative casework delves into the darkest recesses of the human and criminal psyche. Cracknell lambasted his peers for disclaiming personal responsibility for their psychic actions. Achieves 80 percent accuracy rating under test conditions at Society of Psychic Research, Oxford University.
They are the missing sixth sense that mankind has been forced to suppress by the advent of established religious orthodoxy. The world-wide upsurge in New Age charlatans forced Cracknell out of his spiritual five-year sabbatical on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.
But he does have the most extraordinary knowledge and understanding of the psychic field of investigation, and he now accepts it is his duty and responsibility to pass on that knowledge to the new generation.
In this, his fourth book, Robert Cracknell embarks on a journey of self-discovery; a route which will take him in many different directions.
The entire Shadows of the Empire project, though not technically a film, can be collectively considered the closest project to a film in the Star Wars official continuity. The following is a summary of all sources of the Shadows of the Empire saga, including some information from the tie-ins. When he docks in the hangar, he is surprised to run into Han Solo, who had become involved with the Rebellion since their last meeting.
Dash instructs Leebo to load their cargo into the evacuating transports and to retrieve their payment as he joins Rogue Squadron for the upcoming battle. Dash is left behind as the base is overrun by snowtroopers who have destroyed the main generators; Leebo warns Rendar that the hangar doors of Bay 3 could not be opened to allow the Outrider to leave until power was restored.
Leia meanwhile understands that Luke is different after his encounter with Darth Vader and wonders what happened between them. He then orders Vader to conclude shipping arrangements of the Death Star II plans with the Black Sun crimelord Prince Xizor; a discussion which Xizor oversees being a guest to the Imperial Palace.
The IG-2000 arrives and he has a dangerous encounter with IG-88D, who intends to claim the bounty of Solo. Luke had performed a Jedi mind trick to the guard of a circus tent, and practices his abilities on the acrobat string, while contemplating his training with Yoda, the Force, and meeting with Vader. Jix is sent to Tatooine to join Jabba's gang both to capture Luke, and ensure his survival. Finally Lando shows up with Threepio and Artoo and narrates Rendar's information that Han has been found.
Finally, the two arrange 300 ships from Xizor Transport Systems (XTS) for the construction of the Death Star II on Endor.
He ponders his memories of him and the adventures in Cloud City when he sees his Rebel friends coming. He attempts to Force heal a part of his body and succeeds but the satisfaction cuts his tie with the dark side and the healing collapses.
Having landed in Smuggler's Gorge he makes his way through Imperial patrols along the cliffside before reaching the entrance to the base through which he fights his way to the observation tower. During their conversation Jabba gives out that the smuggler Solo was an affiliate to Skywalker, and that his delivery was delayed. Chewie plays a game with Threepio (probably dejarik), and Lando makes a failed attempt to prepare "Giju stew" for dinner. Wedge briefs the new arrivals on the layout of the Imperial base and two Star Destroyers, each with a wing of starfighters. The Falcon has sustained too much damage and Fett's departure marks the failure of the mission. As Luke welcomes Leia, Lando and Wedge investigate her account and discover 10,000 credits paid by dummy corporations, tracing to Saber Enterprises. Unfortunately she decides to ask Black Sun, unaware that this is the very organization they are looking for.
Presented as a faithful servant to the Empire, he gives the largest Vergesso asteroid in the Lybeya system, as a secret Rebel shipyard. Meanwhile Jixton has arrived in Mos Eisley, and manages to challenge and impress Big Gizz and his gang by stealing Spiker's swoop bike and thus gains a job for Jabba.
He takes out one of the riders, kick one off and take his swoop to flee towards Beggar's Canyon.
It is carrying a message from Koth Melan to Leia, claiming to have vital information for the Alliance and requesting a meeting as soon as possible on Bothawui. Leia gets tired waiting for Black Sun and Avaro explains that it's not up to him, not knowing that Guri is already coming for her. Before Fett disables him once more, Bossk's ship picks up his signal and attacks a stranded Slave I. Rendar bribes a guard but on the 16th floor, the protocol droid R0-4 refuses to let them in without an appointment, until Rendar pulls his blaster.
Upon reaching the hangar, Rendar destroys a loader droid which attacked him with spring-loaded arms. Signs point to a member of the Conti family, yet Signor Conti and his sons are away As you delve deeper into your investigation, you realize that all is not as it seems on this rural Italian estate. Battle the dark and magical werecreatures that want to sacrifice your friend in this macabre hidden object puzzle adventure game! Cracknell suffered a nervous psychic breakdown which cut short his military service in the RAF.
He convincingly describes using his power to help the police solve gruesome crimes, to skirt the sinister paths of evil and probe the mysteries of the occult. This story is significant in the fact that Lucas reportedly said he would have made a story like this into a movie if he had had the time and effort back in the early 1980s.
The comic book series focuses on bounty hunter Boba Fett's battle to keep possession of the frozen Han Solo. On Solo's recommendation, Commander Luke Skywalker agrees to give Rendar an unused T-47 snowspeeder into combat. Fighting his way through the Imperial forces, Rendar proceeds to the base's lower level and activates the emergency generators, restoring power to the hangar door. Xizor realizes that this young Skywalker who is hunted by the two Lords of the Sith, might be related to Vader.
Leia sleeps inside Ben Kenobi's hut and has a nightmare, remembering the capture of Han and their last kiss. Xizor walks in a luxury hall while a man, Hoff, makes an assassination attempt against him; Xizor kills him single-handedly.

They tell him about Fett's whereabouts; while thinking on how to get there and approach the bounty hunter, Chewie proposed to ask help from the Rebellion.
Knowing that Green's ambitions and network of double agents, Guri strangles him in order to intimidate other ambitious Vigos; and make a point that Xizor does not tolerate such cooperatives.
Once there, he accesses the computer and learns that Fett was docked in the second tower, on the other side of the nearby canyon. When Jabba leaves, Guri puts out the information that the bounty hunters after Skywalker would be advised to locate Boba Fett. Skywalker proposes to attack, drawing off the defending TIE fighters, while Rendar leads the Falcon and its crew to Fett's coordinates. As the Falcon follows the Outrider on the planet, Rendar dares Lando's piloting skill, as Lando tells Leia about Rendar's past. Being a front organization for the Empire's anti-espionage operations, they believe that she was paid by Vader. Luke is sent to follow Fett on Tatooine, again not knowing that Xizor already expects him to do so so.
He is puzzled to learn that Jabba got a transmission that Vader (actually Xizor) wants Luke dead, which interferes with Vader's instructions to ensure Luke's survival. During the frail, Luke is unknowingly aided by Jix who sabotages his fellows' attempts to hit Luke. He then watches a recording of Guri's earlier meeting with the heads of Ororo Transportation, Z. The Bothan accepted the pair as Leia's representatives, explaining about a new unknown Imperial military project. After Rendar located the supercomputer and disabled the hangar force field, Leebo brings the Outrider into the hangar to collect the smuggler and the supercomputer. There he meets the owner of the theatre, Donna, whose husband, Nicholas, is possessed by a dark force that came from a magic shadow puppet. His psychic abilities had simply developed beyond his current understanding and capacity to control them. This fascinating first-hand account of psychic life challenges common myths and superstitions.
The venture paved the way for the theatrical releases of the original trilogy Special Editions in the following year, and the later releases of the Star Wars prequel trilogy. The entire history and analysis of the project was recorded in The Secrets of Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, by Mark Cotta Vaz. The video game allows players to control new character Dash Rendar, whose adventures in the game weave in and out of the overall storyline.
As he makes his way back to Bay 3, he ends up before an AT-ST, which he manages to destroy with a rocket launcher. On his way out, Xizor explains to his servant Guri, that he intends to kill Luke and discredit Vader, while improving his prestige before the Emperor. Thinking that it is destroyed, Fett retreats to planet Gall for repairs; but the droid also managed to survive and limps off to Ord Mantell to search for spare parts for the ship in the planet's scrapyard.
Rendar rides one whose tracks run parallel to those of the train that lead to his destination. The event is watched by Palpatine and Vader, who suspects that Palpatine orchestrated the attempt, only to test Xizor.
Stealing a jetpack, Rendar crosses the canyon and arrives to a large hangar containing an AT-ST. To avoid Imperial sensors, they fly few meters above the trees and then into the Grand Trench.
Palpatine sends Vader and Admiral Okins to destroy the "Rebel" base, an order which is a setback to Vader's plans to watch over Xizor. After a discussion in Chalmun's cantina that Dash overhears, Jix and the gang race over to kill Luke.
The pursuers are halved and Luke loses them by passing through the Stone Needle when Rendar arrives, drops into the canyon and opens fire causing them to scatter and flee. As Furlag leads him to the force cages, Fett opens a trapdoor under his feet and gets his weapon. A secured supercomputer containing the plans is being transported from Coruscant to Bothawui aboard the Suprosa, a Mobquet Medium Transport masquerading as a fertilizer freighter. Rendar fails to shoot it down and it destroys a group of four Y-wings, killing eight Bothans and another two. Save Nicholas and capture the dark force before it releases dark shadows from another dimension! All the while, a battle for the life of Luke Skywalker takes place between Darth Vader and Prince Xizor, as each tries to please the dreaded Emperor Palpatine.
Guri has made her arrangements with bounty hunters and Xizor is ready to meet Jabba Desilijic Tiure. As the two trains move alongside each other, Rendar leaps across the gap and makes his way to the front.
After disabling it, he opens and follows the facility's ventilation system near a waiting hoversled with which he reaches the Slave I. After they pass the sensor station and lift out of the canyon, they come to the shipyard where Slave I is.
Melan plans to capture it and had put together a team for the mission, joined by Skywalker and Rendar, who looked forward to an extra reward.
Despite the losses, the Rebels soon disable the freighter and Rendar takes the Outrider in to conduct the boarding operation. Leebo then manages remotely to jam the hovertrain's auto-brakes, causing it to crash and break the door of the salvage plant.
Less than a minute away from the target, however, Rendar leaves, being hired to lead, not fight. He sends Bossk's shuttle back to him; when Bossk's colleague looks inside he sees his fellows dead, along with a detonation device, when Fett jumps to hyperspace. The success of Shadows of the Empire also served more or less as a model for the Clone Wars multimedia venture. Inside, Rendar finds IG-88D who reveals that he had indeed tracked Fett to the Zhar system.
Slave I takes off and Fett tries to aim its weapons against Rendar, who is able to damage the ship with his rocket launchers. A similar multimedia project was attempted in late 2007 to tie in with the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game, however, the project largely fell flat due to the many delays of the game.

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