Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. So the year my three were 15, 16 and 17, I chose to share with them some of the principles I thought would encourage their success in life. About Judy’s blog, KindlingThe name of my blog–Kindling–is exactly what I hope happens here–together we share thoughts and ideas and start fires in hearts and minds–our own and many others. IF YOU listen closely while you watch the contestants on My Kitchen Rules fretting about gluggy purees and insufficiently seasoned meats, you might hear the sound of champagne glasses clinking at Channel Seven as the network enjoys the sweet taste of success.
Hosts and experienced chefs Manu Feildel and Pete Evans provide knowledgable commentary and critique. Along with Seven's top-rating import Revenge, the cooking contest is an early standout of the 2012 season. Beyond that - and perhaps against expectations, given that any novelty in the format has faded - MKR is growing in all directions.
Conceived as a spinoff from Seven's My Restaurant Rules (2004-2005), MKR took the basic ingredients of competitive food preparation and state-based competition and put them together.
No doubt inspired by the phenomenal success of the first season of Channel Ten's MasterChef Australia in 2009, MKR first appeared in its tweaked form early in 2010 as a 15-part series that kicked off in contestants' homes. But this year, My Kitchen Rules, which started off screening four nights a week but this week expanded to five, has been firing from the get-go. Seven is also quick to point out that when the regional figures are added to the audiences in the mainland capitals, they nudge the 2 million mark which, in these days of multi-channels and a fragmented TV market, ain't chopped liver. As a result of the state-based selection, MKR viewers automatically have a team to cheer for: even before they get to know the players and choose favourites, they can support their home state. As much as fans enjoy having a team to champion, they also like being able to boo, to have a team that they love to hate.
Anyone who saw the MKR promotions during the Australian Open - and it was hard to avoid them - would have thought this year's designated baddie was South Australian ''Princess'' Jennifer, with her twinkling diamond earrings and tart remarks about her rivals garnished with a smug little ''Yeah''. But that was before gay couple Peter and Gary, a lawyer and doctor from Queensland's Gold Coast, donned their monogrammed aprons and started pouring authentic French champagne while getting sniffy about those who served unremarkable bubbly. As with any show, the casting is critical and Lyons says, ''We want people who are competitive; we want people who really want to win. Once the players are set loose in their kitchens, MKR unreservedly ratchets up the heat, pumping the proceedings for every ounce of impact.
The players feel - and viewers are encouraged to believe - that each course is tantamount to a matter of life or death.
Given the success of MKR this year, you would expect there might be nerves at Channel Ten, the network that initially took the big risk and programmed a food competition in prime time. However, Ten programming chief David Mott says: ''This isn't the first time My Kitchen Rules has been in the same environment as MasterChef. But, for now, Seven is relishing its success, having announced a fourth season of MKR after the show's fifth week on air and called for applications from prospective contestants. Whether there is sufficient audience appetite for two food shows to perform at the current level, attracting a couple of million viewers five or six nights a week for months, remains to be seen.
But at this stage, it seems people can't get enough of Carly and Emily, Manu and Pete, and the overheated energy of My Kitchen Rules.
With MKR relying more on personalities than cooking there is a real danger that results become manipulated to keep viewers engaged.

I'm already bored of it, the double round of house visits was just unnecessary, and now it's a case of Day 1 - big cook-off for lots of people, Day 2 - Kitchen HQ themed cook-off, Day 3 - Elimination. They look on with fear as the judges cut through the tart, praying that it has set, knowing full well that the hour in between plating up and getting their dish judged will make their tart rock hard.But the true drama is that - they forgot to fork the pastry.
I just wish it would finish on time and that way I will never have to watch any of the stupid thing. I understand that submission of this content is covered by the Conditions of Use by which I am bound and Commenting Guidelines are available for my reference. Sometimes when you write often enough you do get ideas about another topic you would like to throw out there but then in your mind you determine that no one would really be interested. I hesitated to write this because I don't consider myself a master blogger of the likes of a Sally Cheeseman or Jason Crouch.
So here are a few things that worked for me and pick and choose if it fits with your writing. I had a discussion with Sondra Meyer that I COULD NOT in good conscience write about a new elementary school opening down the block because it didn't interest me. 5) Avoid writer's cramp and come up with blog ideas from your own life, your interests, making notes along the way in your day, and even reading others' blogs, talking to them, or reading the comments. The point in blogging is a circle of conversation going between all of us with respect, energy, humor, honesty, and what time you can give to it. Gary, I'm bringing this blog out of retirement.  It's back at the top of our Optimist board again! Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information.
From the time my children were very young I had a plan to help them grow into godly, responsible, creative adults.
As it powers through its third series notching up bigger ratings than ever before, MKR is proving to be exactly what TV executives hope for from a ''tent pole'' program: it is supporting the whole prime-time schedule, its dominance so consistent over its first six weeks that rival networks have delayed the premieres of some of their shows until it's finished.
This year, its season is longer, it is screening on more nights, it is attracting more viewers and there are Kiwi contestants. In effect, the teams, consisting of duos in a range of variations - married couples, friends, workmates - had to cater and host a crash-hot themed dinner party. Seven Network head of production Brad Lyons says: ''We thought we'd produced a really good show and that we had a super cast. Like any drama, factual or fictional, MKR needs conflict, it needs goodies and baddies, the excitement that comes from clashes as well as the warm, gooey feelings that flow when contestants perform well and earn accolades. With the fourth season of MasterChef poised to fire its burners after Easter, there might be a concern that viewers will have had their fill of food shows. The past two years have proved there is room for two shows and each of them is unique in its own way. Bugger 'em, not going to play the deliberately going over game.Anyway, the format is so similar to MC that our interest is not there anymore. The blatant viewer manipulation, inconsistent ad breaks and little snippets sandwiched between ads make it quite an unpleasant experience.
I have to credit fellow Associate and excellent Realtor from Myrtle Beach, SC Mirela Monte for encouraging me to write this one. This is done so infrequently in the Rain that Mirela pointed out that she liked that I did it.

When you come back to look at a post from one of your fave writers on another day, scroll down and see if they responded to the last comment you wrote on their blog. The guests, who would assess their performance, were the other players in the game, as well as regular judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans. There are elements of difference and I think we've proved that both can coexist in the schedule.
Also I don't think the cooking skills are so great this season - perhaps because the selection process was biased towards couples who would be interesting rather than great cooks. The enormous overruns are most annoying and I often miss the outcome because I'd rather watch something else at 8.30ish. The narrative - which let's face it is repetitive and shallow - becomes disjointed and stale. I would write it with an interview of a child or video taping the school buses rolling in and upload that. This draws the reader in and like a magazine article creates stickiness and initial interest in what you are writing about.
Don't know much about it but as you said, practice makes perfet, so I make it a point to read as many bloggs that others wrote and write 1 or 2 myself as often as time permits. Things heated up further as the contests progressed to ''Kitchen Headquarters'', a whiz-bang warehouse set-up that owed much to MasterChef.
We spend most of our time, if we watch it, trying to work out how the show is constructed, how much help the contestants get etc. It keeps you knowing what they are thinking about you and provides you more knowledge about them. Get them from your own stock, Photobucket, Photoshop, clip art, Publisher, your own camera, but do not use anything you know is copyrighted. I have a long way to go to learn how to use better graphics and backgrounds, but thanks to our experienced fellow members, I'm learning. Some like market reports and ones like Patricia Beck have the best 3D bar charts I've ever seen. If my faves could see the BIG SMILE I get when they first comment on my blog and next comment on my comments on their blogs they would do this all the time. The contestants have undeniable cooking talent and I love that we get to see their personalities as well as their cooking. Barbara Duncan and Trey Thurmond and Deb Brooks know their backyards intimately and describe them so well. Lorrena Yeo talks about being a Realtor Mom while Charles Buell is in crawl spaces in Washington State telling us about inspections. Fran the Title Man gives us more info on the settlement business while Jason Sardi keeps us posted on mortgages.

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