UK television aired a series called Secrets of the Living Dolls, about men who dress up in rubber suits and masks, giving them the appearance of walking sex dolls. INSOLITE - Un nouveau documentaire tourne aux Etats-Unis, intitule "Secrets Of The Living Dolls", presente des hommes qui se deguisent en femmes.Ce qui est specifique a ces hommes c'est qu'ils mettent une "seconde peau" en caoutchouc afin de ressembler d'avantage a des poupees gonflables qu'a de vraies femmes. Try clicking on the various channels to see videos posted to that channel - if you're into music you can click the Music channel to get more music sifts - go on and explore!
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With her long blonde locks, curvaceous figure and elfin features, 40-something Sherry is a woman few men would turn down. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Comme l'explique la chaine anglaise Channel 4, ce documentaire veut montrer comment des hommes se transforment en femmes en mettant chaque jour une sorte de "combinaison".Ces "femmes masquees", aussi appelees "living dolls", ou "poupees vivantes", constituent une communaute d'hommes ordinaires qui menent, le plus souvent, une double vie.
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While girlfriend Mel is happy to accept his alter-ego Jessie, he spent 15 years hiding her from his parents a€“ and from his neighbours.a€?I wouldn't walk 20 steps down the road dressed as a doll because I know general society in the area we live in would be very, very against it,a€™ he explains.
Ainsi, en se deguisant, ces hommes essayent de devenir la femme ideale qu'ils auraient aime etre.

L'un des hommes present dans la video explique que lorsqu'il met sa "seconde peau", il se sent enfin "comme une belle femme": "Tu deviens enfin l'une de ces "belles personnes". For Joel, a British bartender who lives with his girlfriend, Mel, dressing up is all about escapism. Jona€™s wife Sunny is his second, met and wed after his first marriage broke up because of his penchant for rubber dolling.a€?This does affect my relationships because I make my priorities and sometimes other people are not happy about my choices,a€™ he admits.So is it all worth it? Jona€™s friend a€?Vanessaa€™, a 56-year-old who is also father of six, thinks it is.a€?When I'm in my male mode, I go out in public and I just blend in,a€™ he confesses.

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