Booktopia - Australia's Money Secrets of the Rich, Learn The 7 Steps To Financial Freedom by John Burley, 9781929238002. In this hands-on money book, John Burley helps readers create a plan to reduce and eliminate debt in record time, reduce expenses 20-50% without affecting standard of living, set up an automatic investment plan with very little money, and develop the money habits of the rich. These financial secrets are revealed in books, videos, conferences, blogs, and websites…just to name a few of the places. I decided years ago that I not only wanted to be rich, but that I needed to be rich in order to fulfill my purpose in the earth. But I know the dreams and aspirations I have to bring change into this world and into the lives of other people will require lots of money to fund them. If you know that what you are called to do in this earth requires lots of money to get it done, and you are looking for a way to position yourself in the marketplace so that money comes to you, you have hit the right website.

Watch the video below and discover the truth about making money online and owning your own business. Be the first to get access to all of my new posts and powerful tips and training to help build your online business. I had never had any real success in the online space until I learned the power of blogging. Lynn Brown { Powerful post Janet because I have enjoyed the opportunity to be mentored by Tracey as well. You can try selecting from a similar category, click on the author's name, or use the search box above to find your book. Burley is the CEO of Burley and Associates, Inc a real estate investing and education company in Phoenix, Arizona.

What I have found out is that the financial secrets are not so secret that you can’t discover them. Whatever you believe about money determines how you handle it and how and if it works for you. While that doesn’t mean to covet it, it does mean that it is here to serve your purpose in the world.
John has now completed more than 1200 real estate deals and has been an active investor for over 29 years.

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