Maybe you have seen it, I recently had a survey about what topics you, as the reader, want to see more on the site.
So here are 3 keys you got to have to be successful in life;A plusA the practical steps that lead to success when followed. Passion is the first personal key which makes sure that you are truly fulfilled with what you do.
So to repeat: you love what you do, you can do it exceptionally well, and people really want what you do. I like this too since it is a bit more verbose giving you concrete clues on what to do when you have Passion (What we want to do), Skill (What we do well) and People (What we can be paid to do). So since from the 3 key-model above we have a good understanding of what makes personal and lasting success, let’s find the best ways to make your success happen. While it was a very short talk I liked how it was based on interviews of successfulA peopleA and how it is simply to the point. This post of mine here still aims to be even more personal and useful for you not only running after your success but also having the right mindset to reach and keep it.
I think the most important thing for not only success but also fulfillment in life is to be authentic, to express what you really are in what you do. Many of my own personal successes came when I understood something on such a level that it made a huge difference. So invest the time and stay curious about what makes the people and the field you are in tick. So often I see friends doing what they love and they have great skill at it, but they fail to recognize that there is just no real market for that.
Or another common pattern I see over and over again: if there is a market, they fail to bring their uniqueness to the people. Of course you have to have the potential to be successful, so you are not going blindly after something that is just not for you.
By always shooting to be the best I really don’t mean that you should take advantage of people and become an ignorant braindead chasing after your success only.
The most important thing is your willingness to succeed and to keep looking with all your heart.
This was a looooong post, but I just wanted to make sure I put every idea essential for success in here.A I hope you could get something from it here or there. Thank you for your post, I think you and I think a lot alike, everything in this post was already soaring through my mind as I continue my journey of growing and becoming more successful, keep the posts up you have my thanks. And you are right, I try to incorporate my spiritual awareness, or it may just happen automatically.

Hi, I'm the infopreneur behind this site and creator of several training programs, among others Info Product Masterclass and Personal Breakthrough Academy. This is not what this post is about (although we will come to the techniques to get successful later in this post). This is because when you do what you love, you don’t need external motivations or too much self-discipline to get things going.
In order to really succeed you have to have something special, something unique and that comes from being really good, better than most other people. If you match those 3 keys together you will unlock the doorway toA your personal success for sure! If you want to have success but there is no market, meaning there is nobody interested, there you have to adjust. Adjust using the 3 questions as a guide and find your way.A If your answer to those questions is yes, you are good to go for sure. In this post I tried to lay the foundation, get the right mindset and get on the right path towards your success. You need to want to get ahead and want more!A The way you achieve success can change, as long as you intelligently adjust and improve from what you have learned, you will find it. It is derived from the japanese Kaizen and means that you make small improvements step for step in order to achieve the big success eventually.
It won’t do you much good if you put all your efforts into your job, when your private and love life is in ruins. I help entrepreneurs to create and sell highly profitable information products and scale up their business online. Many don’t know, but Bruce Lee graduated at philosophy, and he wrote some interesting short things. It seems to me, especially when we talk about success, keeping people in a box is the aim sometimes.
Stay Foolish” is a mantra that needs to be shared across educational institutions everywhere. You really want to satisfy the needs of people, to help and to genuinely care about others. Then success comes naturally to you, but you have to know what it is that you are naturally great at.
If this sounds remotely familiar to you then you got to change this beliefA and this behavior for your own good, now. Although there are bigger steps and smaller steps of course, what really ensures success is patient consistency: all the right but mostly small steps taken day by day.

Plan ahead, improve your productivity and your time-management so that you are not in your own way when it comes to make it happen. I also created several online training programs, among others Info Product Masterclass and Personal Breakthrough Academy. I see a lot of people who set out to make money but have no passion for what they do, which eventually causes them to burn out and quit.
So I like to bring both ideas, external and internal success together, to define real success.
For instance you could have great talent as a computer programmer but totally hate sitting in front of a computer for hours every day. What thinking big ensures is that you think on another level – on the best level to be precise. This post and earlier ones really does help me in finding answers to my questions and about my understanding on many things, and made me redefine few of my understanding. Maybe after you went for what you think means success only to see that this isn’t it really (as I did before too!). To see this you have to see the world from their perspectiveA and keep looking and get feedback.
Below that is just not acceptable and therefore not on your radar.A This may sound a bit harsh and egoic, but it is not. One thing I enjoy in your personal development posts are that it involves the combination of the spiritual and modern aspects. Opposed is the abundance view of the world, where every single success is contributing and creating more possibilities. You get the idea… So since we need both personal keys matching for success, you need to make sure you really can do what you love and vice versa. And, since we are talking about LASTING success here, people also need to really like what you are sharing with them.
And use your competition to inspire you to show more of your potential, so you can inspire them too.
While you are improving on the feedback you get, if the other two keys match, you can find your way eventually. It’s always tougher in the beginning where you have to show some determination and persistance to reap the rewards.

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