Piano di assistenza di 3 anni per il recupero dati in caso di guasto meccanico o danno accidentale. Samsung SecretZone consente la presenza di manager e di utenti.Usando la funzione di aggiunta di utenti, si possono gestire separatamente unitA  virtuali, con una password distinta per ogni utente. Quando compare la finestra Modifica password (Change Password), inserire la nuova password e fare clic su OK.
Quando si apre la finestra Modifica password (Change Password), inserire la password in uso e la password nuova, poi fare clic su OK.Per disabilitare la password, selezionare la casella Non usare password (Do not use password) (se desiderato). Fare clic su Strumenti (Tools), poi sull'icona Gestione account (Account Management) o Account. Eliminazione account Quando compare Crea account utente (Create the account for a user), selezionare un account da eliminare e fare clic su Elimina (Delete), poi su SA¬ (Yes) nella finestra di conferma dell'eliminazione.
The second program is called SecretZone, and it allows the user to create encrypted containers that can be mapped into Windows as individual drives.
The P3 has a simple minimalistic design with a smooth grey finish over the top of its rounded chassis.
The bottom of the device has four textured feet for traction and a bit of product information.
Samsung Drive Manager is a modest and fairly intuitive interface that allows users to perform basic functions with their P3. The Diagnostics page allows users to test their drive for issues, in either a quick or complete test.

The P3 would be a great portable drive for users that want something basic, useful, fast, and inexpensive. Samsung has updated its S2 portable hard drive line, adding a quicker interface and spindle speed. The new high performance external HDD features an on-board SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface and a 7200RPM spindle speed, delivering faster performance over preceding versions. In addition, the on-board USB technology reduces the size of the hard disk casing and delivers reduced power consumption. The S2 Portable 3.0 is available in 320GB and 640GB capacities with shipments commencing this month to countries in the European Union. Samsung adds to its STORY line the new STORY Station Plus external hard drive that offers an 3.0 Gbps eSATA interface for fast data transfer. The Samsung STORY Station Plus includes Samsung Auto Backup for ongoing data preservation, SecretZone software for personal data encryption and SafetyKey for password protection. The P3 keeps Samsung competitive in the market as brands continue to offer this capacity in a portable drive. The home screen shows an overview of the drive's usage, and has general navigation to AutoBackup, SecretZone, Diagnostics, and Disk Management.
It is one of the thinnest (and smallest overall) 4TB portable drives available, and as with the other drives considered in this review, it uses only a USB 3.0 port. The series was bumped to 640GB last year, and this refresh doesn't seem to change anything capacity-wise.

The new external hard drive also features a preloaded software suite including Samsung Auto Backup, SecretZone and SafetyKey for data encryption and password protection. Based on 3.5-inch hard drive, the STORY Station Plus comes in densities ranging from 1TB to 2TB.
It comes preset to back up documents, but not multimedia files like photos, videos, or music. It also supports converting container files into executables, which may be decrypted on the fly without the SecretZone utility. Samsung puts an emphasis on the P3's design and small size (it is one of the thinnest portable 4TB drives available). The main differences between the P3 and the other drives are the features, performance, and price. Backups can be password protected, and the utility supports versioning, scheduling, and compression. However, the P3 had the best performance between the three drives and has the same price as the 3TB My Passport. Therefore, consumers that are looking for a fast and basic drive for a low price should consider the P3.

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