Here are some basic yet very effective tips by which You can Increase Your Facebook Account Security Now and Prevent Facebook Account From Getting Hacked. You need to update your account security by adding another email address to ensure that if you loose your primary email address you can still recover it through the second email address you have added in your account.
In the second step you need to enter your mobile phone number and sign up with Facebook Mobile Service to ensure that you can login to your account back in case you get issues with it.
You will asked to select the country and the network carrier following which you could you would get a confirmation code on your mobile.

The final step would be updating your security information in the form of adding a security question and answer. Once all the options are set your account is secured and you can enjoy all the facebook features without any worry about being hacked.
You may not use this work for commercial purposes unless you make specific arrangements with the artist. If that does not work you will have to send a Text message with the letter F to 9232232665 (92FACEBOOK).

You will be shown with a list of different questions out of which you need to select one and then proceed with the save and continue option to set it. You can have multiple email addresses on your account, making it easier for people to find you.

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