Physical Education and sport programs provide children with an exciting and positive curriculum experience. Syndal South continues to provide its students with outstanding physical and sport education programs.
Physical Education is a specialist area and is given a high priority at Syndal South, with students undertaking at least thirty minutes of physical exercise during the school day. The programs offer all children the opportunity to develop their skills in an enjoyable and non-threatening environment.
The sessions encompass aspects of fitness, motor skills, minor and major games, athletics, swimming, gymnastics, etc. The club operates before school each week day morning, with participants jogging, walking and running their way around our 1km ‘Federation Circuit,’ complete with fitness stations and wetlands areas.

They are motivated to move and explore, and enjoy active participation and social interaction in play. All year levels concentrate on building fundamental motor skills as these form the basis for later recreational sports and fitness in later life.
The club is proving to be a wonderful way of fostering community spirit as well as the fitness of the children, their families and staff at the school.
Progressively children are introduced to skills needed to play major sport with the emphasis in the primary school being on modified games. As well as being able to mix socially while on the ‘run’, the staff and parents participating are portraying ideal role models for our children.
A comprehensive interschool sport program is also provided for children in years 5 & 6.

The program also teaches the children goal setting and helps them achieve fitness levels at their own rate. Certificates are presented at whole school assemblies to recognise individual achievements.

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