Dolores Kokinos, owner of The Empowerment Cafe, has developed an amazing tool, The Empowerment Principles, that helps people of all ages become more confident and self assured in any situation. This one-of-a-kind program equips you with the vital life skills to feel confident, self-assured, and assertive in any life situation. The Self-Empowerment Pledge includes seven simple promises that will change your life, if you are willing to invest one minute a day for a year. If I were to take these promises to heart and act upon them, would I be better off in every way – personally, professionally, financially, and spiritually – in one year than where my current life trajectory is taking me? If everyone where I work were to take these promises to heart and act upon them, would we do a better job of serving our customers and supporting each other, and would this be a better place to work?
Repeat each day’s promise to yourself at least four times – morning, afternoon, evening, and right before bed. When you’ve been promising yourself to be responsible, accountable, and determined, but then catch yourself procrastinating, making excuses, and giving up, you’re experiencing cognitive dissonance.

Monday’s promise says you will take complete responsibility for your life and refrain from blaming other people for your circumstances. Legendary basketball coach John Wooden told his players that no one is a loser until he blames someone else for the loss. On Tuesday, you promise to hold yourself accountable – not just for meeting your obligations, but for fulfilling your true potential. In his book The War of Art Steve Pressfield describes Resistance (he capitalizes the word to denote that it is a real and visceral presence) as the inner accumulation of fears and doubts that blocks us from expressing our creativity. A successful insurance agent told me that his business was booming because he’d made the Determination Promise part of his life; he was making calls he was once afraid to make, asking for the sale when he did, and was going after bigger clients because he was asking for help opening doors and making connections.
Every great accomplishment was once the “impossible” dream of a dreamer who simply refused to quit when the going got tough.
As you internalize Thursday’s Promise, you will begin to appreciate the ancient wisdom of the Chinese philosopher Chuang Tzu, who said you can never become happy and successful by trying to achieve happiness and success, but only by helping others to be happier and more successful.

In his book The Last Lecture (with Jeffrey Zaslow), Randy Pausch said that brick walls are not there to stop you, they are there to make you prove how much you want something. You have my permission to download, reproduce, and share the seven posters featured in this article, each with one of the Promises of The Self-Empowerment Pledge. It all started by learning the significance of The Empowerment Principles.  These powerful techniques are easy enough for a child to learn, yet comprehensive enough to resolve even the most complex situations. I put on a series of Never Fear, Never Quit conferences (named for a book I’d written by that title). He is also the author of several books and audio programs on personal, career, and business success, and a popular motivational speaker.

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