Orlando counselors report that feelings of low self-esteem can greatly contribute to anxiety and depression. Self-esteem refers to the overall opinion a person has of himself and how a person judges and evaluates himself. Counselors GroundWork Counseling in Orlando report that many factors contribute to and help to maintain low self-esteem including childhood experiences and one’s current thought and behavior patterns. Counselors at GroundWork Counseling in Maitland believe that healthy self-acceptance is essential to mental health. At the core of self-esteem lie an individual’s core beliefs and a belief about the type of person you think you are. People with low self-esteem may consistently underperform at work or school and often avoid challenges because they fear failure.
People with low self-esteem are often overly sensitive to criticism and have an excessive need to please others.

Individuals with low self-esteem often avoid leisure activities because they fear being judged (art, sports, etc.). Many people with low self-esteem don’t put themselves very high on their own priority list.
Renowned psychologist, Albert Ellis, instead recommends we strive for unconditional self-acceptance, which means accepting yourself as you are, respecting and appreciating yourself for the wonderful, yet flawed human being that you are. Conversely, people with low self-esteem can also be relentless perfectionists in an attempt to avoid failure.
Quite commonly, they place other’s needs above their own, believing that if they don’t engage in people pleasing, others will not like them or want to know them.
Some individuals with low self-esteem don’t engage in leisure activities because they believe they don’t deserve to enjoy themselves.
They tend to not take very good care of themselves, which can contribute to physical illnesses, depression, anxiety and burn-out.

When we make our inevitable mistakes, self-esteem tends to plunge and we are back to the pursuit of self-esteem.
Unconditional self-acceptance does not mean resigning yourself to accepting all current situations or condoning all of your behaviors, rather it means accepting your self with the goal of improving what you can.
Individuals with low self-esteem rarely give themselves credit for a job well done and have a difficult time believing that their achievements are the result of their own strengths and skills.
Albert Ellis reminds us that we are all simply human beings, fallible, imperfect and uneatable. If you feel that you may benefit from self-esteem counseling in Orlando, call one of our Orlando therapists today.

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