Self Esteem Youth Retreat Theme – This first post has a ton of ideas that you can use when planning a youth retreat based on this topic. Youth Work Self Esteem Photo – This post may only consist of one photo, but it should be enough to get a great discussion going about how beauty is perceived by teenagers. Self Esteem Activities For Girls – These activities for female teenagers are tool kits created by Dove and are well worth using with a group of girls.
Baggage Video – This video was produced by young people and looks at the baggage that can come from how you look at yourself.

Judging People By Their Appearance – This is a youth work session idea that encourages your teens to reflect on how they judge others based on their appearance. If so, this session plan has plenty to get you started, with ideas for activities, discussions and debates.
Dove also provides lists of books that are age-appropriate for 8-12 year olds as well as 13-18 year olds, so this one’s not just for teenagers if you also work with younger children. There are also some discussion questions that relate to how they perceive their own appearance, so will tie in with these other activities.

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