Reset everything in IE's Tools, Internet options menu (or Control Panel, Internet options). Resetting just the default browser in the Control Panel, Default programs applet, Set Program Access and Defaults.
Quick Tip: If you use Windows 7 or Vista, begin typing ‘default’ in the Start menu’s search field to quickly find the applet.
If you prefer a different browser, set IE as default and verify the error goes away, then set your preferred browser as the default using the steps above. Also note that some users report this fix only ‘kicks in’ after they restart Outlook or reboot. Press Windows key + R to open the run command and type regedit in the command field then press Enter. About Diane PoremskyA Microsoft Outlook Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 1999, Diane is the author of several books, including Outlook 2013 Absolute Beginners Book. Since I use frequently the services window, I must speculate with a 99% certainty that this issue started at the same time with the Outlook problem. You would think changing the default browser in Windows 10 was near impossible with all the discussion around it over the last couple of days. It's been a while since the last What I Use, but there haven't been many major changes since late last year: Surface Pro 3 has become my go-to travel companion, I've added a third cellphone line for testing Windows Phone, Android and iPhone side-by-side, and have rotated through some new tablets and other devices. I probably missed a step or two in the installation process because as far as I know, all the browsers let the user decide if it wants to choose them as default. The purpose of this article is to teach people – who are facing this problem – how to change default browser back to the old one manually. When you click on Check Now, it’ll pop up a box where you can set it as your default browser by clicking on Yes.
Making Chrome your default browser is more simple because the setting is there right on the first page of the Options. You can visit Chrome Options by clicking on the wrench icon at the top, and there under Basics, at the very bottom you’ll find a button that says Make Google Chrome my default browser. Considering the rave reviews IE 9 has received, it is possible that many people – who were not IE users previously – are now using it as their default browser. No matter what version of IE you are using, the Internet Options window is the answer to setting it as your default browser. Thanks for your information , I use it and work properly , Now Firefox is my default browser. Thank you for making these easy to follow instructions available for this annoying problem. In my computer,while browsing the net, i found all my software such as ms office, autocad etc has been changed to adobe default browser in the desktop. Thank you very much for the instructions, I had the same issue when I installed Chrome, it just became the default. In Windows Vista and later, it asks for administrator permissions… Can it be done without that? A default browser is a program that runs and opens the web pages, HTML pages and mail links from the applications like GTalk etc. Click on the Firefox button present at the top left corner of the browser, from the drop down list click on Options as shown below. Sometimes Google chrome shows up a dialog box for setting up chrome as your default browser as shown below. Click on the drop down menu present at the top right corner of the browser where you get a list of options for customizing the browser. The confirmation is given by the message the Default Browser is currently Google Chrome then you can restart the browser and use it. Sometimes Internet Explorer also shows up a dialog box for setting up explorer as your default browser as shown below. Click on the Settings tool present at the top right corner of the browser and select the Internet Options menu from the list of options provided in settings. Go to Programs tab in the Internet Options menu and click on Make Default button present which will set Internet Explorer as your default browser.
Change Default Browser in Windows 8Change Default Browser in Windows 8Default Browser on Windows 8 is the application that opens up automatically when you either click on a Link in any application or you open a http or other web related file.
Windows 10 comes jam-packed with nifty new features, a slick new start menu and a clean, modern design — but it also has some niggling new default app behaviours.
For internet related actives in Windows 10 Microsoft will use its shiny new, and very nimble, Edge web browser by default. It doesn’t matter which version of Windows you upgrade from the way you change defaults is different in Windows 10. Next time you click on a web-link in another app, for example on Twitter or in an e-mail, the resulting web-page will open in Google Chrome and not Microsoft Edge.
Windows 10 is great, but if a Chromebook meets your needs then you probably won’t miss much on Windows 10. All those steps, I just clicked make this my default browser in Chrome settings which takes you directly to step 5.

I tried to do this — but when I click on the list of apps to choose from, Google Chrome DOES NOT APPEAR!!!
Not only can I not select Chrome as the default Web Browser, latest patch doesn’t even let me select Edge either.
Chrome shows up for me but when I select it, even though everything says it is the default browser (inc Chrome itself) when I clink on links in emails etc nothing happens. This is all good and dandy, and I made the changes in windows 10, but, big BUTT, if i am searching in the taskbar where you search on your computer, and it also gives you now the option to search online, every time that search goes to bing. Google Chrome exists on my computer as an app as far a icons and program files are concerned. I have the same issue, followed all the above mentioned steps, can’t choose chrome as a default after updating my Laptop with Windows 10.
I am really annoyed by Microsoft fighting a desperate war for survival over my back as a user. Microsoft days are over due to the advent of tables, smartphones and Amdroid, but a falling giant can cause a lot of damage.
Microsoft is so eager to fight competition by tricks in Windows that the quality of the software is appalling. Try installing Chrome through your browser directly from Google rather than through the App store. If you have saved a URL in a password entry, you can open that URL in any web browser you wish by double clicking on the URL column of that entry. At the bottom of the window, check the box titled: Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser.
At the bottom of the Options window, check the box titled: Always check to see if Firefox is the default browser on startup.
Actuall, you can set up any browsers to use for the URL if you use the full path to the EXE file of the browser. Chrome fires up, wants to be the default browser - I say OK, but then the settings screen pops up for me to physically set it there. As Bob said though, earlier the browser could change the setting for you all by itself and now it can't.
So I pulled the trigger on an unlocked Windows Phone flagship that will hopefully take me through at least the first half of this year. This was just an example and this can happen sometimes when some changes to the system change default browser without letting you know. Hence when Opera set itself as the default browser without my permission, it didn’t make me jump with joy.
And then, there are millions of other IE users to consider (Lest you forget, IE is still the most widely used browser). Tomorrow, we will take up Safari and Opera, and see how to change default browser in that case. It’s been years since I had to do this and I was getting very frustrated looking on every program and application I use that was opening the links in IE trying to find how to fix this!
Every browser can be set as a default browser which is an option provided by the browser itself. There an option called Default Browser is present; under the option you have a button called Make Google Chrome My Default Browser click on it. The process may also vary for the default browser which depends upon the Operating System, Browser Version and other factors. Windows 8 allows you to select a default application according to the file extension and protocols. Nice, but once everything comes back up you might find that Google Chrome is no longer set as your default browser. Still very rough around the edges and most of the Start menu metro style apps are a bit crap. First thing I changed as Bing feels worse when its on the Edge browser, but Edge is fine when defaulted to Google Search. And then they set your default search engine to Bing, and they give all of your email contacts and Facebook friends, and friends of friends, access to your WiFi network! Just had the most frustrating day in months trying to work out why many other settings in Windows 10 have suddenly gone awol. I prefer Chrome over MS Edge and also use chrome to cast my computer on TV, can’t do it anymore, will revert back to Windows 8. Dec 2015 I bought a new computer with Windows 10 and Chrome is no longer on the list to choose from. Move to a new release of windows still is a major project, like a release migration decades ago. There is an option if you want a home page button and if you want to open a new tab or to go to the home page you’ve previously set up.
You can find her helping people online in Outlook Forums as well as in the Microsoft Answers and TechNet forums.
Microsoft will say the change is to improve security (to prevent rogue apps hijacking defaults you've set).

Having it set by the operating system will probably be more secure, at least until the rogue programs learn how to change that also.
Strangely, during the installation process, I didn’t see any option to not set it as default browser.
You only find that out when you click on a link on, lets say, a chat window on your IM client and it suddenly opens the link in the new browser you installed, instead of your favorite browser. Instead there is a large box called Internet Programs and at the bottom of the window is a small check box that says IE should check to see if it is the default browser.
It takes over your computer and won’t let go, causing your computer to use unnecessary space on your hard drive you may not even be aware of.
The process may differ from browser to browser depending upon the Operating system and the type of the browser. I’m totally gonna get it to play with it for a while until I get bored and then go back to a linux-only system.
And Win 10 privacy policies makes you feel more dirty, than a full cavity search done naked in front of the main check in counters at Heathrow airport.
Before Windows 10 just clicking that would make it happen, on Windows 10 it just takes you to the settings page. Microsoft is purposely engineering their Windows 10 products to make it more difficult, if not impossible, for average end-users to continue to use rival software, such as Google Chrome or Firefox.
The only way I can click through from other applications is to have Edge or IE as my default or copy and paste URLs. It does not matter if I have chrome as my default brower, I don’t have GOOGLE as my default search. It does not populate with Chrome as an option for a default browser and I cannot figure out how to add it. Detractors will say they're acting like Big Brother again, and deliberately making it just that bit more difficult for your average clueless user to switch.
You can see below that there’s a way to check if Firefox is the default browser, without the need to restart it.
Now you might have installed multiple browsers on your Windows 10 PC including Chrome, Firefox or Opera.Previously the option to set the default browser was quite easy, all you need to do was to open the browser and go to the settings of the browser and set it as default. Changing Default Browser is a technically associating file types and protocols with selected application. If I have other tabs open, and want to bring up my Home Page, I have to exit Chrome and re-launch it. But with Windows 10, this option wona€™t work and you are shown this message when you set the default browser.
Most of the browsers when installed on Windows 8 allow you to either keep the currently configured browser, configure new browser as default browser or even look for another browser on Windows 8 Store as displayed below.Default Program for http ProtocolThe above screenshot was captured on Windows 8 after installing the Chrome Browser.
If Google dilly-dallies while this occurs (and it will occur fast because people don’t spend a day without their internet anymore) then they will find the eyeballs and mouse pointers (what’s that? All the Associations of files and protocols are stored in registry database from which Windows 8 looks up as and when needed.
It now links to the System Default Apps page and shows a message saying there is no installed application for this type of file or protocol. This post further describes how you can change the default browser configured on your Windows 8 computer. Does anyone know how to remove Windows 10’s annoying and insidious blocking of this one-click feature?? Now select the Default apps tab.On the right panel, you can see the option to change the default Web browser. You can either configure a single or multiple browser(s) to handle all the protocols and file types related to Internet. Select the browser which is currently listed and you get a pop up message asking you to select the browser which you want to set as default.Now select the browser you want to make as default and the settings will be applied to Windows 10. The given below screenshot displays a Windows 8 Computer on which some protocols and internet file types are associated with Internet Explorer and other with Google Chrome.Set Program Associations on Windows 8All the File and Protocol Associations for Browsers and other Applications can be done using Windows 8 Control Panel. In order to change default browser on your Windows 8 computer, all you need to do is launch the Program Associations Control Panel Applet, Select the Browser from the List and make it default. The given below screenshots can be of assistance in order to change the default browser on your Windows 8 computer.Change Default Programs from Control PanelThe above screenshot displays how to locate the Control Panel Category of Default Programs in order to change the Default Browser. Launch Control Panel and search for the word default as displayed in the screenshot above to locate the Default Programs Category and click on the Set your default programs link as displayed above. This will open up another Window which will scan registry database and will load currently configured default programs and browsers as displayed in the screenshot below.Change Default Browser on Windows 8Once you have reached the Set Default Programs Screen, locate and click on the Browser you wish to set as default from the list on the left hand side of the screen.
Once you have selected your new default browser, click on either of the buttons labelled Set this program as default or Choose defaults for this program.

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