This book will be an inspiration for those who are now at a dathun, for those who have completed a dathun, and also for anyone who would like to consider engaging in this life-changing practice. Experiential and powerful techniques & processes, to dissolve pain patterns and suffering from your life. We believe that a regular meditation practice and the knowledge from these ancient traditions should be accessible and affordable to everyone, which is why we offer a wide range of classes on a donation basis. The purpose of our coming together in community is to live more blissfully, harmoniously, sustainably, holistically, and to reflect a huge positive possibility of peace for the individual, for the group, for our families, for our larger communities and the world. Join us if youa€™re excited for expanding consciousness, tapping in to the vast potential of who we truly are.
These explore features of dathun life, including the practice of mindful eating and the daily acceptance of precepts.

Our classes are taught by skilled, professional, and committed teachers in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.
Join us if you are yearning to discover and practice the ancient yogic sciences with other of like-hearted friends and expanding in BLISS while doing it!!!
We ask for a donation in exchange for high-quality instruction and invite students to pay what they can afford, while acknowledging the value of what they are receiving.
Practicing the powerful science of spirituality from the teaching of the ancient yogic traditions, handed down by the sages, rishis and enlightened masters.
That being shared, if this were to be a paid class the going rate is $20-$25 for a 1.5 hour class. By learning and practicing the science of spirituality and lifestyle that supports this purpose!

Then you can just rest your hands on your thighs or knees, whiehever is more comfortable for you.You can extend your spine. Where one may be short on exchange for the class we know others will be in the space of abundance and gratitude resulting in a sweet universal sync with balance. If you have trouble sitting cross-legged for whatever reason, you can take a kneeling posture, or just sit upright on a chair.
We hold the space for safe community setting where we shine our light, celebrate life, appreciate one another and support each other in conscious expansion.

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