Sometimes, circumstances demand rapid-fire legal decisions, made under debilitating stress.
With years of training and practice, attorneys’ vast knowledge is impenetrable to clients, who can no more comprehend contracts than patients can MRIs. Americans spend more on lawyers than any other country, and yet we get the worst legal outcomes of any developed nation. Our grossly unfair legal system must give way to an equitable, humane, single-payer system, 100 percent financed by federal revenues. Outrageously, Americans spend more on lawyers than any other country, and yet we get the worst legal outcomes of any developed nation. Single-payer health care, he argued, solves these problems by freeing befuddled patients from self-interested doctors and drug manufacturers, replacing dysfunctional markets with detached, rational experts. If my friend’s logic is correct, then single-payer legal services would solve these problems by freeing befuddled clients from self-interested lawyers, replacing dysfunctional markets with detached, rational experts.

A post-accident lawsuit, IRS action, disputed will and testament, clouded land title, potential bankruptcy, ugly divorce, or fractured business relationship can hurl one overnight from comfort and happiness into destitution and despair.
Asymmetric knowledge lets lawyers lure clients into dubious expenditures that imperfect markets don’t restrain. Such inequality is especially unjust to minorities and other disadvantaged socioeconomic groups. Copying Canadian health care, we’ll prohibit wealthier clients from jumping the queue via out-of-pocket payments. Surely, members of Congress will see the wisdom of removing their future K Street and Wall Street employers from the chaos and injustice of markets and placing them serenely on the government payroll.
He also teaches health economics at Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Virginia.
Sometimes, the law literally determines life or death: Who has medical power of attorney when a doctor eyes your do-not-resuscitate order?

The same, of course, is true of medical decisions, yet single-payer health-care advocates routinely cite heart-attacks-on-gurneys as reason to nationalize all health care. Accepting their argument, we’ll combine all legal services under a single public-sector umbrella. Just as Medicare standardizes doctors’ fees without regard to reputation, so all lawyers shall receive precisely the same scientifically determined fee for a given service. To meet overall budgetary targets, Congress will cap total attorney reimbursements, with Justice Department economists identifying and eliminating “unnecessary” legal services.

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