Connect with eligible Australian senior singles who match your description of the perfect date with our traditional online dating service. Life is to short to spend it alone and that is why looking for Genuine, focused, kind and caring man looking for his perfect match!
My inspiration is to not spend the rest of my life alone To be happy &with a special person .
I am looking for an older woman to meet up with from time to time and allow me to pleasure you in every way.
I have always enjoyed meeting new people as that is what I have done all my working life having been in the Real Estate Industry for many years. The thought of re-entering the dating scene as a mature single man or woman can be a pretty scary proposition.
As a single mature adult looking to give online dating a shot, probably with some skepticism, we thought you'd appreciate some data that ties in with the over 50's online singles environment. As you can see from this short survey, mature men and women are not that different when it comes to core needs and wants.
And if you think you're in a minority by looking to online dating sites to solve your romance woes, well, you're not.
According to Lehman Brothers Equity Research, the 50 plus age group is the fastest growing group of singles to look for love online.
A staggering 71% of all Internet users have engaged an online dating site on various levels either out of curiosity or to actually sign up and go on real dates. Total annual revenues accumulated from subscription based dating sites tops 1 billion dollars - and this doesn't even account for the many free dating sites and services. On average, regular online daters belong to 3 dating sites averaging $264.00 each person per year in subscriptions.

So if you're a single gent or lady and think you're out of your comfort zone going on the Internet to find romance, the above mentioned stats will tell you that, you are in a minority if you DON'T do online dating.
Below outlines a few ideas you can use as first date tips once you start meeting and dating new people here at Free Dating Australia. Many mature singles think that online dating is for the 20's and 30's something age-groups.
In a recent AARP report about single people over 55, 52% of those surveyed said that simply having a companion to talk to was the main motivation for dating. Aside from dating online, 67% of Australian 55 - 65 year olds use the Internet at least 4 times a week for multiple reasons.
According to the study, the decline in traditional personal ads and dating agencies has seen a shift to a faster and more DIY dating methods such as free online dating.
Here at Free Dating Australia, we have our very own community of mature singles so you don't waste time with unsuitable people.
Try going for Sunday afternoon lunch with your date and bring along a married couple you already know. There are walking tours you could book, find out where the nearest boardwalk is or a simple stroll in the park will do if the company is right. What better way to loosen up and be yourself than slowly getting sloshed while indulging in fine wine and food. Plus we have chat rooms where hundreds interact every hour to make friends and get to know people. Would like to share my hobbies with someone else and share theirs as well and still have your own space. He must also be willing to keep his own independence as I feel even in a strong relationship one must never lose who they are as a person.

The men can talk to each other as can the women hence allowing you to break the ice with your date in a slow and meaningful way.
If your date likes to get active find out where the nearest hiking tours are held in the National Park. You and your date will get to taste a wide variety of new beverages while you get to know one an other at the same time. We bring you a powerful postcode search to locate your dream date right in your neighbourhood. Mature singles account for more than 25% of the entire online dating community here in Australia.
As a mature single man or woman, don't make the mistake of assuming that you're not at the 'right age' to use online dating sites. There are many qualities you possess that could offset the age barrier so don't let anything hold you back - your happiness is at stake here! For instance, you're far more wiser, interesting and experienced in life than when you were 20 years old. Our dating website is 100% free and we have new mature singles just like you joining us everyday.

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